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MESSI is better than RONALDO

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Started: 3/27/2014 Category: Sports
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I will prove that MESSI is better than RONALDO


You cant prove that. only that player can prove what he does. Don't bring me up some stats ok. I could care less about them.
Debate Round No. 1


Stats are all that I've's the reason why Messi is better than Ronaldo, Messi have scored 238 goals for barcelona in 270 apperances,By the age of 21, Messi had received Ballon d'Orand FIFA World Player of the Yearnominations. The following year, in 2009, he won his first Ballon d'Orand FIFA World Player of the Yearawards. He followed this up by winning the inaugural FIFA Ballon d'Orin 2010, and then again in 2011and 2012. He also won the 2010"11 UEFA Best Player in Europe Award. At the age of 24, Messi became Barcelona's all-time top scorerin all official club competitions. At age 25, Messi became the youngest player to score 200 La Ligagoals.


See those things are popularity contests not actually skill based and this is why I feel CR7 is better

Speed: Winner Messi

Sprint Speed; CR7

Strength: Ronaldo and no he doesn't flop much more to the morons who argue he does watch a game now would ya
Pure muscle-Ronaldo

Shooting: Ronaldo by far
Shot power:Ronaldo
FK's: Ronaldo-he has scored two recent fk's tying him with messi recently and has a better past
Penalties: Ronaldo

Passing: Tie
Short passing:Messi
Long passing: tied-and to you morons who think messi is better at long passing none of his passes are past 6 yards

Heading: Ronaldo by far

Vision: Messi

Work Ethic: Ronaldo

Attacking Position: Ronaldo

League Records: Ronaldo

Club Records: Messi

...typical messi and barca fan to only pay attention to one part of the argument and ignore the other blatantly obvious facts proving him wrong. and more of messi fanboy logic...he's just better I have nothing to back that up but he's better


Forgot skill moves which again Ronaldo is much better at and dribbling I find them even as well all these people rant about messi's dribbling but he always slows down after he speeds up which I feel is due to the fact he doesn't have the ability to go at full pace
Debate Round No. 2


Cristiano Ronaldo might be the best player on earth - but only because Lionel Messi is from another planet.
Real Madrid star Ronaldo is obviously a brilliant player. The Portugal international has turned from that skinny yet promising teenager we all saw make his Manchester United debut against Bolton in 2003 to an extraordinary powerful athlete capable of winning football matches on his own.
It's been a remarkable transformation and Ronaldo's hard work and dedication to attempting to become the world's best player has clearly paid off. To an extent, at least.
Because while Barcelona's Messi is around, Ronaldo will always need to settle for second best. That's nothing to be ashamed of, though. Messi is arguably the best player in football history. A genuine phenomenon.
Here's why Messi is the world's best player.
First and foremost, Lionel Messi scores more goals than Cristiano Ronaldo.
There's not a whole lot between them, admittedly, but since Ronaldo's arrival to La Liga he has scored 152 league goals, while Messi has netted 17 times more.
Now let's look at goals scored in all competitions since the start of the 2009/10 campaign.
Messi, in those four-and-a-bit seasons, has scored a remarkable 244 goals for Barcelona. Ronaldo, on the other hand, has scored 212.
As Messi scores more goals, you might naturally expect that Ronaldo sets more up for his teammates. However, this isn't the case by any means.
Messi is a true team player, as his assist stats indicate. Since the start of the 2009/10 campaign, Messi has set up a whopping 58 La Liga goals for his teammates.
Ronaldo? Just the 30 assists since his arrival in Spain for a world record "80m fee.
Since the start of the 2009/10 season, Messi has won the following: three La Liga titles, one Copa del Rey, four Spanish Supercups, one Champions League, two UEFA Super Cups and two FIFA World Club Cups.
Oh, and he's also won four consecutive Ballon d'Or awards - as well as countless other individual accolades.
Ronaldo, meanwhile, has won one La Liga title, one Copa del Rey title, and a Spanish Supercup.
The Portuguese won the Ballon d'Or with Manchester United in 2008, but has never come close to Messi since he moved to Real Madrid.
Sure, Messi has been part of a better team, but Barcelona under both Pep Guardiola and Tito Vilanova had Messi to thank on many - many - occasions.
One of the things which sets good players apart from great players is their decision making - and part of Messi's genius is his innate ability to chose the right option on a scarily consistent basis.
You will rarely see him shoot when the pass is available, or vice-versa, which is why Messi has so many goals and assists to his name.
Ronaldo, though, likes to shoot from everywhere - even if it doesn't always benefit the team.
Put simply, he's a lot more selfish than Messi on the pitch, and this can often hinder both himself and Real Madrid.
Lionel Messi's close control, his ability to dribble out of tight situations, his vision, his range of passing, his ability to leave a trail of defenders on their backsides, his finishing from inside and outside the penalty area, his composure, his ability to remain calm under pressure and much more all makes him the best player in world football - and subsequently a better footballer than Ronaldo.
Ronaldo might be faster, able to jump higher and smash the ball harder - but that athletic ability doesn't make him a better footballer than Messi in terms of technical talent.
Ronaldo is a machine, but Messi was born with a once-in-a-generation gift.
So,just accept that messi is better than ronaldo.


I like messi ok. The only thing is Ronaldo has better league records, way better at shooting witch also means accuracy, and he can cross people up with really great foot work.

They have both dominated an era of football drawing comparisons to the very greats of the game such as Pel" and Diego Maradona " but which one is a better player?

Messi had a golden year in 2012, breaking all sorts of records and is widely considered the best player in the world and perhaps ever.

However, Ronaldo, for me, seems to be the more complete and superior player.

He is more complete than Messi and possesses a vastly wider array of skills: he has the pace of Bale, the flair and skills of Neymar and better shots than those of Falcao. It is common knowledge that he is able to dance around players and he is not the only player in this category but only Ronaldo can completely take to pieces the ability and confidence of a player.

He is almost unstoppable as witnessed by the lamentations of many a manager throughout the world as they describe what I call the "Ronaldo paradox".

Essentially Ronaldo knows that he is going to beat his man, either with the ball or by winning a foul, so what he does is he runs straight at them and if they show him away from goal he beats them down the flank and if the other occurs he reciprocates and cuts in to shoot on goal. And if they commit Ronaldo simply has to knock the ball past them and go down with the inevitable contact.

Messi uses his quick feet and low centre of gravity to squeeze his way through defenders but when teams assign more players to him inevitably this system becomes a lot harder.

If the player commits, which more often than not they do, then Ronaldo will be able to use his "knuckleball" technique to bamboozle the keeper. Only a few players " notably Bale and its creator Juninho Pernambucano " have come to grips with this system and it is evident to many that Ronaldo has mastered it.

I hope this is not too damning on Messi because he can strike a dead ball, but I think everyone has to give this accolade to Ronaldo and not Messi.

Ronaldo and Messi have time and time again proved themselves to be outstanding players possessing better understanding and better technique than any other player. However, Ronaldo has done this at every club he has been at from Sporting Lisbon and Manchester United to Real Madrid.

Ronaldo has braved the likes of Stoke and the notorious physicality of the Premier League and come though them unscathed, whereas it is hard to imagine Messi adapting to the rather more size-orientated aspect of the Premier League especially without his buddies Xavi and Adres Iniesta.

Which brings me onto my next point: conveniently Messi has always, from an early age, had the benefit of playing with two of the best passers, and thus assisters, in the world.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DauntlessWarrior 7 years ago
Messi is better than Ronaldo
Posted by udongnoodles1211 7 years ago
Sorry I agree with you that Messi is better
Can't debate...
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