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Major religious acts should be banned

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Started: 1/16/2018 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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major religious acts like hating homos should be banned because it is who what a person wants to be. People can pray and everything but let's not start wars over people's beliefs


Major religious acts should not be banned. I don't know where you live but in the U.S.A. banning religious acts, no matter how major or minimal, is actually illegal. I agree that there shouldn't be wars because of religions, and I also respect people that have different sexual orientations than my own. (Even though I am Mormon.) Furthermore, I don't believe there is a single religion that makes it a major religious act to hate homosexuals. As well as that, what you believe major religious acts should be banned, guess what some of the biggest religious acts in the entire world? Christmas! Hannukah! Kwanza! What you are calling for is banning several holidays as well. No one has any right to how people think. Sure it's frowned upon, but you can not ban people eating Hawaiin Pizza. Sure, some people may not enjoy it and it may be frowned upon, but you cannot ban someone's opinion. You cannot illegalize someone's thoughts and control them. For example, using your own argument against you; say someone hates another person because of who they are, the Hater being Person A and the Hated being Person B. Sure, maybe that's how Person B wants to be, but that's also how Person A wants to be and you shouldn't morally be allowed to change that no matter how much you debate the topic. What you're calling for with your argument is not only illegal, it is impossible.
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people can still do religious acts that don't kill and start wars
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Posted by RustedBeef 3 years ago
What proof do you have to show that the intent behind the creation of Christmas was not to celebrate the birth of Jesus?
Posted by BackSeatPreacher 3 years ago
Ban Free speech? Where does it end? Major religious acts should be banned seems like a demand for tolerance all because of intolerance.. LoL
Posted by brinzahar 3 years ago
I'm commenting to the con; first off, Christmas is barely a religious holiday, it's been drowned out my consumerism and the meaning behind Christmas isn't even Jesus's birth, it's the make a Christian holiday the same time as the Pagan holiday of the winter solstice. Secondly, Kwanzaa is not a religious holiday. And some religious acts are banned, like discrimination based on someone's sex, gender, race, and religion.
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