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Make a funnier paragraph of random nonsense

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Started: 8/28/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I am simply bored. I want to see something funny. So I want to challenge someone to simply make a better paragraph of random nonsense.

The max is 4000 characters.

The first round is to accept this debate.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello America. What you are about to read will blow your minds off figuratively and/or literally. Please enjoy what is about to be the next 69 seconds or minutes of your life depending on your wpm speed. Thank you. PS: read this out loud with a funny accent. Its ok if u no like dis. Im jus bored. Imma speaketh my mind. dats all. also sing the parodies if u know how da song gos like.

B=female dog

I was walking down da street one day. imma be talkin witha me homie. I say my mom is going to be B here in bout 10 min. I made a blck dood laugh sopa hard that he farted. I farted one time when i went to outer space. My farts are so dope that it can be smelled from outer space. The difference betweeen a Jew and pizza is that pizza doesnt scream when you shouve it into a n oven. Black people are good at basketball because of hard work and dedication. The diff. between michael jackson and a grocery bag is that a GB carries things while MJ rapes lil kids.

With You by Chris Brown
"Farts all ova da worl tonight, imma fart all ova da worl tonite. Hey little B, yes u a B
"B!, my grandad say,"B is fo B!" and isay da F? "had a debate with shanko69 on whether Mr.Z is a B and not a D. Check it out and vote. Also i had a debate whether dope is a funnier word to say than lame that i had with chubchubpenguin. Check that out to and vote.

Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars
Dat B, Dat B, makes the world smell so F bad, she munches, she crunches, it sounds like a velociraptor, She so ugly. I can tell her evry day. I no i no ino that she just aint the same. She crazy cuz she dumb but dats ok. Wen she talk to me i say i look ok den i say... wen i see yo face, theres evrything that i would change, cuz girl u farted, so many times. and when u smile, da cars will slow down for a while...

I was walkin down da street with me homie. I tella him, this B be like I suckajoo. I say da F you Bin bout N(gold coast). i say imma beat u up N. But she G(happy) and i be like ef dat too. So i went to a hobo and he gave me money, i went to that hobo, and he gave me food, and then i farted on all of dem. Then i say, o yea im da boob.
What Makes You Beautiful
You gotta stop, farting so loud, ur atomic nukes smell like FFF, i dont no y, ur being G, jus da way dat you are is too mu-u-uch. Evryboedy else in da room can smell it. EVryone but you. Baby u stink up dis room like nobody else, just lift 1 leg up and its too much, ur gas just kills evryone, you dont know-o-o, that your farts kills people. if only u smell wat we can smell, im talking bout when u caused the atiomic bomb, you nuked hiroshima now the U.S. is next, you dont no-o-o, that ur farts kill people o-o-o, ur noxious fumes are terrible.

Dope,fart,pimp, r my favrite words to say all day long esp. B.(accent heavily on the B in B) Ima B ima B ima ima ima B. Im Bobsagits, and i approve dis message. WE ARE YOUNGGGGGG> SO LETS SET DIS WORLD ON FIREEEE. Im on fireee.
We Are Young
we are young. so lets play some minecraft, blow the world with TNT, and live our lives, tonight
NoW in epic mode. Supa speed N time. Shout out time. No fixing errors. Jus supa N type. RDY? GO!

I was walking down da street one afternooon and i saww dis drunkerd that i just wanted to punch and beat down to him so hardcore. i kicd his nbutt so hard that i fatrted to the univesr on worlds end dat it dies so crazy and wild that i cause the nuclear disaster of the whole wide world that i peed i. IM FATQ i said. i am fat as i ate the cakes that it was shoved thru the door. Mine blown knowledge rite there i said to my N that i just F the wacko clown named teemo. he in da hood. Im a hmomie I say to meself. I mma make no error in dis dope time fart thing water biagra. Im choillin with my hood .i typin dis dang. i gtg . now .So cya dis world.

Thank you for those who took their time to read dis awesome randomness of random. Gold Bless America. Oh wait. CRAP! Oh my god, im an atheist. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!SS


I'm the funniest, because I ask lifes deep questions. Why do the pubic hairs dance around the juggling balls of snot? Obviously because the lighter fluid puked up pea soup and Asthma inhalers. The tin foil girl lifted her skirt of dice rolls, and had intercourse with a karaoke machine. This one Pathetic witch brew makes the giants on the hills of remote controls sick to their paperbaged intestines, to the point where the vaporizing bunnies sing "take me to McDonalds I want a rat poison, spread it on your butt cheeks with blood boilin'". The Key to life is 0483958694gjghg49597$%^$&*%. Only I can encode the message of choda grease, which entails the universe's bowl movements smell like an unwashed Chucky Cheese. Their mother's breath involves a foul stench of a plunger, from sucking meatballs up from toilet bowl number 4776. The jack of spades wondered why God only sucks on Thor's toes... The answer was written in in a Poem called the Whore from the back alley:

The whore from the back ally licked the skin of the giraffe
After a bath she once even deep throated Gandolf's staff
Bleeding from her knees at the table of coat checks
Sewage systems over flowing as she tries to have sex

...What happened? I thought the camel that was never in Back To The Future knocked me out with Mars gas. I woke up in the Jungle of Spider semen where Miley Cirus twerking videos make the piss puddles shamed in disappointment. Nick nack, click clack, the gun go boom boom in a woman's poom poom then my car go vroom vroom. The world ends in 2978 when the Cigarette teeth come back for dentists.

2,460 characters remain in the maze of Mice and Pokemon. Ooops, my bear trap screamed so I have to go....

Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by SitaraPorDios 5 years ago
One cat, two dogs, three ducks, old McDonald had a farm, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey Macarena!
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Vote Placed by funwiththoughts 5 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Con's paragraph actually made me laugh and I give conduct to Con since Pro made tasteless jokes about the Holocaust and child molestation. Throwing in sources to counter poor RFD, mocking an artist is not a "source".
Vote Placed by eastcoastsamuel 5 years ago
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Agreed with after the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
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Had better spelling and grammar:--Vote Checkmark1 point
Made more convincing arguments:--Vote Checkmark3 points
Used the most reliable sources:Vote Checkmark--2 points
Total points awarded:20 
Reasons for voting decision: I really didn't find either side to be humorous. But Chris Brown and Bruno Mars are at least sources of humor, so I give it to the affirmative.