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Male Privilege Exists

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Started: 9/2/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Have fun. Be civil. You may start.



Respectively I will say male privilege exists. However, My definition of male privilege may differ from yours and in my defense this is because you did not go into detail with your initial argument. This is why typically I don"t engage in debates where my opponent offers no information in his initial viewpoint except "you go first" lol. Perhaps at the end of this, We will agree but we shall see.

I believe male privilege exists because as a female I face many challenges that a man would normally not.

For example, A man can walk down the street, Fill up his gas tank, Go to a store or work with minimal if any harassment. As a woman, I cannot say the same. I am catcalled and harassed on a daily basis doing all of the above, Even when dressed modestly. Virtually anytime I experience being catcalled and harassed it is by a man - not saying all men do this, But it is an important distinction.

Furthermore, As a working professional I have been questioned multiple times in fortune 500 companies on my plans involving child-bearings whereas my male counterparts were not asked the same questions, Despite being interviewed at the same time on the same credentials by the same company.

In professional settings, I have been treated as in-superior to my male counterparts many times. I can provide more examples if you wish, My point being is that it does happen, And frequently.

However, I want to clarify I am not blaming all men for this at all. I have many male friends and family who have nothing to do with this issue and support women"s equality. But to say men don"t have privilege above women, Especially in terms of simply existing without being catcalled or harassed in public is simply wrong.
Debate Round No. 1


Umm. . . Well, Most of your argument isn't male privilege, It's male sexual harassment. And the question of birth in an interview is just something that comes with being a younger woman.

Now I in fact think women are probably as or maybe even more privileged than men.

Let me show you:

Why don"t women be in the draft.

Why don"t we be equal in sanitation work force.

Why don"t we be equal in work related deaths.

Why don"t we be equal in hours worked per year.

Why don"t we be equal on gender suicide rate.

Why don"t we be equal on likeliness to be fined and arrested for the same crime as a woman.

Why don"t we be equal on prison sentencing for the same crime as a woman.

Why don"t we be equal on divorce custody cases.

Why don"t we be equal on life expectancy.

Why don"t we be equal on chance of dying.

Why don"t we be equal on rape.

Anyone who says women are more privileged than women is an idiot. Sure you women can get catcalled and stuff, But we die more. Freaking DIE more.
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Posted by SuperSmartSassySweetie 3 years ago
@Nickleback_Is_Terrible A boy at my school attempted to rape me. After I turned him down, He told me that he would ask me out the next week, And I had better not turn him down. He asked me to be his GF and I said no. He then said he was going to kill me. Sure enough, The next day he brought a pocket knife to school, And threatened me with it. After telling my parents what happened, They went to the principal. They asked for him to please be moved out of my class. The principal then pulled us out of class, And proceeded to scold me for telling on him. Telling me how he just wants to be friends. I was in trouble for HIS attempted rape and murder. Please do your research.
Posted by master-de-baiter 3 years ago
isnt con the one saying to be civill
Posted by Nickleback_Is_Terrible 3 years ago
I can see some of your points on how woman have to suffer being catcalled and the likes, But that isn"t so much privilege as it is men just being dogs. There are many men that won"t catcall for some odd number of reasons, And there are men who will. The men who do catcall are usually ones with no hope in finding a relationship so they turn to the streets to harass young ladies. (Im not justifying this as you may think in my next few points. ) But you must be aware there are men who rape women and there are women who rape men, A large percentage of the time men get in trouble for it, Yet women do not. Just the accusation of a man raping a woman will ruin his life whether he did it or not; losing his job, His reputation, His friends, His privacy, And he will be known publicly for "the man who might have raped that woman, Or maybe not. . . But lets say he did. " This happens almost every time an accusation is made, Giving him no chance to defend himself, Or any chance to recover. With just a three word sentence "He raped me. " That mans life is gone. On the other hand, The woman does not lose her job, Her privacy is not revoked, And she can still live her every day life, Even though she may or may not have done it. If you call that male privilege then I recommend you leave this debate, Because if you can't muster in your head that isnt wrong, You don"t know the difference between white and black.
Posted by Foolishseeker 3 years ago
What draft? There"s is no draft in this country anymore since 1972/73 when Richard Nixon took out the draft
Posted by madprofessor58 3 years ago
In a way this is a question to which it is almost impossible to give a yes or no answer.

For instance, On the whole most positions of power are held by men.

On the other hand that is less true than it was even twenty or thirty years ago.

As for discrimination, I was turned down for a job by an interviewing panel of three women who said after the interview that I was the best qualified, Most experienced and best candidate BUT that because all the other members of staff in the department for which I had applied for women they were turning me down and giving the job to a LESS well qualified, LESS experienced and POORER female candidate.

And as someone who was raped at the age of 15 by three gay men, I beg to differ that only women suffer from sexual abuse.

And as someone who is also a survivor of domestic violence at the hands of a former partner, I beg to differ that domestic violence is a purely female issue.

In the UK (I am from there) REPORTED figures of DV - those given to the police - show that 40% of men in Britain report being abused by their FEMALE partner.

Yet there are only 6 refuges for battered men and hundreds for women.

So male privilege DOES exist but so does FEMALE privilege.

Look at divorce, Custody and alimony; how often is even joint custody the norm (as IMO it OUGHT to be? )

And there are other areas of life where women are MORE privileged than men.

So - as so often in life - it is not a cut and dried issue.
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