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Marajuana should be legal

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Started: 11/15/2013 Category: Politics
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To start off I have never once smoked pot in my life. So I'm not some stoner complaining. I support the legalization of marajuana because the prohibition of marajuana has failed miserably. Actually, the war on drugs has inadvertently caused more human suffering then it has prevented. But I'm not saying that if people are gonna do something regardless of laws that we should legalize everything. I think that marajuana is not as harmful as we have been led to believe and that it can actually be a great benefit to society.


I, the proposition, accept this debate, "Marijuana should be legal."
To start off, there are many reasons it should be illegal. Here are just a few of them.

"Listed as 'addictive'" [1]
Marmarijuana should be illegal for a few reasons. One is that it is addictive and can ruin your life.
I would be somewhat for the legalization of marijuana if it was not so addictive. Marijuana can ruin your looks, relationship, and can get you arrested. It would be like smoking, and it would be very bad for your health. It can cure diseases, but using of much of it can DESTROY YOU. It has also been listed to other drugs, such as heroin. If you can barely stop smoking, it wouldn't be hard to understand that you could literally never stop marijuana until you die. For example, many people have been on the run for marijuana use all over the world. It is truly a bad drug, like heroin.

"It is associated with unfashionable lifestyles." [1]
This is not a solid argument, but stick with me here. Marijuana is usually thought of by hippies and losers, While this is not exactly true, this may cause a bigger war on drugs to illegalize them.

"Marijuana can cause health problems." [2]
Health problems are serious, the worst cancer. Cancer is already a very big problem throughout the whole world and marijuana doesn't help a single thing about that. Marijuana has been linked to damaged brain cells. There are many other incurable things, like acute memory loss. This is just the beginning of many arguments to come. Marijuana should not be legalized at any costs.

Debate Round No. 1


Hello, Its nice to debate you again.

Marijuana is listed as an addictive and harmful substance by the DEA. I am not going to disagree that marijuana can not be addictive I'm just saying that its addictive potential is being overstated. The article that i have listed in the bottom shows that on 10 - 30 percent of users are addicted and only one in 10 have a serious problem. Of course, addiction is a major problem but, you may be overstating the case. You also compare the use of pot to tobacco, this brings up another argument. Marijuana isn't as harmful as tobacco or alcohol yet it is still illegal. Tobacco is one of the leading causes of cancer and kills thousands every year. Alcohol also causes many healthy issues in people and is a leading cause of violence. Should we ban alcohol and tobacco too? We tried to ban alcohol in the 20's and that was a miserable failure just like the ban i pot is today. i disagree with comparing marijuana to heroine, heroine is obviously far more addictive.

I disagree that this should even be a point. So what? Someones life style is no concern of mine. Yes, a majority of stoners are losers, but that is just a stereo type. A list of "losers and hippies" include Barrack Obama, George W. Bush, Al Gore, Rand Paul, Brad Pitt, John Lennon, Steve Jobs, Oprah and many more. I'm just saying that just because something is associated with something negative doesn't mean that it should be illegal.

Marijuana does have health effects but so do many other things. You can get cancer from the sun and air. Just because something that has a few health risks doesn't mean we should continue a policy that has resulted in the creation of an underground black-market, Millions of non violent people being incarcerated and tens of billions of dollars spent to all stop the use of a plant.

people have been using marijuana for thousands of years and will continue to. Their is no way to stop that. So my opinion is that prohibition doesn't work and can be inadvertently more harmful then the thing it is banning. So prohibition of a substance should only be used when that substance is something really harmful, and i don't think marijuana is as harmful as we have been led to believe. Great website to check out


"Only one in 10 have a serious problem"
If marijuana was legalized and declared not that dangerous, I think over a million people in the U.S would smoke it. That means 100,000 would have a serious marijuana problem. That is a ton of people who would have to fix it, but can't because marijuana is still somewhat addictive, but you're right, not as addictive as heroin.

" Marijuana isn't as harmful as tobacco or alcohol yet it is still illegal."
I beg to differ here. My dad drinks alcohol maybe once a month and gets drunk at a ballgame maybe once a year, but doesn't have a problem like all of those cartoon people (Peter Griffin...) Here's a list of what marijuana can do [1]:

• Increase risk of cancer.
• Weaken your immune system.
• Difficulty remembering things
• Changes how human brain works
• Linked to increase in panic attacks
Tobacco is addictive and cancerous, that is entirely true, but not as bad as the above. Alcohol is the same.

"Has a few health risks"
...A few? That's an understatement. Please check out this website: [2]. It's from well-known school called HARVARD.

We can't stop a ton of people from smoking marijuana. But legalizing it is going to make even more people smoke it. It will become in such high demand that prices will skyrocket. Many people may lose their homes, jobs and other things due to bankruptcy and need for marijuana. There are already many people like that, so just imagine what would happen if we gave ourselves an even larger sample size. Farmers will grow marijuana for money instead of other fruits and vegetables, which would lead to health problems even to people who don't smoke it.

People who don't want to smoke marijuana would also be forced to smoke it. If people can openly smoke it in cities, like tobacco, then people passing by have the opportunity to get high. While it would be HEAVEN for people who want to smoke it, the consequences would be too dire. Years of rehabilitation would become undone and addicts would be released from jail. Marijuana can also lead to insanity, and who knows what can happen when you are both high and insane.

For my last argument, I turn to age [3] problems.
45% of people under 21 would smoke marijuana, leading to a decrease in schoolwork and more minimum-wage jobs and more homeless people. Surely you can see the hidden dangers of marijuana if it is legalized. On to you!

Debate Round No. 2


What is your position on fighting drugs? Do you support the war on drugs and the policies in place or do you think it should be illegal but not criminalized? Please answer this in the next debate? Thanks

I disagree with the your position that pot is worse than coverages and alcohol. No one has every died of the use of marijuana, ever. Thousands drink themselves selves to death every year and I'm sure we're both aware of how many die from cigarets each year. But, let's ignore the body count and focus on an individual's healthy risk. Cigarettes and marijuana have similar effects on someone's mouth. Let's compare getting g drunk to getting high, when's the last time you've heard of someone getting stoned and beating their spouse or getting in their car and killing thousands each year? Never, pot doesn't incapacitate and hurt you. 40% of people under 21 and a third of Americans have in their lives. Should we arrest them?

Why is it the governments responsibility to tell me what I can and can't do with my body. If I'm not harming anyone else or not undergoing extreme personal harm, why should the government arrest me for smoking a plant the last three presidents have done.

We can pass laws against getting high in public. And laws to limit advertising for it in public to assure that nobody is getting harmed.

It's been fun. Please answer my question at the top. Thanks your turn


To answer your questions at the top:
The war on drugs is far too serious, but I am on the pro side of stopping drugs. It should be illegal, but with lesser jail sentences (like 9 years instead of 10.)

"We can pass laws against getting high in public."
We've passed laws about not drinking and driving, public drunkenness, and not smoking in many facilities. And look how that turned out.

It's time for an OVERLOAD OF REASONS!!!

•Also, many people are trying to make tobacco illegal. In California, there are commercials and webpages all over that are trying to stop it. If smoking tobacco is bad, then smoking marijuana is just as bad. Both of them should be illegal due to health concerns. Also, driving while high is as bad as driving while intoxicated.

•True, no one has ever died from smoking too much pot, but it made their lives a living hell. And that may be a bit worse than dying, pending your opinion on the afterlife.

•As we both know, the world is trying ever so hard to stop cancer. Marijuana has 60% more cancer-causing particles than tobacco [1]. People smoking marijuana can get pregnant, leading to deformed babies whose lives will be very bad.

•While marijuana has never killed anybody, 75 people per year are high on pot while they die. We do not know that this is a coincidence or not. [1]

Those are all of the reasons I have today for you. It's been fun, and now it's up to the voters to see what they think!


Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by hgorms 5 years ago
Actually, the claim that marajuana kills brain cells is not true.
The idea that "marajuana kills brain cells" first came about through an experiment with monkeys. The monkeys that were exposed to marajuana died. Scientists concluded that it was the marajuana that killed the brain cells, so then marajuana became illegal. Later, the experiment was further looked in to and then people realized what killed the monkeys was not the marajuana, but being exposed to so much smoke without oxygen. In five minutes the monkeys were exposed to the equivalent of 60 joints. So much smoke of any kind without oxygen will surely kill anyone. Therefore, it was not the marajuana that killed the brain cells, it was the lack of oxygen that killed the monkeys brain cells. Smoking in general is bad for people's health. However, it is not the plant that kills it's the act of smoking that causes health problems. Keep in mind there are other ways to obtain marajuana that are not harmful at all such as edibles. In 10,000 years there have been no reported deaths due to the use of marajuana.
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