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Marijuana Legalization

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Started: 4/21/2014 Category: Society
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Our government says that marijuana should be illegal because of it harmful effects on the human body and brain but honest they are getting paid off by the timber and plastic companies because cannabis would destroy the profit the make because hemp in a more reliable product to make paper and plastic because it is a stronger and quicker growing. It is also a great medicine for people that have certain diseases and disabilities.


I do agree with marijuana being used for medical purposes, but making it 100% legal is just an awful idea. Can you imagine college kids being able to obtain marijuana as easily as alcohol? Marijuana should not be legal, for very obvious reasons. It should ONLY be used for medical purposes, and quite honestly, there are few medical purposes for it anyway.
Debate Round No. 1


That's why it will be regulated and tax the hell out of and college kids can get it as easy as alcohol now anyways. You can go to and street next to a college campus and find pot. In my small town of 400 there are about 10 dealers. If you are trying to. say that its bad for you I agree with the cancer causing effect when it is smoked because anything inhales that's not oxygen is dangerous to the lung and can cause cancer because it is foreign to the body. but its health benefits outweigh the negatives. I use it for the constant pain i have in my knee and to help me sleep became i have insomnia. I'm glad you agree with me with medical marijuana but displeased you don't think it should be allowed for recreational usage.


Marijuana is NOT a pain killer, according to the Here is a link:

Also, I am glad you agree with me that marijuana can cause lung cancer. Which is actually one of many of it's side-effects.

Also, I think these "10 dealers" in your "400 person town" is a very unrealistic statistic, and the numbers seem too perfect, they are obviously made up.

According to several sites I found, about 1 out of every 700 people actually deal pot, so either your town has approximately 17-18 times the amount of the average pot dealers, or you are just giving a false argument. I HIGHLY doubt that your town has 17 to 18 TIMES the amount of the average pot dealers. Please don't give false arguments.

My next piece of evidence is the fact that Marijuana also affects brain development, and when it is used heavily by young people, its effects on thinking and memory may last a long time or even be permanent. A recent study of marijuana users who began using in adolescence revealed substantially reduced connectivity among brain areas responsible for learning and memory. And a large long-term study in New Zealand showed that people who began smoking marijuana heavily in their teens lost an average of 8 points in IQ between age 13 and age 38. Importantly, the lost cognitive abilities were not fully restored in those who quit smoking marijuana as adults. Marijuana eats away at the brain cells.

My site:
Debate Round No. 2


I know what the government says about the connection between marijuana and IQ points in New Zealand but you can not prove that it is the main cause for someone losing their IQ points.

Its not a pain killer but its a pain relief that's why it is prescribed in most medical cases. A lot of users have reported that when the smoke marijuana they feel better in the regions where there is pain because of the soothing effects it has. I know plenty of people that have used it to help with the pain they feel because of arthritis.

I live in a town where there is nothing better to do then go out and smoke and drink. there is a gas station a restaurant and liquor store. If i was making up a false argument you would know because i would be making up more absurd numbers then 10. the town right next to me has a marijuana bust every other week because how much there is transported throughout this county. I know it sound absurd but my town and state is a huge drug state because there is nothing better to do. I know there is over seventy percent of youth that smoke in my town so there is an increased number of dealers because it is a great way to make money.

What is your view on industrial hemp? It should be allowed to be used in place of timber and plastic because it is bio-degradable and it helps out with our economy.


Industrial hemp is fine, but this debate is about legalizing it, thus why the name of this debate is "Marijuana Legalization."

In my opinion, you excuse in this round of the debate for using weed wasn't very good. "We have nothing better to do" is not a good argument, so I will continue to list more awful side-effects of the drug.

Marijuana causes extreme hallucination, and affects balance. Some recent studies have discovered that the hallucination and affects on balance or worse than those of alcohol. Imagine "high" drivers out there. My uncle died from a drunk driver, but "high" drivers already sounds like a bad idea. Marijuana is pretty much impossible to have an overdose on, but do you really think society will benefit from another legalized drug?

No I do no think hemp is okay for products for several reasons. First off, the fields where the drug grows will become easy sources of weed for dealers. Second off, if we make products, such as paper, out of hemp, a person could easily burn the paper and smoke it as weed. Your right, they would make better quality products, but I don't see many economic benefits considering a lot of money would go into law enforcement to stop people from abusing the hemp products or taking advantage of the weed fields in their own back yards.
Debate Round No. 3


I didn't mean "we" I meant people that have nothing better to do because all we have here is corn meth and cannabis. The state I live in has many small towns so there is not many activities here for people to do.

Saying that it will give more product for drug dealers to sell is not true because they will ose business with hig paying consumers. Only business they would receive is from the youth in our society. I know I wouldbecause there is no point in getting arrested from buying it illegally when I can go down the dispensary and buy high grade cannabis where I know it wont be lased with any harder drugs.

Saying it causes extreme hallucinations is a biased opinion which is not proven or is it true. If it is natural grown and not lased with any hard drug it will not cause any hallucinations. This I know because I have used high grade cannabis and not once have I ever "tripped" or heard of any other user that I have personally talked to has "tripped" either. Any doctor or government official that opposes marijuana will tell you whatever they have to so that it will not become legalized. It is called a terror tactic to scared the majority of the public into believeing anything they say. Do you also believe that marijuana causes caveman ike tendencies and makes a person more likely to cause a crime like going out and shooting someone or stealing?

For industrial hemp to be made into a product like paper and smoked ispointless because it is made from the steam of the plant which is low in THC (Delta-9-tretrahydrocannabinol). It has another cannabinoid in it that blocks the high. Which is why people pick out the stems and seeds from there marijuana buds that they buy because they have no effect on a person.

I am truly sorry your uncle died from a drunk driver but smoking and driving have no effect on a person. Have you ever heard of when people go smoking and driving it is called a roadie? maybe not but it is a common thing here and it has been for a long time. Smoking does not effect your driving even from my own personal experience I will tell you it has no effect on a persons driving ability. It all depends on how stupid the person is driving and how reckless they are.

You said a it effect the stability of a person. That I will agree with on a few cases, but it has no effects on a persons motor skills like walking, talking, breathing, seeing, or etc. It is not alchohol where that effects a persons motor skill.

Back to when you said it effects the brain. I agree it increase the production of dopamine which Is a chemical in your brain that controls emotions and movement. It increases the production and it is hard to get the production back to normal which is why it is link to schizophrenia because the people becomes a lot more emotion but this is only in severe cases.


"Smoking pot does not affect your driving skills"

I call BS. That's complete B.S.

And no, pot does affect the brain even in small amounts, especially towards children who are still developing their brain. (Normally this age is from birth to the age of 21 i.e. why you have to be 21 years or older to drink in the U.S.)

Also, do you really think pot fields are a good idea for industrial hemp? Really? Come on, think it through.
Debate Round No. 4


That is why there are laws set up for people to start smoking around the age of 21 so the brain is done developing and it will not harm the development process. The state government that have legalized it have smoking laws set up as drinking law so you have to be 21 to buy it, smoke it and have it in your home. You can't carry it around with you or smoke up in a public place to influence our youth.

You think it is stupid for marijuana fields? You think the farmers are going to let all the drugs dealer come onto their land and take their profit? if they do that then every drug dealer in the area will want to have some and sell it off but it is not legal for them to do that because it is not getting taxed so they will get in trouble with the state government because they have all this money coming in with no record of where it came from. So there is honest pot farmers who will not get in trouble because they follow the rules.

Have you ever tired cannabis? You need to because it will give you more of an understanding of how it isn't harmful to society and our government officials are old and are still believe the ad campaigns during the late 30's. Its now the 2014 we are not a bunch of degenerates who just want to do all the drugs that are available to use. Let the people make their choices on if they want it legalized or not we can not let the government control what we want. We only want to have a joint that we can smoke without having jail time or an unnecessary fine for something that has not been the cause of a single death since its first recorded use in 7000 B.C. Its impossible to overdose. The government already lost the war on marijuana so legalize it, tax it, and regulate it. Read this actually I said "regulate" it use the persons id to keep a track on how much they buy and keep them to a certain amount each week.

Thanks for the debate I actually enjoyed it and was fun lets the people decide who had a better side and hopefully ill debate against you again in the future.


"Have you ever tried cannabis?'
Hell no.

"Use the persons ID to keep a track on how much they buy and keep them to a certain amount each week."
We can not control how much, or little, of anything a person consumes, we don't control the amount of alcohol people consume.

"You think the farmers are going to let all the drugs dealer come onto their land and take their profit? if they do that then every drug dealer in the area will want to have some and sell it off but it is not legal for them to do that because it is not getting taxed so they will get in trouble with the state government because they have all this money coming in with no record of where it came from. So there is honest pot farmers who will not get in trouble because they follow the rules."

That was not my concern, my concern is that dealers could sneak into these pot fields, get some weed, and leave. It wouldn't be that hard to do.

I did have a lot of fun debating with you, and I noticed tons of improvement in your debating. Good luck, and I hope to debate with you again.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by richa158 7 years ago
Do you want the world to be a place where people just sit around smoking up all day? God forbid the consequences of legalization!
Posted by 20CoWhite 7 years ago
i will take if it is 1 round
Posted by aburk903 7 years ago
It looks like you were pretty stoned when you wrote that first round. Are you arguing marijuana should be legal for recreational use, or just for medical purposes and production of hemp-based products like you state in round 1?
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Vote Placed by travis18352 7 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: convincing arguments go to con because pro made some stupid arguments like pot doesnt affect your driving. con makes statements like thats complete bs which i dont think is really needed. he could just say its a false statement so conduct points go to pro.

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