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Marijuana Legalization

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Started: 10/30/2018 Category: Politics
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Hello! My name is Lexi and I am looking for an intelligent, Passionate, And well articulated individual whom I will have my first debate with!
This debate will consist of 4 rounds.

Round 1 will primarily consist of your introduction, Structure, And anything you would like to say prior to arguments

Round 2 Argument/Rebuttal

Round 3 Argument/Rebuttal

Round 4 Closing arguments

I look forward to this debate and meeting my opponent!


Ok, So I will assume that you are taking the pro-legalization based on the title.

A common argument that I see regarding this issue is that Marijuana doesn't cause deaths like other legal things such as smoking or alcohol. However, There is a myriad of other symptoms that could pose a threat to you and the people around you. These Include:

Short Term Memory Loss
Extreme Anxiety/Paranoia
Lowered Reaction Time
Increased Heart Rate and risk of a Heart Attack
Increased risk of Stroke
Hand-Eye Coordination Problems
Sexual Problems for Males
Seven Times more likely to contract and STD for females
Up to 8 points of IQ decline
Poorer school performance
Impaired thinking
Lower satisfaction in life
Increased risk of opiate addiction (If they use those in conjunction)
Increased Anti-Social behavior

Just think of the impact all of those would have on driving alone. Plus, It would be a very expensive habit to have even if it were legalized. Each time you get high, It increases the amount you have to have in order to get that same feeling. So it may half a joint to get high the first time, But after a while, You may be smoking 2-3 just to get that same feeling. Eventually you don't even feel high, It just feels like normality, But at that point you are dependent on it from addiction. So you are paying just so you don't get the symptoms of withdrawal, And not even getting that euphoric feeling. I won't use that argument that it is a gateway drug, Since there isn't any evidence that it causes other addictions, It just makes them worse. Now, You may be thinking, Why don't we just get rid of smoking, Since it has such similar health risks? My answer to that would be that you would be putting millions of people out of a job worldwide, And pretty much derail the economy of the state of North Carolina, But it is just too cemented in its current state to just get rid of. The last thing we should do is add to the problem by legalizing marijuana, And then having another cemented industry that we can't just get rid of.
Debate Round No. 1


My arguments will indeed be pro legalization of marijuana. The highlighted points of my argument will be how the primary reason for outlawing marijuana was to target minorities, The medical benefits of marijuana, And the economical benefits of its legalization.

Throughout our whole lives. We have always known marijuana to be the worlds most controversial plant. Many of us grew up learning how it is often smoked in order for an individual to experience euphoria, And for one to obtain a sense of well being. The substance is well known for its stinky scent and its ability to make you laugh. It is also infamous for its ability to land you behind bars. However, Marijuana hasn't always been criminalized. Have you ever stopped to wonder when exactly weed was outlawed and why? In the 1930's many people feared the exact same thing that many Trump supporters fear today. . . Mexican immigration. A big part of the Mexican culture was the daily use of marijuana. Americans began the spread of rumors that the substance induced violence. This sparked fear in the country's citizens, And subsequent steps were taken toward its illegalization. What most Americans didn't know was that marijuana was a common ingredient in their everyday household items, Such as oils and medicines. However, Americans referred to it as "cannabis" instead of marijuana. They did not realize it was the exact same thing. Ignorance and racism won, And the use and sale of the drug was officially banned as a result of the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.
You see, Marijuana wasn't outlawed because of it's supposed harmful effects on the body, Or for the fact it makes people act goofy. It is a crime today as the direct result of a successful attack on Mexican culture by hateful, Racist bigots.
So when people ask me why I believe it should be legal, I simply reply with the fact it should have never been made illegal in the first place.

In my opponents introduction, He lists medical side effects of the plant. However. Many expert opinions in the medical world state that the medical benefits of the drug whoa fully outweigh the risks. For one, Marijuana has been used to treat moderate to severe pain in medical patients across the country. Not only has it proven effective for pain management, It is also shown to be considerably less addictive than the competing narcotic painkillers. Aside from pain management, Marijuana has also been shown to effectively treat muscle spasms, Nausea, Poor appetite and weight loss due to chronic illness, Seizure disorders, And Crohn's disease. Marijuana not only works magic at relieving symptoms of illness, It is also extremely cost-effective. To a person with Parkinson's disease, Or an overwhelmed cancer patient, Or simply an individual struggling with anxiety, Marijuana is a cheap, Convenient treatment that works. Yet, Using marijuana is seen by the federal government as a crime fit for jail time. This does not make any sense to me.

A question that many of you should ask yourselves is "If marijuana were to be legalized, What would happen to the U. S economy? " It is estimated that the country would see more than 10o billion dollars within 1 year in tax-revenue alone. With our national debt at an estimated $21 trillion, This is a paycheck that our country desperately needs. If marijuana were legalized today, It would create approximately 782, 000 jobs nationwide. This is a result of the heightened demand for farmers, Transporters, And sellers. Legalization would not only save money for the government, It would save law enforcement's time, And the space in our correctional facilities. Between 2001 and 2010 approximately 8. 1 million arrests were made for marijuana possession alone. In order to prosecute these "offenders", Law enforcement agencies spent countless hours building their case. The State used up financial resources in order to house, Feed, And clothe these individuals, As well as the thousands of dollars it takes to try these cases in court. Space had to be taken up in our correction facilities which may be a reason why we must deal with high over-crowding in our prisons. Legalizing marijuana would ensure our resources are being used on criminals that endanger our communities and not on the mass incarceration of 20 year old potheads.

When I examined the substantial amount of benefits marijuana brings with its legalization, I couldn't figure out any reason why someone would advocate against it. This is where I looked to my opponent for answers.

My opponent gave a long list of side effects thought to be caused by marijuana. However, I don't think that a substance should be illegal simply because of its side effects. I noticed the majority of the side effects were relatively minor compared to those of tobacco and alcohol use. Just as alcohol and tobacco are, Marijuana should be allowed to be used at the individuals own risk.

My opponent stated that the side effects could impact a persons driving skills. It is unclear to me exactly what the point was he was trying to make. I can only assume he is trying to say it would be unsafe for a person to drive under the influence of marijuana. If so, I couldn't agree more. However, I am advocating the legalization of marijuana not the legalization of DUI. A person should never be behind the wheel if they are under the influence of anything, Legal or not.

My opponent goes on to argue that marijuana should remain outlawed because a person could develop an expensive habit if they build a tolerance to it. Again, I don't think something should be illegal because of what it "could" do to someone. Just like other things that can be habit forming, Using marijuana needs to be self regulated. It should be a matter of personal responsibility and self control.

I don't really think my opponent has made strong enough points to support his argument thus far. I feel like I have done a good job at highlighting the points and explaining them.

I look forward to reading my opponents rebuttal.


Okay, This is the kind of debate that led me to join this community, You made some very good points in your rebuttal, And I congratulate you on that.

To start, I think there is an enormous difference between legalization of marijuana, And legalization of medical marijuana. I would have no problem with doctors prescribing it, Just like they can prescribe opiates, The problem for me comes when it is legalized for recreational use. Again, With the list of side effects, I don't feel it should be allowed to be used whenever an individual feels like it, As it poses a danger to themselves and the people around them.

To offer rebuttals to your arguments:

1. Why Marijuana was made illegal in the first place

The reason Marijuana got on the radar of the Federal Government was because of the Towns-Boylan Act in 1914, Which prohibited the sale of "All habit forming drugs. " Marijuana was included on this list by the request of the New York Board of Health. California also classified Marijuana as a poison in The Poison Act in 1907. This shows that Health officials were concerned about the negative health effects of Marijuana well before the 1930's with your Mexican Immigration point

2. Medical Benefits
As I said, I'm Okay with doctors prescribing medicinal marijuana, Just as they are able to prescribe opiates. My problem, Is when it is used for recreation

3. Law Enforcement
I do know that you said you weren't legalizing DUI, But people aren't going to not drive while high. Plus, There isn't a reliable, Fast test for Marijuana use like there is for alcohol, So you couldn't crack down on that. Plus, In EVERY state that has legalized recreational marijuana, The sales on the black market have not decreased at all, So the police would still have to deal with that. Also, In Colorado, Youth arrests for possession of weed are up by 58%, So that's also tying up law enforcement. Plus, The National Police Foundation has publicly railed against the legalization of marijuana, So the law enforcement seem to be against it.

3. The US economy
Since Marijuana has the ability to increase dependencies from other drugs, Drinking would increase, Other drug uses would increase, And all of these would significantly reduce productivity, So the taxes collected would be underpinned by people calling in sick to work with hangovers, And being high. Even those that did show up, If they were high, They may get injured at work, Or at least have impaired productivity, Which would offset the tax revenue collected.

4. The Individuals should be allowed to use it at their own risk
While, Yes, I do think that smoking and alcohol should be allowed to be used at the risk of the individual, Which may seem contradictory to my argument, I have an explanation. Alcohol and smoking, As bad as they are, They're already cemented in our society, As I established in my first argument, You would be causing a global unemployment crisis if even just the US outlawed those, So again, I don't think you can just get rid of those industries, But the worst thing we could do is add another substance i. E. Marijuana on to that pile for recreational use.

5. Self Regulation
Again, Yes, I would agree that smoking and alcohol need to be self regulated, Since they are already ingrained into US society. But, People are not responsible enough to regulate that themselves, Since Marijuana is highly addictive. Its like if you're eating potato chips, You aren't going to get the bag out and eat just one. So again, We don't need to add another addictive substance onto the pile to be abused.

Another point that was made is that an item shouldn't be illegal because of what it could do to someone, I would disagree. Why don't we just legalize heroin, Cocaine, Meth, Because if people self-regulate, It should be fine. If we don't focus on what could happen, Then we can't predict future epidemics of drug abuse, And we won't be able to stop them, Or at least dampen the effects. Another negative side effects of Marijuana legalization, As we have seen in Colorado, Arrests for youth possessing the substance are up 58%. So, Again, I'm not against legalization of medical marijuana, But recreational marijuana would be severely detrimental to the US as a whole.
Debate Round No. 2


Republicrat20 forfeited this round.


hhhweras forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Republicrat20 forfeited this round.


hhhweras forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by camelCase 3 years ago
I think when illegal is happening so frequently legalizing it won't substantially increase usage.

There's a gray area here.

One the one hand, There are criminals making hundreds of millions of dollars selling Marijuana illegally, They're reinvesting that money into their business and growing exponentially.

Think about the economic cost of incriminating tens of thousands of people for smoking weed, It costs a general average of 75, 000 to 100, 000 dollars to keep the average drug-user in jail, This money is financed from the government and eventually the American/Canadian taxpayer.

Taking druks undeniably has negative and addictive effects, But will legalizing it increase usage insofar as it is worse than the incrimination of drug-users, The multiple people stuck between the drug war, And the immense economic loss of incriminating these people.
Posted by DeletedUser 3 years ago
I think it should be legal only to people who have a job, It automaticly implies balance
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