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Marijuana Should Be made legal throughout the world

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Started: 11/8/2013 Category: Society
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Basic rules:
1.1st round for acceptance, 2nd round for opening statements.3rd for rebuttals and final round for conclusion.
2.No semantic re-interpretation.
3.burden of proof is equally shared by both parties.


Hello, there. I smoke marijuana myself, but I will be taking the AGAINST part in this debate.
So, let the best 'man' win.

Greetings, Mrs. Artpop.
Debate Round No. 1


Hello Mrs.Artpop,
I am disappoinnted that I will be debating with a fellow marijuana smoker on a topic that is close to my heart.I was sincerely hoping to convince someone else to try weed for the first time.I understand this debate is not that serious.

I assert that marijuana should be legalised in all the countries throughout the world because it does less harm than other substances that are legal such as alcohol and cigarettes.

There are many proven medical benefits of smoking marijuana, including a proven claim of it reducing the chances of one getting cancer.Marijuana is kept illegal in most countries because of the cartel of cigarette companies that are afraid of losing sales,criminal mafias that want to continue their monopolies and moralfag politicians who are against any kind of substance use(exept alcohol).

Looking forward to seeing you play the devil's advocate.


Well, I am sorry because it is serious. I am really against it. Let me explain.

First of all, I smoke marijuana like 5 times a-year, so I am really not a smoker, but I do it only to have fun and laugh. I think it harms me afterall.

I give you the part where you said that marijuana does lest harm then cigarettes, which i smoke daily, and alcohol BUT.
Imagine if marijuana was legal. Imagine high-schools. Imagine your kids smoke and be high daily. I am sure I don't want that for my kids.

BUT! I am totally PRO for legalization of marijuana for medical reasons! I think it's an amazing cure, if not else (but there is much more) it makes you laugh and laugh means a lot sometimes when you're seriously sick.

But legalize it for everyone? I must disagree.
Debate Round No. 2


You smoke cigarettes , but not marijuana?I find it kind of weird and contrary to logic.

Cigarettes have over 80 known carcinogens, and have been proven time and again to be directly responsible for millions of deaths around the globe.Nicotine is a known poison used in pesticides and is known to cause actual physical addiction.Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the main physiologically active agent in weed does none of these things.

PersonallyI used to smoke it weekly in high school, and still managed to get good enough grades to go to college.

If i had kids, i don't mind them getting high everyday, as long as they finish their homework and are responsible,over 15 would be a reasonable age.

I am curious to know why you feel that smoking marijuana harms you.
And why can't everyone have fun and laugh legally, when they can get drunk and get into bar fights legally?



Alcohol provokes alcoholism, which is a good capitalistic move from the capitalistic world. And I think we will never manage to change that.
And, I didn't say smoking cigarettes is healthier than smoking weed, I would be an idiot to say that. And I think you are totally right here - marijuana is good for your inner peace and relaxation, if you ask me. But legalize it, for people and some kids, and people who don't use it daily, I really think that would be wrong. It is hard for me to explain everything that goes on in my head right now because English is not my native language, I only have it in school. I'm actually from a small country, called Slovenia, if you have maybe ever heard of it ? Well,
In my country, Slovenia, there is a hudge financial crisis and every month, there are about 4% more unemployed people. And now all students and kids are working hard in schools to get not only good, but excellent grades & education that they need, so they may get a job once. What would happen to average kids, which are only 'good' in school...? You can't even imagine. I think there would be a chaos in the world, if marijuana were legalized.

But afterall, what difference would it mean for you?

1. If you are a dealer, you have to have nuts to sell it, and you can get lots of $ out of selling it,
2. You smoke it daily if it is legal or not
3. Forbidden - the sweeter.

So, where's the problem ?
Debate Round No. 3


Marijuana legalisation will bring millions of Tax money to any country.I am glad you agree that it is ok to legalise it for people who don't smoke it everyday.

English is not my native language too...It's okay, there is a global financial crisis, and people all over the world have unemployment.
So what if there is chaos in the world?If everyone smokes weed, they would be more peaceful.I sincerely hope terrorists would smoke it and and do less harm if they get inner peace and relaxation.:)

But the last point you made was amazing. I totally agree with you there.The fact that it is forbidden does make it sweeter.
I don't know if marijuana that is legalised will be as much fun as it is now. there is absoultely no problem with that....:)

I'm glad we could reach a consensus and agree....It was fun.
Thank You,


Well, I think there's to much chaos around the world even without the legalization, lol.

And yes, I'm glad we've reached an agreement.
It was my pleasure too, have a nice evening.

Kisses and hugs, Artpop.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by CynicalDiogenes 5 years ago
iruini09 atleast tell why....
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Reasons for voting decision: RFD - Argument goes to CynicalDiogenes as Artpop failed to demonstrate beyond her opinion why it would cause more chaos in the world. Neither provided any sources so tie here, and both had excellent conduct in the debate. Also, a tie on the spelling and grammar as both had English as their second language.