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Marijuana should be legal

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Started: 5/31/2014 Category: Politics
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Ii will be arguing that the U.S. should legalise marijuana (both recreational and medical) for 18 year olds and up.

Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: Opening statements
Round 3: Refutation
Round 4: Closing statements.

There will be 24 hrs to argue.
You will have a character limit of 8,000.
There will be a 3 day voting period.
Votes must include a comment.
The voting style is open voting wth no Elo minimum or maximum.


Whilst many use marijuana as a recreational drug or as a pain killer it depends on how you use it and why especially if its a young adult such as a 18 year old who's front cortex hasn't even developed yet
Debate Round No. 1


It is very tame drug, and has little effects. While it's not without it's problems, it's less harmful than cigarettes and even over-the-counter pills. There has been no recorded deaths in history by over-consumption of marijuana. It is not only less harmful than cigarettes and many other drugs, it's much less addictive. Unlike tabacco, it can be eaten and doesn't have to be smoked, thus reducing it's harm even more.

Meanwhile, a number of studies in recent years have demonstrated the medical potential of pot. Purified forms of cannabis can be effective at attacking some forms of agressive cancer [1]. Marijuana use has also been tied to better blood sugar control[2], and may help slow the spread of HIV[3]. Legalization of the plant for medical purposes may even lead to lower suicide rates [4].

Decriminalizing it would also drasticly reduce the prison population, about 800,000 people are in jail for marijuana, and 70% of that is just for posession of it. [5]







Marijuana is one of the more tame drugs yes but it usually leads into other drug abuse. I'm not saying that people that use marijuana for medical reasons are more likely to do crack or other hard drugs, but people who do it for recreational purposes might.

Marijuana also kills braincells and makes people do things they may not do unless under the influence

My uncles doctor who has been treating him for drug abuse
Debate Round No. 2


Well, that wasn't much of a opening argument as a rebuttle, but ok. The strong majority of people in prison for marijuana are for nonviolent crimes, just posession of it or taking it. Also, if you legalise cigarettes and alcohol which is way more harmful, it's just hypocritical to not legalise marijuana, which is not only much less harmful, it even has good sides unlike e former. It only leads to other drugs because people have to get them from illegal dug-dealers, if it was from legal drug stores there wouldn't be a chance of that happening.


My bad I read the post wrong. I believe medical marijuana is a legitamate way of treating a sickness (within reason of corse. ) But marijuana that anyone can receive would catastrophic in that anyone could receive marijuana even younger children. Meaning that if my theoretical son Timmy wanted some pot to smoke with the cool kids and I happened to be in possession of it he could easily get it. Of course fast too he might be able to receive some from other children. And the transfer of marijuana would be legal too, as the government would have no way of determining who can receive marijuana whether the person is responsible or not.

Also I never said alcohol nor cigerets should be aloud. In all reality they should be illegal as well but that's a debate for later
Debate Round No. 3


Remember the prohibition of liquor? It was an absolute disaster. Whenever you try to illegalise something this widespread and used, it causes major problems. First, people will try to get it from drug dealers, which makes the buyer in danger an funds crime. Second, it causes huge and unneeded incarceration. We have 25% of the worlds prison population, with only 4.5% percent of the world population, a huge contributor to this is people incarcerated for marijuana.


Marijuana is used almost like alcohol, but has been used in a more abusive way. Marijuana was used as a medicine until we abused it and perverted it into a gateway drug. just because liquor is legal doesn't mean we should use and abuse it extensively, like we have with Marijuana. and that's why Marijuana should remain illegal.

Furthermore i would like to thank lightningbolt50 for the debate opportunity, and you for reading.
vote for whoever you think did the best.

Thank you
Debate Round No. 4
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