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Marrying more than 1 person

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Started: 2/28/2017 Category: Politics
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I will state my points here and you will argue them and then present me with points of your own.

I think this is a stupid law. Laws are created to enforce our freedom and stop others from causing disruption in the community. Polygamy does not disrupt anyone in the community and restricting it, although not in the bill of rights, I think is taking away our freedom. It also makes having a family easier as more people contribute to the rent. It lets more people work for one household while letting someone possibly stay home to care for the house/kids.
I wish all good luck!


Polygamy - the practice or custom of having more than wife of husband at the same time.
Marriage - the legally or formally recognized union of a man and a woman as partners in a relationship.

You believe that the law limits our freedom, doesn't disrupt the community, and makes it easier for the household and its occupants. Polygamy, is illegal for several reasons. Legitimate reasons, such as the consequences of polygamy, the ethical and moral problems it poses, and the problems it can have on the individuals themselves.

You stated that polygamy does not disrupt anyone in the community, or society. However, that is incorrect, seeing as how it poses several problems. At an moral and ethical standpoint, it is typically seen as wrong. Not only that, but there are also several problems that are common when it comes to polygamy, these problems tend to break the law, and be criminal. There are also financial problems too. In most polygamous marriages, the wives usually live in separate households. This would put an obvious strain on the husband. And, you claim that polygamy being illegal limits our freedoms. However, if polygamy was legal, there would be financial problems with the husband and wives, religions, crime, and more.


Polygamy, poses a lot of problems financially, and not just for the individuals, it also poses problems to the country. In most polygamous marriages, if not all, each wife has their own household, and possibly their own kids too. In a situation like this, the husband would have to support each and every one of these wives. He'd have to pay for medical expenses, household maintenance, children, etc. That affects the husband, and his spouses. However, that could also affect the community. How? By using welfare. Which is paid for by taxpayers. By you. Do you honestly want to pay taxes to help out people who leech off of society?


Polygamy, in general, is linked to a lot of bad things. Poverty, child abuse, domestic abuse, etc. Its situations like this that change people, or give them horrible experiences early on in life. If there is any abuse going on at home, then life would be absolutely horrible. Especially if they have to deal with poverty on top of that too. However, there are also sexual crimes mixed in too. Rape, molesting, and so on. Not a very pretty picture. Especially if its all happening to a child.


Not to mention, polygamy can have a devastating emotional effect on people, and it is also typically seen as morally and ethically wrong. Especially by religions. Marriage is the union of two individuals, and most the time, people marry out of love for each other. Not only that, but that is what the majority of people consider as well. However, when a husband goes and marries more women, they essentially tell their other wife, "you aren't good enough for me", or, "you can't satisfy me". Its a painful message. And it will often lead to depression, divorce, and other problems. Not only that, but religions don't agree with it either. And religions hold a lot of power. It is likely that religions will do something about it. And, even for those who aren't religious, most consider it to be wrong. People who know about it might avoid you, employers might not hire you, the list goes on. Why? Because society is judgmental and unforgiving.

Also, one of the main purposes of polygamy, is to increase the population. This is primarily used in developing countries. The population of children is used for labor. Yes, labor. And, a disgusting, yet true reason for polygamy, could be for sexual satisfaction for men.

One more thing, polygamy is disliked so much by society, that it can even affect political decisions, and even the country itself. A prime example, could be the state of Utah. Back when polygamy was still legal in Utah, it was a U.S. territory. It took years for Utah to finally become a U.S. state. Which, only happened because the government wouldn't make it a state unless they got rid of polygamy.

Polygamy should not be legalized, because it poses financial problems, is typically linked with crime, abuse, and other problems, and it can have a devastating emotional effect on people. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 1


If the wives live in seperate households then there is no problem if the husband files a divorce if he is strained enough. And also, if the wife lives in seperate households, thats not the problem, the husband again, can file a divorce if the stain is enough. And, back to polygamy, if there is more than 1 spouse, who are you to say that the women will just sit around in the house? The benefit is obvious, that more people will work for a single household, hence it will become easier to pay for the houses/families expenses. And if it is for sexual satisfaction for men, then that is a social problem. People cheat and use girls for sexual satisfaction for dating and even regular marriage as well, are you going to stop them from marrying or dating?


My opponent states that if the husband is strained financially, he may divorce his wives. However, most of these wives may be unemployed and may be housewives. By doing this, he puts an enormous financial burden on the wife, and any family she has. Even for wives that are employed, it would be difficult for them to support themselves. These problems in turn, affect the economy in a negative aspect, because the wives may rely on the law to support them. Not only that, but such a divorce can also tie into the emotional aspects of polygamy. If the husband divorces the wife because she and her family are a financial burden, not because of a failed relationship, it can send them into a downwards spiral. The husband wouldn't even have to tell them personally. They were used. They may fall into depression because of this, and start doing things that are illegal. The same applies to the belief that all spouses will live in the same household. This is in no way realistic. However, lets say that it was done. There would be financial benefits, that much could be true. However, hostile emotions between the spouses would be constant. They would constantly be bickering, and fighting in the household. In this case, the occupants won't live there very long, or stay married to their spouse very long either. Not to mention, children would suffer too.
Some of the wives may, however, be married more for sexual satisfaction, than for love itself. No, its not something you can stop. Nor would anyone have the right to. However, this too, ties in with the emotional burdens and problems of polygamy. Trust is lost, jealousy is constant, and so on. Eventually, it may lead to divorce, which, as previously stated, will affect the individuals, and quite possibly, the community as well.

My second contention was, polygamy being linked to negative consequences, such as poverty, child abuse, etc. My opponent didn't directly attack my second contention, therefore, it still stands. However, for clarity, I will be restating the main importance of my second contention. There are a lot of crimes, commonly linked with polygamy. They can range from emotional, to physical, to sexual abuse. However, there are also more crimes linked with polygamy, besides abuse. From, "Crimes Associated with Polygamy: The Need for a Coordinated State and Federal Response", "...investigate suspected offenses such as organized crime, racketeering, white collar crime, and abuse of women and children".

My third contention was the devastating emotional effect polygamy can have on people, and the way its viewed by religions, and by the public. My opponent didn't attack my third contention, therefore, it still stands. However, for clarity, I will be restating the main importance of my third contention. By marrying multiple people, some of the spouses may feel that they are being used, or that the love isn't real. This can lead to divorce, depression, and other problems. This could last for years, and may even lead to other severe problems. Polygamy, is also viewed very negatively by the public, and by religions. People often view it as something morally and ethically wrong, and because of this, it could become increasing difficult to approach people, or to get a job somewhere. There is no doubt, the polygamist will be judged. Religions will also, no doubt, try to do something about this. Religion holds a lot of sway over people. Especially when it comes to politics, and moral and ethical subjects. Its very likely that religions will try to interfere, and do something about it.

Polygamy is not beneficial in any way, whatsoever. Thank you.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by LD_and_Congress_Debater 3 years ago
He never stated that a women couldn't support herself. He stated that house wives, who don't own jobs, couldn't financially support themselves, and will become financially burdened. As well as, polygamist wives usually have more children than the regular average American family. As well as it costs over $15,000 just until the age of five for one child. So, if you put two n' two together, a woman who is in a single parent, and doesn't own a job, and then over five kids, of course the wife is going to become financially burdened. That's where Firegecko's argument was coming from
Posted by FireGecko27 3 years ago
I never stated that the woman wouldn't be able to support herself. I just stated that it would be difficult. Also, even if it is a woman with multiple husbands, the same rule applies. It is not beneficial. It reaps the same consequences. And, overall, you are incorrect about their choice to marry. Some choose to do so of their own free will, yes, that is true. However, it is more common for it to be arranged, or forced. It was usually that way in the past, and even now, it still happens. Its different to marry more people, rather than one, because there are more negative consequences, more people are affected, and its illegal anyways. For the crimes I stated in my argument, and for other things as well.
Posted by straightup.gong 3 years ago
Second to last sentence wasn't supposed to end in a question mark. **The same thing happens to literally ANY other couple who decide to divorce.**
Posted by straightup.gong 3 years ago
Con, your argument is all over the place. The scenario you're using is if a man marries more than one woman. The definition you used, however, states that polygamy is a "custom of having more than wife of husband at the same time." I assume the of was supposed to an or. A woman can marry more than one man if they're willing. You know, all of this is based on whether the people involved in the relationship are ok with having multiple spouses. I don't think they'd be in a polygamous relationship if they didn't feel comfortable with it. Also, what makes you say that a woman couldn't support herself if they were to divorce? It all depends on the situation that the person is in. It is a person's choice to marry who they want. A polygamy is exactly like any other marriage, just one relationship with multiple marriages. The same thing happens to literally ANY other couple who decide to divorce? What makes it so different if they're married to multiple people?
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