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Mass Deportation and its Effect on the Economy

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Started: 3/16/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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We are a group of students doing this for a college assignment.
As a group we have come to the conclusion that mass deportation is not a viable option.
If we go through with the recently proposed mass deportations we will have to figure even more money into an already strained budget meaning raised taxes or the more likely option of budget cuts which will not come from where they should like politician wages and military spending but more likely from welfare and education. Along with this fact, while illegal immigrants are in the country they can, and have been amassing debt in various ways such as credit cards, mortgages and student loans. Deporting all of the people who have gathered this debt will put a large strain on various banks and credit card companies, damaging our economy. This is not even taking into account that undocumented immigrants make up an estimated 8% of our workforce, doing the cheap labor jobs that few other people want to do. You also must take into account the children of these various undocumented immigrants who may actually be American citizens. What do you do with these children? Leave them here and put them into government run orphanages and foster homes, putting even more strain on the already cut welfare budget. Or do you send them back with their parents, into most likely economically poor and dangerous environments where they are unlikely to receive a proper education and become productive members of society if they manage to come back to this country once they have become adults.


First, why should the money that is used on deporting illegal immigrants come out of "politician wages and military spending"? Since you are concerned that the money for deportations will come out of welfare and education, have you considered the stress and strain these non-citizens already place on these important public services which are meant to serve citizens? They took out mortgages taking housing from homeless Americans and Student Loans, taking class space that should go to citizens. If they do "cheap labor" then how did they qualify? As for the labor, you make a false assumption: that others don't want those jobs. It's that employers won't hire citizens when they can hire cheap illegal labor.
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