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Masturbation Should Be Required To Be Taught In School

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Started: 4/27/2014 Category: Education
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Masturbating offers many benefits besides the feel. As the pro side I will be proving that teaching children when they are the age of 11, being that is the average age to hit puberty, would be an effective way to improve lives of both boys and girls. The con side must show the harms of masturbation being taught in schools. I did not post this round to be perverted, but because masturbation is a legitimate way to decrease health risks and to help improve quality of both male and female lives. Please make sure to back up all facts with sources, do not plagiarize or just make statements with no facts. The round rules are as followed:

Round 1: Acceptance and Greetings - Just simply say, "I accept."

Round 2: Your Stance and Initial Arguments - State your case and your contentions to back up your claims based on the topic.

Round 3: Additional Arguments and/or Rebuttals - Bring up arguments that you forgot to bring up during round 2, and counter arguments made by the pro side.

Round 4: Rebuttals ONLY - No new arguments can be made, only explanations of why your side is currently winning the arguments in place.

Round 5: Concluding Statements - State why you believe that the debate is won by your side, and sign off.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Masturbation is going to happen for a majority of males and females, since it's a natural process of life. Not only this, but it offers many benefits and would be very beneficial to teach at a young age to children, in order to ensure they understand it fully before attempting, and also understand all that comes with it. It's because of this, I stand in firm affirmation of the resolution which stands, resolved: Masturbation should be required to be taught in school. In order to prove that masturbation should be taught in schools, I'll provide the following three contentions.

Contention 1: Masturbation Helps Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

In order to truly understand why masturbation should be taught in schools, we must focus on one of the major health benefits of masturbation, which is helping reduce the risk of prostate cancer. Australian researchers researched over 1,000 men with prostate cancer and 1,250 men without, between the ages of 20 to 50. These men were questioned about their sexual habits. The results showed that those who ejaculated more frequently were the least likeliest to develop cancer, specifically men who ejaculated more than five times a week were a third less likely to develop prostate cancer life. [1] What has to be seen from this is that masturbation is an effective tool in reducing a risk that currently has a new case every 2.3 minutes, and kills a man every 16 minutes.[2] If students were to learn about this potential health benefits of masturbation, they'd be more aware of how to be less likely to get cancer. No where would they be forced to masturbate if they felt uncomfortable, but they would at least know that it would in fact help prevent a very serious cancer.

Contention 2: Masturbation Ups Your Immunity

Another major health benefit that comes from masturbation is helping boost your immune system in both males and females. When you ejaculate, the hormone cortisol is increased in your body. Cortisol levels being increased can help regulate and maintain your immune system. Masturbation can can product the right environment for a strengthened immune system.[3] This health benefit may be small, but it's outcomes will have a huge impact on health. With masturbation your increasing the strength of your immune system which ultimately results in a healthier you. Students should be informed of this.

Contention 3: Masturbation Also Offers Other, Smaller, Benefits.

The benefits of masturbation are not only limited to health. There are many physical benefits of course, but there are also sexual and mental benefits as well. Benefits that come from masturbation include: a created sense of well-being, enhanced sex with partner, it helps you learn how you liked to be touched, it helps lead too the increased ability to have orgasms, it helps improve relationship and sexual satisfactions, it improves sleep, it improves your self-esteem and body image, it provides sexual pleasure of those without partners, it provides sexual pleasure of those who abstain from sex play with another person, it reduces stress, it release sexual tension, it relieves menstrual cramps, and reduces women's chances of involuntary urine leakage and uterine prolapse.[4].

Masturbation is a natural process of life for a majority of males and females, and we do a disservice to them by not helping them better understand all that comes with masturbation. Because of the pure fact alone that masturbation is a natural process of life, it should be taught in schools. Regardless, I have provided 3 key reasons that should also prove that masturbation needs to be taught in schools. The benefits of masturbation, whether it be reducing cancer or helping you sleep, are to large to not inform the younger generation who might be contemplating starting. It's because of this, I can see no other vote than in the affirmative side.



In this round I will show my arguments on why I disagree with "Masturbation Should Be Required To Be Taught In School". I don't think it's necessary. And "necessary" is a key word because it shows my position as I don't claim masturbation is bad or school teaching masturbation is bad.
Another key word is "require".

I will start giving some definitions.

School: an institution where instruction is given, especially to persons under college age. [1]

Teach: to impart knowledge of or skill in. [2]

Require: to ask for authoritatively or imperatively; demand. [3]

So the resolution is "Demanding schools to impart knowledge of or skills in masturbation"

Argument of Con:

I can't see any good reason to demand schools to teach students about masturbation.
Masturbation has indeed some benefits but I think it would cause more problems than it solves, considering that "Masturbation is going to happen for a majority of males and females" anyway.

C1: Sex education is already controversial. [4]

Controversy: a prolonged public dispute, debate, or contention; disputation concerning a matter of opinion. [5]

People have different beliefs and opinions on a lot of things, and sex education is a controversial topic.
People disagreed on if sex education should be given or not, and also on how it should be given.
There were programs like comprehensive sex ed and abstinence-only sex ed that showed the opinions of parents, teens, teachers and politicians. [6]
Some people don't like what they teach. [7]
Some people create movements against it. [8]

What it's clear is that masturbation would create more controversy. The opinions on masturbation are also divided.[9][10][11][12][13]

C2: Sex education is about prevention of problems caused by sex

Abstinence, condoms, birth control, etc help to prevent a lot of negative things that are caused by sex.
Masturbation benefits don't affect this side of the problem. Teaching prevention is important because it's not something that is innate or natural. They have to learn this, for this reason it is necessary.
Masturbation is something people learn on their own. They can, it's something instinctive. And although it has health benefits they are not about preventing something that was caused sex.

Small issues

Now, these are really small issues when you look how people were able to introduce sex education in school, but when you take both with the fact that most people masturbate on their own [11] it's inevitable to ask ourselves " Is it really that urgent?",
"is it really that necessary?" "Is it a good idea to demand schools to teach it?"

Probably not.

Thanks for the debate.


Debate Round No. 2


MaxTheDebateChamp forfeited this round.


I extend my arguments
Debate Round No. 3


MaxTheDebateChamp forfeited this round.


I extend my arguments.
Debate Round No. 4


MaxTheDebateChamp forfeited this round.


Sadly, my opponent forfeited one more time.
Debate Round No. 5
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by Dishoungh 7 years ago
Why? I mean, masturbation is a choice. Plus, masturbation doesn't have to be taught. I'm pretty sure that you could learn how to masturbate on your own.
Posted by MaxTheDebateChamp 7 years ago
The most generic sense? In health they'll teach you all about sex when you're that young because it's a natural process. I believe that while they're teaching children about sex, they should also mention masturbation because of the benefits it has. It's a natural process, and it should be taught. We teach children about sex, again a natural process, that way they know all about it. Masturbation is no different. We're not just teaching them how it would happen, but also just in general about it. As a general topic. How would this be an insane conclusion? If children have no clue about masturbation, and you were to tell them, they are allowed to make their own conclusions if they'd like too or not. Regardless, any effect on reducing prostate cancer, even if small, is great enough to at least try do to the fact their isn't a cure already. And of course people do it because it feels good, and schools realize that kids will do it anyway. So why not teach them the benefits that can come from it as well, and not just say "hey yeah it feels nice". In no way does it disrupt our educational system, it would take less than a week and would fit nicely when mentioning things such as sex. Masturbation is useful in life, again. Since most people do masturbate and aren't aware of these benefits, it should be taught. There are no harms that come from this.
Posted by mmadderom 7 years ago
"Masturbation is a natural process of life for a majority of males and females"

Assuming this is true, then obviously it doesn't have to be 'taught'.

"we do a disservice to them by not helping them better understand all that comes with masturbation."

so you believe that 'teaching' masturbation to 11 year olds on the basis that it -might- have a small effect on prostrate cancer will 'help them understand the benefits' of playing with themselves? Insane conclusion.

Why does an 11 (or 12 or 13 or 55) year old person masturbate? Because it feels good! NOBODY does it because of some perceived health benefits.

Since you believe masturbation is 'natural' and since no 11 year old does ANYTHING based on what it might mean 50 years down the road, these arguments to disrupt our education system by teaching sex topics to 11 year old children are ridiculous.

How about we concentrate on teaching them usable things like, oh, say, reading, writing, and arithmetic instead of determining a set age that children need to be 'taught' something you yourself deem is 'natural'?

It's NOT the schools place to teach sex related topics other than in the most generic sense.
Posted by MaxTheDebateChamp 7 years ago
Yeah that was a pretty dumb argument. Considering it's just teaching about it, not enforcing, it wouldn't increase desire of sexuality, it'd just increase desire of masturbating.
Posted by ArcTImes 7 years ago
I masturbate since I had 4. I'm now 22 and I don't have babies.
I know that's not a proof, but I think there are no evidence of that happening.
And I learned about masturbation accidentally. I was playing and... well, it felt good.
I learned how it was called in school, in a class, years after i was doing it.

And porn is not bad either.
Posted by DeletedUser 7 years ago
It would as harmful as to much porn. In some teens it might even raise the sexual desire and lead to more 11 year olds having babies.
Posted by MaxTheDebateChamp 7 years ago
If that's what you'd like to do. I think it'd be interesting, so yeah.
Posted by ArcTImes 7 years ago
I'm against the resolution but not because teaching masturbation would be harmful. Can't I just accept to disprove?
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