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Maths and Science should be an elective subject in highschool

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Started: 10/11/2018 Category: Education
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I think that Maths and Science should be an elective subject in high school. Because in reality most of the students who are not even interested in that subject should waste years of their life to learn that just to get good scores.

Students should be able to pick wheter they want the additional Maths and Science class or not so the ones who are really interested in that subject could still learn it and the ones who not wouldn't have to waste their time just to do so.


First of all I want to expand on your point about how you say that these subjects are a "waste" of "years".

Despite wanting to further your knowledge about other subjects and topic it is still important that you learn subjects such as Maths or Science, Not for the purpose of getting good results but for the purpose of expanding your knowledge, You shouldn't disregard the fact that getting these grades (bad or good) will help you out later in life when getting jobs as it shows you can be skilled over a large area of subjects.

From my own personal experience I went through all of my school life not liking either of the subjects but I chose to accept them as I don't want to be intellectually behind everyone else in all aspects, Eventually I found a love for science and is what I currently study.

Science is a subject that I believe everyone should have knowledge about to a certain extent and if students, Like my self, Want to pursue this then can choose to go and do further science.

My final point is that if you were to narrow down your subjects to a select few then you would complete the course very quickly and then just spend most of your time recapping things your already know when you could be using this time to learn about something that could answer a few questions you may have about the world and how things work.
For example if you were taking a walk outside and you looked at a plant, If you had never chose to learn science you'd have no idea about how you're most likely looking at a small battlefield of plants trying to get the most of what it needs to out grow it's competitors, You wouldn't know about how it makes food and what it is made of and you wouldn't know how it mutates in such ways that give it advantages over others. The point I'm trying to make is that it is good to know about these things so if the time were ever to come where you get an amazing opportunity then you could harness the skills and knowledge you have acquired to maximise your outcome.

I'd love to hear your side of the argument :D
Debate Round No. 1


I understand your point and that is true. And that's why I emphasize this on high school because we basically already learned the basic things in elementary school.

I do agree that Maths and Science are as important as other subjects. You first learned common knowledge such as addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and division and that is important while in science you learned about human and animal's body parts (and organ), Structure of plants, Reproduction, Sources of energy and basic things about oxygen, Carbondioxide etc-.

Meanwhile in high school in Maths you'll just learn about algebra, Sincostan and things like that. Science as well you'll need to memorize all these formulas and periodic table which most of us don't really use for common work (why would a cashier, Waiter, Business man and many more memorize the periodic table? ) and would spend nights trying to memorize it causing more students to be stressed out.

We spend a normal of 3 years in senior high and with Maths and Science to be an elective subject so some students still can consider if they want to pursue to Science or Maths (architecture, Tech, Doctor, -). I think that we already learned enough basic knowledge in elementary and junior high and if some students wanted to pursue to learn about Maths and Science more deeper they can choose them for the elective subject.

It's not about narrowing down the subject, But even if you do complete the course quickly, Then you would have more time to do something you're actually interested in rather than memorising the things that you probably won't use (or, Not "wasting" your time). An example, A wanted to be a musician. Rather than spending his time on memorizing the algebratic formula, He could spend his time to practice and improve himself on something that he is interested in and he will remember it. When we learn about something we are genuinely interested in, We would want to find out new things about it, More new information to help us know more so we won't just learn something we already know.

If A wanted to be a musician, Why would he go out and see a beautiful plant and think like, "I wonder how these chromosomes mutates into this plant? " Instead he would probably think more like "Oh wow, That's one beautiful plant. " Just like that. If he really wanted to know about the answer to the first question he could just google it. That's why we have the internet rather than he had to desperately try to memorize those things because the burden of having a good score also. And don't forget the fact that actually alot of students just already forget all about it after the test.

And yea, That's my opinion on it :)


Despite learning the basics in elementary school you can not ignore that fact that (assuming you live in America due to the language you use) America is very much behind compared to other countries in these subjects and in order to set up a bright future and give the next generation a push for the next step it is essential that we all get taught this to reduce chance of going backwards.

You need to remember that in high school most kids are still unsure of what they want to do and by putting more pressure on them to choose their whole carrier path early on is very stressful and will result in an increase of students dropping out of their first chosen subjects leaving them behind others.

You need to remember that school is a very small portion of life compared to the whole working time. In reference to your example with the musician there is no reason why if he really wanted to spend his time improving his skills he could do it at home. The course it set up so that pupils can run through the whole course learning all they need to know for the test in time or before they actually take it, So we can exclude time from the argument (homework is a whole other discussion).

In your last paragraph you emphasize that people are "desperately" trying to memorize things to get a good score. Little effort is needed to get a pass in any subject and if you know that the subject is not what you want to pursue then why is the point in putting a "burden" on yourself to try and get above a pass. Just by learning other subjects it does not mean it will but more pressure and hold back the subjects that your want to do in life e. G music

I'll pass it to you I gotta go for now
Debate Round No. 2


And in what case does forcing a child memorize equations and formulas is going to make the country more advanced? Or at least make the students have a bright future? According to forbes. Com there is a 82% fail rate during high school Algebra exams which is, Then again, Maths. Does the students that failed in these subjects look like they're set up a bright future for you? Well, It depends on the kid but for most of them, I don't think so.

Kids are unsure about what they want to do and that's why the education system shall give them the time and freedom to figure it out. And eventually they will find something they're interested in. And in what way does freedom stresses you out? You're free to do anything you want even if you don't know what you want, But you are not forced to pick what you want. If that makes sense to you.

There is a reason why people wants to get better, Or else, Why would they even bother to do it in the first place?

Now, Why not we change Maths and Science to Music and Cooking. Students need to learn Music theory and different Cooking methods to pass their test. Students will ask, Why do we need to learn this? And people will answer "because you will use it for your daily life" (and the are interested in architecture, Chemicals-). For the person who is not good in Music and Cooking wouldn't they be stressed out?

But why is it that Music and Cooking is an elective subject and not Maths and Science? Because they are more important? Because we use it in our everyday life? Well Music and Cooking are used in daily life aswell, Maybe even everday. The same thing. Students who are not interested in Maths will be stressed out learning Maths and students who are not interested in Music will be stressed out learning Music.

"Little effort is needed to get a pass in any subject"? Maybe, Yes. But the problem is not about themselves, It's about the people around them. Parents burden them to have a good score expecially for Maths and Science because thay considered it to be more important. Teachers who are not satisfied with the score you got and pushes you to do better next time, And that kind of things burden themselves. Time is not unlimited that's why we'd rather not use it on something we will later forget about.

Your turn. . .
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Block19 3 days ago
No, I can honestly say that without people food would be pointless.
Posted by missmedic 3 days ago
https://www. Intellectualtakeout. Org/article/paglia-dumbing-down-america-began-public-schools
Posted by missmedic 3 days ago
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 2015 Programme for International Student Assessment, Ranked America 40 of 72 in mathematics, 25 of 72 in science, 24 of 72 in reading
Posted by catdog33233 4 days ago
If we didn't teach science there would be more christians
Posted by Sxpient 4 days ago
I didn't say you can't I just believe the comparison is unfair. We rely on food to live but yet we can argue we're still more important than food. In your sense food is more important than us.
Posted by Block19 4 days ago
I believe you can, Due solely to the fact that math does not rely of science for anything. However science uses math for most things. Also math goes beyond the boundaries of science.
Posted by Sxpient 4 days ago
Science and maths are very closely linked in aspects such as probability, Numerical variables such as temperature and even in physics. Parts of science wouldn't exist without maths, But I don't think a comparison between them is fair as they focus on a lot of different things making me believe that neither is more important than the other
Posted by Block19 4 days ago
Can you have science without math? I would argue that math is more important than science.
Posted by PointProven 4 days ago
Say what you want about math, But don't talk shitt about science. Fuking pleb
Posted by canis 4 days ago
If maths and science is "impossible". . Do not go to highschool. .
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