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Maximum happiness without the condition of limits is possible

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Started: 9/18/2016 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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It is a mere natural world, just an Earthly reality. Happiness on a supernatural level is beyond natural and impossible, so much as to a maximum degree.


On seeing this title I intially immediatly thought of Buddhism, where the enlightment, the state of nirvana, a state of being or state of consciousness is the ultimate hapiness and the ultimate goal of a being trough the accumulation of many lifes.
Yes I think it is possible. If we regard hapiness as a state of being instead of something gained trough materialistic desires.
It becomes a mere choice and is completly up to the individual as to what thought train he should take. For this round I won't touch supernatural as this quite illusive to talk about in my opinion. In our very dualistic nature there are only two choices we can make at any given time which is love or fear. When we choose fear we are unhappy giving away our own thinking, desires and choices to some one else, if we chose love, we chose to think for ourself, empower ourself and choose happiness. When they say that a man who feels the world is in its way is only in its own way is completely true, meaning the only limits there are are those imposed on self, not talking about levitation or such things. But in our reality we can accomplish anything if we so desire to give it our maximum. Not saying this doesn't go without trial and error. Hapiness is a choice of staying unaffected by whatever happens to someone. For example. In the west it is quite normal for us to cry and mourn for the loss of a person who died. In the east such as India it is quite normal for people to celebrate their life and have a party at their funeral. For this round, I will leave it to this. You can sit and sob or you can say I don't care I'm making the best of it and I choose to be happy(engaging in the present). In order to do this buddhism comes in to teach us about the present being focussed on whats going on now and being centered, not getting carried away by emotion and depending on oneself and nothing external. Though envoirment and relations can affect it is up to the individual as to how much one allows oneself to be affected. If you want to be happy, teach yourself happiness, train your mind and train your heart. Act out of love and compassion, be selfless and unaffected. A wise man mourns for neither the living nor the dead. Suffering is universal, but why does one suffer? Cause the person is engaged in fawlty thoughts, or actions or desires that only lead to unfulfillment. Solomon says know thyself.
All thoughts are either past or future oriented. Reason why in meditation one focusses to come to the point of silence.
So engaging in the present means letting go of your thoughts.
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Pain is a regular if not constantly happening with all the aches going through life. You cannot be emotionally happy while you are experiencing an ache or pain. Pain comes in the way of being emotionally happy. Unless there isn't pain even so much as a quantitive amount of happiness cannot be attained. Would a "soul" be the way, where there isn't a natural body? Is there something else? Something where there is still emotion or experiencing?

Impossible. I will not become something different to a human body which endures this way of being where there is pain interrupting happiness AND is uncomfortable, or where there isn't feeling emotional or "high" regularly.
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Posted by canis 2 years ago
I hate "maximun happiness"..I do not want to be "maximun happy"...I want to feel "pist"..And not limet my self by happiness...
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