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Med-tech or not?

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Started: 4/12/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Medical technology is very important for society, as it helps increase our life span. We can innovate new equipment or machinery to avoid fatal deaths and treat new or old diseases.


"Medical technology is very important for society".

The greatest problem facing mankind and the environment is undoubtedly overpopulation.

The primary cause of excessive population growth, is the continuing advancement of medical technology and medical knowledge.

Medical technology simply facilitates the instinctive desire for survival and the selfish desire for immortality.

Maybe sooner rather than later, I fear the price of this selfishness will ultimately be world conflict, war, destruction and death on a mass scale.

No. I think medical technology is not very important.

I think ultimately medical technology will be very counterproductive.
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Posted by sboss18 3 years ago
What exactly are you debating here?
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