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Media is harming people's thoughts

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Started: 11/11/2013 Category: Technology
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The media is doing much more than "entertaining." It's brainwashing!


Well, I accept. The media is not harmful to people's thoughts.
Debate Round No. 1


The media is brainwashing todays society, with inappropriate television shows. More and more people are growing up listening to the media and not understanding what they should.


What exactly should be deemed as 'inappropriate'? And what exactly should people be understanding in the world?

Whether or not it is inappropriate isn't truly important, anyway. The news has murder, child molestation, and terrorism playing everyday. Is that appropriate? Should people not know it's happening merely because it's 'inappropriate' to other viewers? The media is not brainwashing people. It does not tell us what to think, but rather, what to think ABOUT. And it is not brainwashing if the person chooses to watch the program.

Many people watching those music awards some time ago were appalled by Miley, not impressed or ready to mimic her. The media may INFLUENCE our thoughts, but it does not HARM them.
Debate Round No. 2


I am talking about the horrible media proclaiming what is "beautiful." People are watching what the image of beauty is. But the people that are making the image is the media. Beauty products with women that are "perfect." Advertisers not caring what they are doing to todays society and are only thinking about how to make more money. They are brainwashing people by telling them what is beautiful. More and more young women are becoming victims. It seems like the media is being controlling. Disordered eating, low self-esteem and suicidal actions are becoming more accustom in young girls. Someone needs to speak up for them and show the world that there is a problem going on.


So is it only the girls you wish to speak up for? Not for the scrawny boys picked on in locker rooms or the trans/gender/sexual kids? Are girls the only ones with eating disorders and self destructive behavior? The answer is a resounding 'no'. They make up the majority, but the minority is important as well. Or.. Are those people irrelevant to the conversation, merely because they are not female?


Merriam Webster defines the word as:

-the quality of being physically attractive.

-the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind.

This world is about supply and demand. If the version of beauty currently in the world is 'skin and bone', then I'm afraid that IS what it is. Such images are not harmful to 'people's thoughts'. In fact, to harm an intangible thing seems relatively impossible. How does one harm a thought? By beating it into oblivion with an imaginary baseball bat of doom?

If a girl/boy/other of our generation does not like the way beauty is perceived, they should do something about it. It is not the media's fault if people starve themselves because they want to be 'beautiful'. It is their own. They could easily turn off the television. They could easily hold their heads up high and know that beauty comes in many different forms. If wearing hot dogs on our heads suddenly became 'fashionable' I wouldn't partake in it even if it was in commercials, because I would know that it was silly. Again, I repeat, it is not the media's fault. It is up to the viewer on what they watch. They should also realize where the road to reality ends, and the road to make believe begins.
Debate Round No. 3
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