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Melee is better than Brawl

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Started: 7/15/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is about the Super Smash Brothers (SSB) video game series. I will be arguing that Melee (SSBM) is a superior game over Brawl (SSBB). The original and Wii U version are not up for debate. Please try to give as many reasons as you can in the first response, the next 2 rounds will be discussing the merits of the first response. READY, GO!

Here are my reasons as to why Melee is better than Brawl:
1. Melee allows for both fun casual play and serious competition.
1a. Brawl feels like it has been slowed down in favor of casual play over competitiveness. It alienated its fans for the sake of a broader audience.
1b. In Brawl, characters run slower and when knocked up float down like dainty petals in the wind. This makes it difficult for competition because the character movements can't keep up with the speed of the fingers.
2. Brawl introduced needless features into combat that most people hate, namely:
2a. The smash ball, most people I know just turn it off.
2b. TRIPPING IS BS; I'm trying to fight, when I run I don't want to worry about falling flat on my face for no reason!
3. Melee has a fairly reasonable tier system/balance, but with Brawl this is not the case! Meta Knight, nuff said.
3a. I'll never forgive Brawl for nerfing Sheik and Marth! I had high hopes for Olimar, but he's crap too!
4. Did Nintendo really think anyone wanted to play Brawl on the Wii-mote? Melee was made for the Game Cube, the essence of SSB is in the Game Cube. The Wii wishes it was made for Brawl.

To summarize; Melee has soul; Brawl took the fun of Melee out, and added stupid stuff. Brawl is a watered down version of Melee. And I could probably beat you 1v1 in Melee.


I accept this debate. Allow me to answer your arguments in turn
1. Brawl has both casual and competitive ways to play. That's why there are professional brawl players and no professional melee players
1a. Brawl is not slow at all. The other day I lost track of where I was because the fight was so chaotic
1b. Characters are not slower (in relation to each other). Some are floaty but that is just one of their weaknesses as a character. To name some non floaty characters: falco, ganondorf, bowser, fox, wolf, ice climbers, Marth, Ike, meta knight, snake, the list goes on.
2a. The smash ball is completely optional. It's there in case anyone wants it. I never played with items on any of the ssbs anyway. Everyone once in a while I play with people who want to spice the game with a smash ball or other items.
2b. Granted prat falls suck. No getting around that one
3. Meta knight seems op but he has a weakness: he's really light. Meta knight is a pro character because he has good save moves, he's fast, and he can combo attacks. He takes skill to handle correctly. Any pro can make a good character look op.
3a. Sheik was never that good as a whole (her down and up smashes are good though) and both Marth and olimar are pro characters which makes them not really nerfed at all.
4. I for one enjoy the wii remote. It's not that hard to use. The nice thing about the wii is that you can use GameCube controllers for almost any wii game which makes complaining about the wii remote for brawl completely pointless. Lastly you are wrong to assert that the essence of ssb is in the GameCube. You are wrong. The essence of ssb is in the Nintendo 64.
Debate Round No. 1


In the first round you were suppose to give your own reasons why Brawl is better, not directly counter my points. But since this is where we are I'll roll with it.

To say there are no professional Melee players is patently false. This is a link that lists 15 professional melee players and shows tourney footage: I think it aids my point that even though Brawl is the newest edition there is still a large Melee following 13 years after release. If Brawl truly was better, everyone would have gone with the "upgrade".

You probably lost track of yourself in that battle because that "chaos" you describe is due to all the needless flash. This comment interests me: "Characters are not slower (in relation to each other)." Is this a tacit admission that when comparing the games the characters in Brawl are slower?

You contradict yourself at one point, of the characters you list as "non floaty" meta knight is on the list, but later in your argument you describe meta knight as "light". How can a light champ with the ability to fly not be considered floaty?

Sheik was never good??? In Melee she is top tier. I own as Sheik.

I'll admit because you don't have to use the Wii mote or Smash Ball the point is moot, but they are still both stupid. In regards to the essence of SSB, the N64 may have been the original but Melee was an improvement in every way, if a sequel is better than the original it's because it embodies and improves what made the original fun. In my opinion Brawl fails to take the title of best SSB from Melee.

In reading the comments TheDebateWinner mentions that it is harder to die, which adds to my point that the game moved away from competitiveness towards casual. Noobs hate dying, competitive players know death is part of the game and skill comes in the speed of the draw. Although I"ll concede his point about character originality, Melee has too many blatant clones.


sillaf27 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Because my opponent FF the round I'm just gonna leave this here.


sillaf27 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Bennett91 7 years ago
Does Con FF?
Posted by TheDebateWinner 7 years ago
Also you can play with gamecube controllers on the Wii. I do that.
Posted by TheDebateWinner 7 years ago
Saying that Olimar is bad is akin to admitting that you have never put effort into getting good with Olimar. Superior range, powerful and fast smashes, a strong projectile that can also shield you, and passable aerials leave only a variable recovery as a weakness. And Meta Knight is extremely good. But so are the Ice Climbers, Olimar, Diddy, Snake, Marth, Pikachu, Falco, Zero-Suit. People even play pro-level pokemon trainer, captain falcon, etc. Have you ever heard of the meme "1v1 Fox Final Destination"? Fox and Falco far surpass most melee players. Only Marth, Sheik and Puff can compete.

Nerfing Marth? Have you played Brawl? If anyone, complain about Puff being nerfed.

Brawl is more tactics based. Sure, you can obliterate someone in melee in 5 seconds with an unstoppable combo, but that doesn't make the game better. Brawl is more defensively oriented, is all.

Tripping sucks, we can all agree.

Brawl has a wider variety of character that actually feel unique. In Melee the characters feel less diverse in term of both numbers and skillsets. Pichu? Dr. Mario? Young Link? Total lack of creativity.

Brawl has a more complete storymode as well, and the added items and effects make the game more fun for people who enjoy that stuff. I personally don't, but that's why I turn it off.

Characters seem to be harder to kill in brawl as well, which I like. No, I don't like getting killed by Marth c-stick at 30%, or Rest at 5%.

Melee is a great game. But it is not definitively superior to brawl.

PS - Wavedashing is obnoxious
Posted by Irrelevance 7 years ago
When I was young (I am 15 now) I played Melee on my cousin's gamecube occasionally. In about 2003 (My brother was older, you wouldn't give a 4 year old a console on their own) I got my PS2, so apart from my GBA SP which is working, fully charged and still being played to date, I missed Nintendo hugely. Obviously, being a child at its release I got a Nintendo wii. Brawl was one of my first games, from loving melee, and it is my favourite game on the wii, and also my friends' favourite. I wish I could go back to melee, as I didn't notice the difference apart from missing characters, and I much prefer the gamecube's perfect controller. God I miss that game. Because of this I am unable to debate here.
Posted by Preston 7 years ago
I have never lost as Olimar, the trick is to use power moves at a distance, because he will actually shoot his minions giving long range power attacks. he is OP!
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Reasons for voting decision: There seemed to be a lot of points of contention, and I'm sad to see it play out this way, especially since I'm a fan on both games. I think there's good and bad in each, and not seeing any contentions by Con was just disappointing. Given his rebuttals, I don't think any of them showcase a strong benefit to Brawl that doesn't exist in Melee. In fact, he admits that tripping is just annoying, and that makes it a definitive harm that shows Brawl is worse. In several cases, especially when it comes to competitive play, he's just plain wrong. Ergo, even without the forfeits, I would have voted Pro. Conduct goes to Pro for the forfeits. Sources go Pro because he's the only one that had any.

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