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Men V/S Women (who is better?)

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Started: 1/31/2014 Category: People
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Boys are always better than girls in every thing . For ex. physically . For election seats are reserved for women then also men are more in politics .

Why are women given more opportunities like reservastion of seats in buses , reservation for seats for jobs etc...?

Both men and women are given equal opportunity then also there are more men in every fields of work . For ex navies , armies etc ....

In games such as cricket , football , rugby . There are never men v/s women as they know that men are physically more strong .

Gimme a replay.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I am a man, but i'm not on either side of this, I'm just here to prove equality

1. Women have to do a lot of stuff, like give birth, clean the house etc.

2. Women do a lot for us guys to, they go out of their way to try to make us like them

3. Yes, men are typically stronger. But women have to be pretty strong to give birth

Neither is better than the other, they are both equal
Debate Round No. 1


Whoa ....... I think so you have not read the topic well .... and my opinion also ...... you are saying that gender equality ..... well i am not refusing as its a good thing , but you may read my opinion that why are girls given more opportunities ... ex . reservation of seats .......... then where is gender equality now? . And if you asking about cleaning and all that home stuff , then i a may tell you in America there is book named as 'THE DADDY SHIFT" which says that men do the same work that women those like cleaning . And if you want to discuss about birth , then there is not only women who is important , there are men also who are the same important for birth.


As men it is our civic duty to show kindness to women, ex. Give up our seats, take off their coats, etc. "and if you want to discuss about birth, then there is not only women who is important, there are men who are the same important for birth" that's what you said, well, here's news, who has to give birth? The women! I know how birth works, i know that a man contributes, but the woman has to physically give birth!

To say men are better than women is sexist and rude, any gentlemen would respect the fact that we are supposed to open the door for women instead of saying were better than them.
Debate Round No. 2


First of all Russian , the topic isn't about Gender Equality . So , please stick to the topic . Secondly , you are saying about giving respect to girls , this is not also related to the topic and please explain what's the meaning of "take off their coats".

And now to stretch the topic , the real meaning of this debate (topic) is Men v/s Women , it's not gender equality . And if you do not agree to the topic then why have you participated .

The sense in this topic is this , "In which things are women better than men ?". Plain and simple . You are continuously speaking about gender equality which makes no sense to the topic .

As I may remind you that the first rule of debate is "STICK TO THE TOPIC" and if you do not agree , do not participate . SIMPLE !

Now if you want to continue this debate , then , STICK TO THE TOPIC....!!!!!!


Im participating because you are obviously sexist, if you weren't, you wouldn't have made this debate, saying men v/s women sounds like something a preschooler would argue about, we as men couldn't survive without women, making a debate on which is better is SEXIST, a sexist is someone who discriminates or devides another person for their gender, so when you say men are better than women, that is sexist and rude.
Debate Round No. 3


Comeon Russian cant't you understand one simple thing . Just say in what ways are women better than men . That's the topic.

And you have'nt proven it till now . So , as you were attacking and you haven't said something in which the women are better than men . So , I am left with nothing to counter back . So , ultimately I won this debate .

And at last but not least , I am not against women , its the sense in the topic which made me against , so if any women agrees with me , PLEASE VOTE for me .........!!!!!!!!!!!!

And good luck Russian for your future debates ........ :)


You ultimately won the sexist challenge if thats what you mean.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Russian 5 years ago
Thanks for not voting one time.
Posted by NarutoUzamaki 5 years ago
Sasuke so weak he could not even take down killer bee
Posted by NarutoUzamaki 5 years ago
Sasuke sucks Naruto Uzmaki is better
Posted by H4writer98 5 years ago
The answer is simple. Neither. Men have their skills and women have theirs. Both sexs have developed over time. Men used to go out and hunt to feed the family while the women stayed back to clean, work, mind the children. Today, women go out to make money as well as men. They also stay at home and mind children, as do men. Women do give birth which is very painful but that doesn't mean their better than men.
Posted by Capperson 5 years ago
Russian's #3 point in round 1 is golden. We all know how painful giving birth to a child is; some woman actually die when giving birth... so woman who survive pregnancy are pretty strong...yep!

I agree with Jack225's first sentence! Russian may try any technique, provided that in the end, his goal would be to prove Haidarali wrong.

Good luck to both of you.
Posted by jacky225 5 years ago
Con's only job is to prove that you are incorrect. He can do this in any way as long as he proves that men are NOT superior then women. The same goes for Pro. You must prove that men are undeniably superior then woman, even if by a little amount. Also when you refer to something you should quote it as fact, not leave the reader assuming you are right, because you can be considered subjective. Lastly I know pro will need all the support in the world to not look like an fool. So when mentioning the things woman need, do not mention circumstantial things like the OPTION to hold the door for a female, because men are not legally obligated to do so, it is simply a cultural thing that can be ignored. Mention relevant things such as how of 2 equally qualified people a woman would be chosen over a male due to the fact our society believe they need to equalize the ammount of woman in the workforce, or how the educational system has shifted towards teaching woman more effectively resulting in males scoring test scores lower then females and that females need a handicap. Personally I agree with russians point of view, but Id like to see what can become of this debate.
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Reasons for voting decision: Con conceded. Con also went off topic he could have stated many points how women are better.