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Mental Health is an issue within our education system

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Started: 9/9/2016 Category: Education
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In my opinion, the American education system is negatively impacting the mental health of students within the past decade. I make this claim based on 3 primary premises, the amount of homework given, the lack of support/education pertaining to mental illnesses and, the pressures of standardized tests. These main components of the American education system is causing too much stress on the students and without the proper resources and tools to help the students cope, it is causing a rise in mental health issues.


In this debate, I will prove that my opponent's statements are incorrect. Both myself and my wife are teachers...her at the elementary level and myself at the middle and high school. My arguments in this debate will come from our experiences as well as other credible sources.

I will quickly discuss the three statements that my opponent has mentioned as a basis for her argument. My opponent states that the amount of homework given has increased over the last decade. I remember being in elementary school having about two or three hours of homework a night. I can guarantee you that none of the students at our school has that much homework each night. Secondly, there is not very much pressure in regards to standardized tests. Yes, there is more of a push for results on standardized tests, but the pressure is being felt by the teaching staff, not the students. In fact, our school has set up programs over the last year to try to motivate students to take these tests more seriously. Even many high school seniors who are trying to get into college do not stress over taking tests like the ACT. I have seen very few cases where students are "stressing out" over a standardized test. To discuss the third topic in regard to mental illnesses, I will need my opponent to explain further as to what in particular they are referring to. I will provide more arguments and sources in the following rounds.
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