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Mental hosptal doctor (con) vs anti-mental hospital criminal (pro) rap battle

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Started: 7/18/2016 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Opening statement: Since stereotypically, most blacks and whites hate the word "bro" -- my opponent must pretend to hate the word "bro" :D.

Check my style out, broses and sisses
You're listening to the one Latino bro rapping in the house
Giving a shoutout to all my bros and sisses out West, in California
Check my style out

To hell with the mental hospital system
It's about time for me to bust some heads
Talking about how types that think differently are crazy
You get one in the teeth if you try to mess with me
Trying to drug up a Latino, Latina, bro and sis
Try to drug me and you'll end up with a fist
to your face, all beaten and bruised
And better yet *gunshots* blasted by my two
Society tries to oppress us "crazies" (the quote is what they call us)
Trying to lock us "differentg thinkers" like me
Beaten with a hard, stone pole
And then dug up in a sufficating hole
Or better yet I can drug you up
DO to you what the hell you've done to us
Wanna talk crap about us while you work?
Prepare to end up beaten and drugged like dirt
Sis (I insult the mental hospital male doctor's lack of masculinity), what are you'se fruitcakes and fagg#ts
Always talking all feminine and acting like you like some head
It's about time we bust war on these scumbag
These fruticakes, these homos and f#gs


Yo yo, let's get this started!

[Beat starts]

Serve my booze in twos as I schmooze on this cruise what to lose

I'll ooze in his shoes and abuse his bruise with transfuse

My scrubs have more views than The View's interviews I'm prime-news

When I'll put him to his snooze you'll jump your seats like Tom Cruise

I shoot loot up my snoot like a medical recruit from Beirut I'm astute

Eyes dilute but no dispute his lines are moot and mute know the tree from the fruit

My shadows loom on his room I'm the doom and gloom of this you know whom

They presume they're like Hume or Messiahs out there tomb before we put them in costume

I admit as chief of staff this kid's riffraff make all of us laugh

One day a Latino gangster second day a giraffe

His brain is a quitter gave up on his spark transmitter

There's no gas spitter or emitter, if you open his head it's crickets and glitter

This quack's duck meat easy to beat as he can't take the heat

He can't cheat us with deceit we know his mind's obsolete like a cul-de-sac street

This b!tch no Einstein he's the offspring Charlie Manson and El Chapo would have had

Not every madman is a genius and Adam's proof of that

This wacko pocho mojado tomato-picker sexican wet-back construction burrito

Is so light-headed he fainted when he head-butted a mosquito

If it's Sanchez or Chavez or Francaises who cares

When you serve me my taco don't forget the mayonnaise

You'll be the doctor's' kitchen b!tch and scratch our every itch when I tell you which

It doesn't matter what you call us when you're madder than a Wiccan witch

You call us "bros" and then call us "f@ggots" then you're nothing but our b!tch

And I'm more psychopathic than you are but the difference is madness made me dominant and rich

I'll snatch your d!ck out and keep it stuffed in your mouth until it ejaculates spit

I'll make animal balloons of your intestines and confetti with the stomach skin I have slit

And kick you so hard with my iron-toe boots till your ribs start to split

The kink in it is I'll be kickin your a55 and make you love me kickin it.
Debate Round No. 1


Serve you booze in twos as you schmooze on this cruise what to lose?
Bro, I shot and dozed you with a bag or two
Saying that I'm nothing but your bitch
But yet, bro, you took a nice giant sniff
of the hardest, stimulant pack of drugs
You got drugged by the hardest freaking thug
My style is wicked, sneaky like a demon
When you get through with me, your mind will be done
So you think I'm madder than a Wiccan witch?
At least I'm not the one who got drugged like a snitch
talking all kinda incoherent crap
You messed around, you were put on BLAST
You Arabs camel jocks like to claim you're tough
Come to Puerto Rico, I'll show what's truly rough
Arabs and Africans like to show off and talk
To that I just sneer, cause every Boricua has truly faught
Cause a real Puerto Rican will beat you up, pendejo
We're the most vicious pack of killers and druggers, bro
I could care less that you love "Seinfeld" like me
Bring your "bro"-hating antics, and get one in your teeth
The "bro"-saying Rivera in the house
Try to drug me up, you get trapped like a mouse
I ain't no Guzman, or Lopez or Visigoth
I'm so Rivera, I was given head by your ma


Yo yo, hear me out!

We doctors are insiders and stockpilers we don't need drug providers we provide outsiders

I'm so inside the drug game with free-riders that your mama calls it the dealer when I'm deep inside her's

You are so beta male and cuckold I can make you my wingman like Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite

Use your mouth like an ashtray for my Cuban cigars and so in more than one way have a commie served right

Your brothers' names are Hose A and Hose B and they live in Home Depot behind the christmas tree

You all smell like pee and piss-tea with some exquisite scent of a fresh amputee covered in brie

Jesus was born in my Arab neighborhood as there is no virgin Mary in Puerto Rico but only Magdelines

Screw your lines

You're so basement dweller that you enjoy your cellar hug your broom and kiss her and smell her

You're like Tony from Broadmoor but an odder fella as to get you out your room we need a roach propeller

It's like another Saw as I go and rip you mo' and mo' with every blow you're the dollar pony in this show

Call me bro you strangled hoe but know that your pain won't go, there's a good reason why your stay is painful and slow

Hide behind your sheeple and catholic steeple and make thug threats to a man who really killed people

This gangster hysteria of gun shootings doesn't work out your area cause b!tch I'm from Lebanon I ain't from Bulgaria

I'll hit you like Malaria cut your swing-belly put the placenta in your mouth so your stomach might hear ya

I've fired many bullets in my wars and settled many scores that the scent of gunpowder reeks from my pores

While you wh0res were on fours in a Banana Republic where even the banana you were holding wasn't yours.

Debate Round No. 2


if you doctors were insiders, you wouldn't be bombed on a regular basis
Drugged up, beaten by hardcore "bro"-saying Latino drug dealers selling the drugs lit
My mother? You couldn't get her even if you tried
She even thinks Frankenstein is more fly
If I'm the beta-male than why do you work in a mental hospital
Nothing but a buncha, never-fought-before faggot liberals
Bro, you ain't got nothing on me
I took every mental hospital doc out there and broke their goddamn teeth
My bros took your daughter and she gave em head
And boy did they give her a good time in bed
Jesus was born in Israel, you dumb nitwit
You mental hospitals can go suck a dick
I play hard than Catherine Tramell
When I'm thru with you you'll end up in Hell
You ain't killed no one, you're a fake punk
Me and my bros and my broish "bro"-saying sis got you snuffed
I could care less than you love "Seinfeld" like me and my gang
You're not but washed up, punk African hags
Who think you can fight
But only in groups cause you can't handle a Latino's might
Whores in the Banana Republic?
Muslim girls are the ones who most love getting dick


Your made-up stories fall on a glance of scrutiny

You’ve not been outside to see our Azkaban security

If you're “bros” can come and get us, you won't be still there with us

Here you go

I just proved your lunity

You continue with this stories when we see your stupidity

I've owned your a55 countless times you have no potential or ability

This is a body-baggin look what Bieber fan you have brought

This is the easiest rap battle I have ever fought

I'm so owning his a55 this is feeling like r@pe

I'm his cell daddy here with one command it is "gape"

And f*ck Muhammad and his Muslims like you b!tches they bend over

I'm Durzi the arch enemy of Islam and soon it's over

Jesus born in Israel at the time it had my Canaanites as well

And the irony is I crucified you here but the afterparty is at hell

Don't give me crap about latino might you know it ain't right

Half the fight is the height and Latinos have no height

And here's a real story to retort

I never ask a Latino for a dollar as I know he's always a little short

You're so short you call minature courts.......courts

I if I buy your pants people will think I bought shorts

But it's good that you're short as it allows you to get rid of your stink

In every washroom you can take a hot bath in the sink

You have two good excuses not to put food on the table and let me tell you each

One is being Puerto Rican the second is because it would be hard to reach

You punch doctors in the teeth? That's an accomplishment how?

I'm a millionaire paid to torture you it's the best job they'd allow

I'm a self-sufficient sadist while you're throwing punches like a Leslie Jones teen

Who's crying that Milo has been acting so mean.

Debate Round No. 3


You like to claim that you're tough real man
But my sis is more of a bro than you, f#g
You like to touch mental patients in the nuts, are you a f#g
My "bro'-saying "Seinfeld"-watching Boricua sis, will kick your's hag
You think you are the toughest mental hospital doctor
But comapred to a real Latino, all you physciatric doctors are cowards
In a real fight I'd snuff you
You can't go without a needle or two
That's cause libs like you got no cojones
We steal your girl cause we're the best
[imitates you] "Yeah mothafucka. You know I'm number 1"
Yeah but yet you can't fight like a man, hun
I'm Adam Rivera the number one bro
You mad becase I'm the one making all the dough

Shoutout to my Latino/a bros all around. And to all the cutie pies, including the ones I stole from my opponent


Yo, yo, let's finish this...

They can tell you're a madman as you keep repeating your lines

You ran out of content from Round 1 and started doing rewinds

It's easy for the voter here to decide as I swept all rounds

I was the only one rapping you f*ckboy was doing monkey sounds

You have no rhythm or structure your last round was the worst

Your puff up like Kirby but before you grow you burst

Your're 50 shades of f@g which is why you jerk to your armpit smell

Then slit your own throat like Charles Manson did in his prison cell

You steal my girl but am a f@g how does that work again?

If I'm into girls then how am I guy who's strictly into men?

Anyone else notice his stories are conflicting in their every component

He has no good insult here except the fact that I agreed to take him as an opponent

He first drugged his doctor when he's the one on the receiving line

Then his “”bros” conquered the place but he still a prisoner and walking in line

Then I'm a f@g into touching men but I have girlfriend that is mine

Everything he says doesn't make sense it's almost biblical-divine

Where saying a lot of stuff in a row is considered good impression

This is a true Catholic... Consider this a confession

He eats Jesus for breakfast with some nutella

Then drink his blood with a caesar so he can chill with the fella

Swiss cheese ain't even as “holy” as his mama

She's such a darling they call her the Latina Michelle Obama

Oh wait, he's a catholic, I get where the molestation references come from

But that's something for him to discuss privately with his mum

The priest almost drowned him when got him baptized

His face was so ugly the man's hands got paralyzed

Like an Earthworm he’s always flexing to eat his a55

It’s like having your cake and eating it for this lass

I'm done with this Puerto potty I can't take it no more

This is so disappointing your dad should have pulled off his wh-re

This b!tch got more butt-hair than the beard of Dumbledore

You bring me such weaklings then accuse me of r@pe

it's the victim fault here and was more a Kim Kardashian tape

As my opponent was willing to take the wood up his drape

Until it was all recorded

Then he felt that he was f*cked and started prancing like an ape.

Debate Round No. 4
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