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Michael Jordan was a better basketball player than LeBron James

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Started: 10/25/2018 Category: Sports
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I think that Michael Jordan was a better basketball player than LeBron James. Some of the reasons I think MJ tops LeBron is going 6-0 in the finals, Winning 5 MVP"s (Should have won the year Barkley got it), His ability to score, His scoring numbers, Etc. Even though I agree that LeBron James is a better basketball player to have on a team, But his 3-8 record in the finals, His miserable series vs the mavericks when he was favored, Getting 4-0 by the spurs, And his scoring stats compared to Jordan.


You post some good arguments there for Jordan and I partially agree with you, But since this is a debate, I'm going to prove that LeBron is better

Lebron has faced tougher competition in the NBA Finals
Lebron James is a better shooter
Lebron is a better passer
Lebron is the more complete defensive player
Lebron is bigger, Stronger, Faster and smarter
James has made everybody better around him
Lebron has made it to a mind-boggling seven straight and counting Finals
Playoff Triple-Doubles The score here is Lebron 18, Jordan 2
Lebron is a different player than Jordan
Lebron plays in a different era
Lebron has had more pressure
Jordan would have a hard time playing today
It took great players around Jordan for him to win, Lebron can single handedly win a game or series

These points all prove that although Jordan was amazing, He played in a different era of basketball and if he went head to head with Lebron today, He would be outplayed

How do you respond to these facts?
Debate Round No. 1


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Debate Round No. 2


Before I start, I would like to apologize for missing my round to debate. I completely forgot about this.

You made some good points about LeBron being better, But I would like to debate some of them with you.
I partially with your first point, As I think Jordan had tough rivals in the finals. He went up against Charles Barkley, The SuperSonics with Kemp, The Jazz with Malone and Stockton, And a good Trail Blazers team. I can see your point, (with the Warriors and Spurs), But the Jazz were likely as good as the 07 spurs, And the Showtime Lakers were still a great team (even though they were older).
To counter your point, Jordan had to play rougher basketball, With harder defense being played with less fouls. LeBron James can get fouls any game he wants to by driving to the basket, Though someone needs to contend him due to how good he is.

Lebron James is a better shooter, But coming into the league he wasn"t, But he had to learn how to shoot better. Also, 2010 present basketball relates has more three point shooting than ever before, While the 90s were more about driving to the hoop, Pick and rolls, Etc.

Michael Jordan is a better overall defensive player, As he has won the Defensive Player of the Year Award while Lebron has never won it. Michael Jordan also averaged an impressive 2. 3 steals per game, While LeBron has 1. 6 steals, And he won't improve that much due to him being in his 30s. Lebron James has. 8 average blocks per game, And Michael Jordan had the same, Though LeBron should be able to get more blocks due to his height and SF position. LeBron James has the height and better physical body, But Michael Jordan played statistically better defense than him.

Lebron is physically stronger, But wouldn"t Shaquille O Neal be the best player if we are going off of the physical body of a basketball player? And how do you know Lebron is smarter than Michael Jordan? If we are talking iq, Michael Jordan supposedly has a 154 iq (you can search Michael Jordan IQ and find it yourself).

Michael Jordan made the finals every year (since 91) when he was there for more than 30 games, Which is 6 in a row. Even though Lebron James has made the finals the last 7 times, He was on a stacked heat roster with Finals MVP Dwyane Wade and All Star Chris Bosh, Then on a team with all star Kyrie Irving and all star Kevin love, Which really helped him. Michael Jordan only had one all star on his team (Pippen), In the first three rings he got.

The Triple Double is a stat that is desired in today"s nba, While in the 90s, Players didn"t jump for rebounds and force passes to get that triple double (evidence of that is Russell Westbrook in his 17 MVP case, Where his centers would let him rebound on free throws and shot without attempting at all).

I don't know what LeBron James playing in a different era has got to do with him being better than Jordan. The 90s was a much more physically type of basketball where Jordan had to earn his points while in todays nba it is a lot more catch and shooting.

LeBron has a lot of pressure because he is supposed to be a great player, And there was great pressure on Jordan too. It might feel to you like LeBron had more pressure because he fails much more than Jordan did. Jordan had to score 25+ points every playoff game, While not having any offensive minded all stars on his team (LeBron has had Dwayne Wade and Kyrie Irving, Who were known for their scoring ability).

How would Jordan have a hard time playing in today"s nba? Your opinion can be easily countered as Jordan would have practiced his shot more and more, Due to the increasing of jump shots in the present NBA. LeBron James going into the NBA was not known as a good shooter, But learned to shoot better throughout his career. Also, Knowing Jordan as a mentally tough player, And his legendary work ethic, He would have likely became much better at shooting the basketball. I think he would have thrived in todays NBA due to the excessive foul calling, And less defensive pressure. Michael Jordan could play physical and get fouls, Or shoot the jump shot uncontended.

LeBron has needed good players to win the finals, Just like Jordan, But Jordan had one reliable all star in his first three finals, While LeBron has had a finals MVP, And two all stars on both of his final teams.

Jordan could also win a series by himself (63 point game, Which is the most points ever scored in a playoff game).

On your comment, You talked about how LeBron James is more clutch than Jordan, Yet LeBron"s performance in the fourth quarter of important games is lackluster to the performance he normally puts out.

On may 7, 1989, Michael Jordan hit a contested mid range buzzer beater to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in a playoff game. He also had 44 points, 9 rebounds, And 6 assists in that game.
On June 14, 1998, Michael Jordan made an 18 foot jumper to beat the Jazz in 6 of the nba finals, With 5. 6 seconds remaining. The bulls got the ball from Michael Jordan stealing the ball from Karl Malone, Which is another clutch play.
On June 16, 1993, Michael Jordan made an and one layup, And made a free throw, With 13 seconds remaining against the Suns in the finals. The bulls would win by 2 points, So the layup he made secured a lead, Yet alone he made it and got fouled. Michael Jordan scored 55 points that game, Which is in the top 10 of most points in a playoff game.
On April 28 and May 1 of 1988, Michael Jordan has two consecutive games of 50 and 55 points against the Cavaliers in the playoffs, Which was never done before.
On June 11, 1997, Michael Jordan hit a three point shot with 25 seconds left to take the lead against the Jazz in the NBA finals. This was his infamous flu game, Though he might have had food poisoning, But that doesnt diminish how amazing it was for him to score 38 points while vomiting the morning of.

Let me give you some of Lebron James" not clutch moments.
Lebron averaging 17. 8 points in the finals against the Mavericks, And having a 3 for 11 game in game 4 (scored 8 points) of the series. Bosh and Dwayne wade both out scored him in that finals.
Lebron James sitting out of the last 4 minutes of a crucial game 1 against the Spurs in the 2014 finals due to cramps. Michael Jordan played while nearly vomiting, While James sat there watching.
These are moments of Lebron needing his teammates to make the clutch shots for him.
In Game 6 of the nba finals (2013), Ray Allen hit a clutch three point shot. If he doesnt make that, Lebron goes 2 for 8 in the finals, With a horrendous 25% of winning the finals while making it there.
In Game 7 of the nba finals (2016), Even though LeBron James made a clutch block, Kyrie Irving made the shot to win the game, A three pointer against Stephen Curry. Making a contested step back three with all the pressure is just as hard but likely harder than using your athletic ability to stride down the court and make a still impressive block.

Jordan has won the scoring title an impressively 10 times (he could have won 2 more during his break from the nba), While LeBron has only had 1 scoring title. Jordan also won 7 consecutive scoring titles as well. It is pretty obvious that Jordan was a better scorer than Lebron, As he also averaged 30. 1 points per game, While LeBron right now is presently around 27/28 points per game, Yet that will decrease when he is older.

I know I wrote a lot, But I put all the information to counter the points you made that I thought were incorrect. Good Luck


FanboyMctroll forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
hold on a sec, Lebron is more clutch than Jordan

2007 East finals: 25 consecutive points vs. Detroit

Game 6 vs. Celtics (2012): The last run of the "Big Three" Celtics ended when James put together a Game 6 performance for the ages and scored 45 points to eliminate his heated rival from the 2012 playoffs

LeBron"s block of Tiago Splitter in the Finals (2013

Playoffs Game 4 buzzer-beater vs. Bulls (2015

The Block NBA Finals (2016): The Warriors had their top scorer, Stephen Curry, And best athlete, Andre Iguodala, Trudging toward the basket in transition offense. None of this mattered after LeBron James erased what could have been a game-changing moment for the Warriors when he tracked down Iguodala and pinned his shot to the backboard, Creating yet another banner moment.

Posted by GuitarSlinger 3 years ago
June 11, 1997 - NBA Finals - Game 5 - Michael Jordan, While sick with the flu, Led the Bulls over the Jazz in game 5 of the Finals. Jordan led all scorers with 38 points in the game, 17 in the 2nd quarter. Bulls win the game 90-88, And go on to win the Championship.

June 14, 2014 - NBA Finals - Game 1 - When the Air Conditioning goes out at the AT&T Center, Lebron James is forced to leave the game early with cramps. San Antonio wins the game 110-95, And go on to win the Championship.

'nuff said. The debate was over before it even started.
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