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Started: 5/27/2021 Category: Society
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Challenge Period
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People have always been able to reveal their feelings, Emotions or ideas through a unique kind of art, Dance. Besides, The act of dancing usually helps performers express themselves, Relax, Entertain, Find inspiration, And simply get lost in the stream of movements. Nowadays, A range of dance styles varies significantly. Moreover, Each artist is eager to express what dance means to them in particular. Steve Paxton, A famous American dancer and choreographer, Created his own approach to dance, Making emphasis on the contact improvisation of dancers.
Considering Paxtons dance performance features, He influenced the sphere of movement arrangement. Having a great background in gymnastics and choreography, Steve focuses his attention not on the established parameters of dance but on such ordinary movements as walking, Running, Jumping, Rolling or falling, Which are not usually considered part of dance vocabulary. Nevertheless, Critics claim that sometimes observing Steve's performances, The audience can feel discomfort due to their simplicity and oddness. However, Researching Paxtons works more profoundly, It was interesting to discover the fact that it is not always obligatory to be proficient in performing various technical feats. The uniqueness of his approach is that dance can be based on simple movements, Danceable by most able-bodied people. The idea that changed my conception of dance canons while discovering Paxtons style of performance is that dance can demonstrate relationships, Which are based on human instincts, Without focusing on any psychological sidetracks.
The most relevant thing about my research of Paxtons contact improvisation approach to dance was to learn that dance art could comprise different forms of performing, Even such unusual as spontaneous physical dialogues. Thus, It was a great experience to see how dancers trust each other being able to work in the state of physical disorientation. Movements of this form of dance cannot be supposed to be wrong ones. Performers correct themselves playing freely.
In the course of my research, I wanted to keep some information as my personal reference. To some extent, I think, Due to its simple movements, It can be irrelevant to consider this form of dance to be art. There exist so many styles that require great preparation and performing difficult movements or even stunts. However, On the other side, It is not so easy to sincerely express oneself through unprepared movements. The dancer should harmonize their physical and emotional awareness.
The research challenged my ideas that I had of dance art before. It was new to me to know that dance can be performed without preliminary preparation but on the spot. Besides, Dancers can rely on their own feelings and instincts performing various movements. The aspect that impressed me the most is that when contact improvisation is performed by two or more dancers, It is vitally important to fully trust each other not to fail. Nevertheless, I have supported my ideas about the meticulous process of dancing. Despite the style and form of a dance, Each performer must know how to reveal the whole range of emotions and feelings through the movements. Moreover, All these movements should be harmonized and balanced so that the dancer is able to draw the audience's attention.
In conclusion, The art of dance is a complex combination of physical and emotional perspectives. Each dancer expresses their own feelings and ideas regardless of the style of dance. Besides, Depending on a style, The main aim of the dance and performed movements can also vary. Steven Paxton, The creator of contact improvisation approach, Skillfully actualizes his ideas of the dance form, Which does not require major technical ability but is performed with a special natural flow of movements.

About author
Monica is the author at https://essaysleader. Com/ten-essential-rules-for-creating-multi-choice-questions/ and she always dreamed of working in this position, Working with texts and new information. After all, Her credo in life is to develop daily in different fields and be an interesting person. She is fluent in three languages and holds a Masters Degree in Philology and Translator, And is also trying to master new fields in order to be knowledgeable in everything.
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Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
Though not a debate, Certainly an interesting read.
Art involves expression, I suppose.
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