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Military enlistment ( to enlist or choose a diffrent option)

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Started: 12/12/2013 Category: Philosophy
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I believe that people should enlist, not just for national security but also as a viable career option. though i also believe that the military is not the best option for every one and that college or tech school let alone straight into the work force would be better for them


People should have the freedom of choosing whether or not to enlist.

This is because:

A) Freedom is vital, even in the military.

B) Forcing people to join the military will make them unhappy.

C) People deserve freedom.

D) The military is a difficult place to be.

E) There are many setbacks in having unenthusiastic soldiers.

F) This was a rule made by the Nazis.

You can also argue that people SHOULD have to enlist in the military.

This is because:

A) People should have a duty to serve their country.

B) People should exercize.

C) This may become necessary in order for a country to become powerful/survive.


Pro provided no arguments. I did not even fully understand his position. Anyway, I hope he will clear up the confusion in the next round.


Debate Round No. 1


I am sorry for the broad argument I made it to see people opinions for a project in school, to clear things up: 1 I meant should enlist as in as an option not in terms of forced enlistment, 2 the argument more specifically is meant to be an argument on what your choice is and why so for example I would choose military enlistment because I believe it is a viable carrier and decent education path even though there is risk, 3 please leave a comment for further dissection please


Pro still provided no arguments. I shall therefore proceed in mine...

A) Military enlistment is not fun.

B) You can possibly die in combat.

C) Guns are unsafe and can cause major damage to your body.

D) People do not like to fight and die.

E) There is always the chance of a mutiny in the army if soldiers[1] become too unhappy.

F) At age 16, you are still too young to die.

G) There is no need for ordinary kiddos to join the armed forces unless China invades.

H) You can always use nukes instead of soldiers.

Debate Round No. 2


the youngest you can enlist is 17 and thats with parental approval and the only way a 17 year old will be seeing duty in the military is in the reseverves or national guard and will not be deloyed unless they've graduated and on top of that most 17 year olds are still in highschool therefore cannot be deployed.
use of nukes insteadof soliders is a bad rap for one because it doesnt just effect that country espeacially if water sources are contaimianted in longer term nuke are bad for everyone not just those blow sky high by the weapon, 2 nuclear warfare is banned by the geneva convetion


Pro has still not really presented any real arguments. He states that he just wants to "talk" about the topic. However I don't think he realizes that DDO is for debating. I will proceed to refute his arguments.

"l and the only way a 17 year old will be seeing duty in the military is in the reseverves or national guard"

There is always a chance that the National Guard/reserves might have to fight in a war. Depends on the global situation.

"2 nuclear warfare is banned by the geneva convetion"

Countries have broken laws written in the Geneva Convention before. In the Geneva Convention, POW's are not allowed to be treated harshly but Japan/Germany killed millions of POW's.

"use of nukes insteadof soliders is a bad rap for one because it doesnt just effect that country espeacially if water sources are contaimianted"

I don't think terrorists would pay much attention to this.


Throughout this debate, I have presented multiple arguments. Pro simply decided to have a discussion. Well he had one, but due to the fact that he presented no real arguments and instead simply responded to mine, I win this debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by LAB28 5 years ago
STALIN, my arguement is not to debate just one topic (military en;listment) i want people to state their opinion of what their choice is for after highschool and why and then argue upon whether their choice is better then military enlistment
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