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Minecraft beats roblox by every point

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Started: 11/25/2013 Category: Games
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Roblox sucks its not even on Xbox to start. The games suck. The multiplayer is stupid. Minecraft you can single or multiplayer. Roblox there are noobs. Minecraft has skills roblox little kids just click on an enemy and rage quit when they die. Also there are online daters and perverts. I would even rather to play GTA. Minecraft teaches you things like sand is used to make glass. The game is not bad it on phone ,Xbox, and pc.
The swords on roblox look ugly and whack.Minecraft has better stuff,but roblox is just a game that likes to copy and accepts any game any model. Roblox gets boring and hard to script and make servers for people to come in. The explosions are weak. There heads look like they were carved from trees. Its a lego lego rip off. Minecraft it does not get boring. Roblox people walk so slow they cant even make a dunk in a hoop. Minecraft players are more nicer. Roblox is a piece of crap. Roblox is a game that was rushed. Roblox makes youpay every time and you have to pay 233-433 bucks.Minecaft s only 20 bucks not so expensive. Minecraft graphics are awesome and you can buy texture. Notch took his time.


I will be playing the role of Devils Advocate.

1. What platform a video game is on DOES NOT make it better than another game, that doesn't even make a lick of sense, I could say mario is better than CoD because its on a Wii U. Anyways, the Minecraft Xbox Edition is lacking in features, a lot of them, and has a very awkward control scheme.

2. Define "sucks" I really doubt roblox draws into the mouth by contracting the muscles of the lip and mouth to make a partial vacuum. Unless im missing something, last time I went on Roblox it was an online gaming platform.

3. Roblox lets you single too, certain games give you the option to play alone.

4. Minecraft has a large share of noobs too, ever played a single crafting server online?

5. The game itself does not have "skill" a non living object cannot posses skill. As for the "little kids" you are under a very false assumption that
A. The entirety of roblox consists of clicking only games
B. The entirety of the roblox community is nothing more than little kids (its not)

6. GTA has NOTHING to do with debate, moot point.

7. Minecraft has its own share of daters and perverts, ever played multiplayer online craft servers?

8. Minecrafts depiction of making glass is false and hilarious, the process is far more complicated, as shown here:

9. Saying minecraft graphics are better than Roblox isn't much of a feat for Minecraft... or really valid.

10. By this logic, you would be saying the Roblox has far more content than Minecraft, which means roblox beats Minecraft by one point.

11. Graphic dictate a game is better, explosions are weak, heads look like trees? Using nitpiks to prove a game is better is just sad.

12. Really, a lego ripoff?

13. Opinion does not dictate mincraft is better, i myself got very bored of minecraft after a month. Appeal to opinion is the oldest fallacy in the book.

14. No really, a lego ripoff?

15. Roblox has been a work in progress for 6+ years, hardly a rushed project considering its still in work.

16. You only pay for what you want in roblox, you dont need that flaming ninja hat and blue demon sword made by some bored 15 year old.

17. Minecraft is almost 30 bucks, I think you need to check again. Thats just misleading Pro.

18. Opinion does not dictate a better game, who are YOU to decide which one has better graphics.

19. Notch didn't make the game alone.


Ok, so now that i've torn that nightmare of an "argument" apart, time for my own counter arguments.

1. Roblox's engine encourages coding to make games, this allows for no namers to make games, and will give them a very basic platform for becoming game programmers.

2. Roblox has more diversity and more creativity, many games are built off of popular games and original stuff too, its fun to see what creative thigns people make, especially with the Roblox market.

3. Roblox is far more fan personally, in Minecraft you are very limited to what you can do, which is building, exploring, and crafting. In roblox you can do far more thanks to the creative minds of the user base with games, offering a farther and more expanded experience than Minecraft.

this is all i have for now, I will await a response, please keep in mind, vote on who DID A BETTER JOB. Not which one you prefer, thats what polls are for.
Debate Round No. 1


Roblox tricks you they want you to pay a lifetime because they want your money. Ad the guest are stupid I saw two kiss. Roblox has a lot of fighting on most serves. And do you know some people on roblox ruin minecraft. Some people like to go over there and cheat and hack. I saw this youtube video that before minecraft had no online daters and people from roblox came and started online dating. Minecraft beated roblox in the rap battle. Minecraft is not so boring. Some parents don't even want there kids to play I saw it on a online site. Minecraft is all yours and your free you have your own admin. Roblox have stupid ideos on youtube and minecraft songs have lots of likes and videos like sky does mine craft and are you saying clay cannot be used to be turned into bricks. Are you also saying roblox teaches you anything. And lets go to the copying part. Roblox copied minecraft. When I played I saw these bricks that was just like the minecraft ones which I do not understand and they never had those bricks before and now installed them are they really trying to copy minecraft. Minecraft also has won an award before. Even people I have met played minecraft.
Five reasons why Minecraft beats roblox
1. Roblox community has been ruined and there has been no complaints about minecraft having bullies if there was there must be a reason
2. Minecraft you are able to instal mods and buildings look better and realistic and easy to do. Roblox is just plain old any model.
3.Roblox is just a game about to other games. Minecraft is a very challenging game which gets players excited
4.Devin said what does Gta have to do with this then why is he talking about Mario and call or duty
5.Roblox is a lego rip off cause its a copy off of legos and how there heads look like a curved shaped thing which cannot even be described. Roblox is too blocky you may minecraft is but its not there are different shapes.

Last but no least spawn killers that kill repeatedly at your spawn and noobs who frs you so they can come in your base to kill

Wikipedia minecraft that's where I found my resource


1. Roblox does not trick you, they themselves DO NOT get involved with other gamers and their content, that being said, because so, any game that has special items that you need to buy is at the fault of the user. Like I said also, you didn't need that blue flaming sword and ninja mask.


3. How do you know robloxers are the ones attacking minecraft, griefers are everywhere. Thats a terrible, false, and unleading accusation with NO EVIDINCE to back it up.

4. Video or it didn't happen.

5. You need a better belt, you're rambling is showing. Anyways, the whole "parents dont want their kids to play it" line is so confusing, what were you talking about? Roblox or Minecraft, and before, you showed no evidince for a claim like that.

6. Minecraft has a fair share of bad videos, the only reason why those "songs" have a large majority of likes is simply due to a large fanbase than roblox has, its an unfair advantage.

7. Free to what?

8. Everything in roblox is created by USERS, if you saw minecraft blocks, it was user named, people are lazy and like to make clones. That is an irrelevant reason.

9. Roblox teaches people coding.

10. Minecraft is marketed as a game. Roblox is marketed as an online community hub, or basically, Roblox isnt in a water where they can get awards, since it isnt marketed as a full fledged game.

11. Even people I met have played roblox.

My previous reasons still stand, as its been showed NONE of them have been countered. My previous rebuttals still stand, for the have no been repaired.

Debate Round No. 2


Dragonduelist forfeited this round.


Well that concludes my argument againt Minecraft beating roblox by ever point.

Please remember, when voting DO NOT VOTE FOR WHICH ONE YOU LIKE MORE, vote for who did a better job debating.

Also people, stop debating in the comments, the notifications keep making my butt vibrate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Capitalism194 5 years ago
I don't mind either game, but i cant vote because i only recently joined this site. learn crap before you talk it.
Posted by Dragonduelist 5 years ago
@Capitalism you hate both games of course and I am right and if he wins why not you vote??
Posted by Capitalism194 5 years ago
Oh gawd, Duellist is such an annoying fanboy. He offers stupid, generic OPINIONS, and even lied about roblox. lol devin wins by a LONG SHOT.
Posted by Dragonduelist 5 years ago
Minecraft wins
Posted by Gohan12345 5 years ago
I already voted so and this is his first debate so he has 0.00% You don't know maybe he might win or maybe you may win
Posted by devin.cooper64 5 years ago
PLEASE Keep in mind that this debate was to prove if Minecraft beats roblox by every point, all I had to do to prove my point is to rebuttal.
Posted by Gohan12345 5 years ago
I wonder who wins
Posted by Aouzy 5 years ago
Why do Minecraft fans feel obligated to attack random games that have nothing to do with Minecraft?
Posted by Dragonduelist 5 years ago
roblox sucks
Posted by Gohan12345 5 years ago
Well roblox does have many noobs that are guest and like I said I am not agreeing with neither but I am just saying duelist is only a little right that guest do spawn kill for some reason. And roblox copys texture I think I saw it in a roblox update and the bricks looked exactly like the minecraft ones you should see my version on why roblox sucks. I did horrible but we are now in the voting period
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Vote Placed by Gohan12345 5 years ago
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Total points awarded:33 
Reasons for voting decision: Well I agreed with most of the stuff dragon duelist says but he needs more details but devin beats him in grammar and resources
Vote Placed by STALIN 5 years ago
Agreed with before the debate:--Vote Checkmark0 points
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Reasons for voting decision: They both suck!