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Minecraft better than Mario Party Nine

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Started: 6/8/2017 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Mario Party Nein is a far superior game because Nintendo has far superior graphics thank those sutpid Mojangers (sorry for my language). Mario Party Nine is a free, sandbox game, whilst Mario Party Nine, is a frickin Set path hecking bad game

Vote 4 me

if you dont vot ur gey


Minecraft is much superior to mario party 9. it Involves a person trying to survive in the wild, batting monsters for his final goal, to destroy a dragon. your game is a sad board game with those super duper "original" mini game with annoying pun titles.
Debate Round No. 1


>A person trying to survive in the wild

Such as a group of four people fighting to get back their lost mini-stars, with nothing but dice on their side?

>Battling monsters for his final goal

There are a total of 14 bosses in Mario Party Nine, not to mention the many map enemies you meet along the way.

>To destroy a dragon

You know some may consider Bowser a dragon.

So, my friend, according to your description of Minecraft, Mario Party Nine is all that, but also featuring:

-Better graphics
-Twelve playable characters with unique personalities
-Seven unique worlds, each with it's own interesting gimmick
-An actual story line
-A diverse set of minigames, each with it's own challenge and charm
-A fun time.
I don't want a game that features hours upon tedious hours of building a house, I want a moderately fast paced game that I can play with friends, and have a fun, exciting time with.
So, my friendy ol' pal, Mario Party Nine is, in my personal opinion, better than Minecraft.


1. Minecraft fuels teamwork
2. Minecraft fuels creativity
3. It has no ending. after beating the ender dragon, it does not end their
By the way your mario party 9 needs a wii. What's a wii? some people don't even know what that is. It is a very expensive piece of equipment. In minecraft you can make anything using commannd blocks. why if anyone tried, they could probably make your game inside of minecraft. Your argument "the graphics are bad" is the most generic argument i have heard in my life since everyone knows that the gameplay makes up for the graphics. Its like legos except you have an infinite amount of them.

Just look at this ( my game is is obviously better than you game. Do you know board games are losing popuarity? Do you know that Mario party games are the same old' games but with a different number and different boards? Mario party nine does not help educate students but minecraft does. While Mario Party nine will soon be forgotten by the next generation, Minecraft will not.
Debate Round No. 2


>Minecraft fuels teamwork
-Literally the only way to interact with other people in Minecraft is to go online on a server with tens to hundreds of strangers, which, most likely, you'll end up in some sort of battle with. Whether it be a turf war or a "survival games" whatever, Minecraft tears people apart.

>Minecraft fuels creaivity
-Minecraft fuels creativity just as much as Microsoft Paint fuels creativity. It throws you on a blank canvas and tells you to make something. It's not actually inspiring anyone to do anything.

>It has no ending.
A game with no ending means a game with no goal. A game with no goal can hardly be considered a game. Next.

>By the way your mario party 9 needs a wii.
-First off, "Mario Party 9" and "Wii" are proper nouns, and need to be capitalized. Your whole argument is full of mistakes like this. But I digress. Clearly, my friend, you've never heard of an emulator. But of course, many people would prefer legal methods of playing this game, so instead of trying to argue, I'll invalidate your argument entirely. We're talking about game quality, we're not trying to start a console war. Keep your petty "Nintendo can't make consoles" crap out of this.

>In minecraft (needs to be capitalized) you can make anything using command blocks.
-Okay. 1.) This is just factually incorrect. No, you can't make anything using command blocks. You can make what the game has permitted you to be able to make.
2.) You can't even get command blocks without using a command.
3.) You need to be able to learn Minecraft's custom frickin' programming language to even begin to use these things.

"Bad graphics" is a valid argument, my guy. Tell me, would you play... say, Just Cause 3 if all of it was 8-bit? No. The fact that it's got amazing graphics is part of its charm. Yes, gameplay is important But in the modern day, graphics are just as... if not more important.

>Just look at this (
Fair sir we aren't talking about how popular the game is. We're looking at quality. Some of my favorite video games are... Wildly obscure. Just because people Minecraft more than Mario Party Nine doesn't mean it's better. People also Google "The Holocaust" more than Mario Party Nine. Doesn't mean Mario Party Nine is worse than the Holocaust.

>Do you know that Mario party games are the same old' games but with a different number and different boards?
-Do you know about Infiniminer? Do you know about Survival Craft? Do you know that there are countless Minecraft clones out there? So tell me, what makes Minecraft better than THOSE? After all, they're just the same old game with a slightly different title and a slightly different layout.

>Mario party nine does not help educate students but minecraft does.
-How, exactly, does Minecraft help educate students? Minecraft is no more educational than "Cool Math Games!" Students go on it, and when the teacher comes looking over their shoulder, they'll say "oh no, don't worry, IT'S EDUCATIONAL!" And don't give me any sort of "it helps with projects" crap. As somebody who has seen students use Minecraft for "projects," I can 100% confirm that Minecraft is an excuse for kids to screw around until last minute, build some sort of crappy structure, and get an A. Minecraft is not educational.

I'm out of things to say, you go now.
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by EnchantedPlatinum 3 years ago
"I believe that Walruses are better than Almonds"

"I think Almonds are superior"

Comparing Minecraft to MP9 is LUDICROUS. Come on! Different developers, consoles, genres, fanbases, why is this a real debate?
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