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Minecraft is better than Roblox

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Started: 11/20/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I like minecraft. I've played both. Roblox has gone down hill. . . I remember the good ol' days of making boxes and playing city rp's but minecraft isn't run by 2 year olds and minecraft has mods. Ya know who else has mods? NOT ROBLOX!


Minecraft doesn't have roblox game modes. But roblox has minecraft game modes. As well as, Call of roblox, Hide and seek, Block hunt, And hundreds of tycoons. Plus Roblox is free to get all these games. Minecraft cost a weeks worth of school lunch money. I find hilarious that you think in the slightest way that minecraft is better than roblox
Debate Round No. 1


Minecraft doesn't have roblox game modes because Roblox is minecraft. . . But worse. Minecraft has similar gamemodes like Roblox's Call of roblox, Hide and seek, Block hunt, And hundreds of tycoons. Minecraft has all those games, Like Quake, One in the Chamber, Hide and Seek, And tycoons like money wars and bed wars. Yeah, Roblox is free to get all these games, But in minecraft you don't have to buy Robux. . . Minecraft is pay to play, Not pay to win. I find it ignorant that you think roblox is better. Tsk tsk, I guess you do miss. . . Huh?


Hit or miss I guess she took the kids huh she got a boyfriend, I bet she knows he beats "em mwa she lied in court and now she gets to *keep them* I"ll get to see them once or maybe twice a week, Hun

hee hee haa haa hoo hoo ello my old chum, I'm gnot a gnelf, I'm gnot a gnoblin, I'm a gnome, And you've been gnomed!
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry for your loss [banned word] *dabs* minecraft is still better


So I've been watching documentaries about the nuclear weapons dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, And frankly, The people who died are extremely retarded. Like, If I was there, I would go up to the nuke and say "Not Today! " and put my hands up, Catching the nuke and thereby saving the entire city. Someone could've gone down in history by being the first one to save a city with their bare hands. FFS

Imagine wanting to be Tracer, But god said "Im already Tracer"

And you answer "What about Widowmaker? "

But god insists "Im already Widowmaker"

You're devastated, But persistent. So you say: "I'll be Bastion"

God, Being the man that he is already knew thy raw power of Bastion, And responeded "Nerf Bastion"

You look god in the eye, Feeling a tear rolling down your cheek, As you try choosing another character. With a low voice you tell him: "You're right. So, Winston. "

Knowing well that he is the creator of the universe and life and that he has all controll, God stares blankly into your devestated eyes, Following a tear down your chin. "Please don't you think", But you know it is too late to do anything now. God utters "Im already Winston"

With the tears running down your cheeks vastly multiplying, A heavy heart and damaged trust, You take a deep breath. It feels like the whole world is against you, And it's too much of a burden. But you have to try. You whisper "Guess I'll be Genji. "

God slowly opens his mouth, His face relaxing a tad but is still locked on your wet eyes, And lets out an evil laugh, Loud enough to make the whole heaven realm shake. He knows that the puny you stand no chance against the all-mighty christian god After finnishing his laugh, He takes a deep breath and whispers behind a smirk "Im already Genji"

As if you've been slapped across the face, You stagger back. You feel dizzy discombobulated. What just happened? It feels unreal, Hallucinatory, Dreamlike. You're completely speechless. Feeling weak shaky and breathless, You insist on trying one last time You're so close. You swallow hard, Before you murmur "Then I'll be McCree. "
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by willbeast123 3 years ago
I think that robox is better than minecraft because it is good. People who play minecraft have never tasted the pure milk of roblox and they shall be damned. Minecraft is an old dumb game that is dead. However roblox still has millions of active players and tns of original games. I believe that minecrafts time is over and roblox is still shining. Roblox is better than COD, RDR2, Minecraft, Terraria, GoW, And every other game you can think of. Roblox will go down as the best thing to every grace humanity. Minecraft is inferior and roblox is superior. Roblox has the best graphics, Interface, Items, Player customization, And everything else. If you disagree you are wrong and a fuking bich
Posted by TheBoldDebator 3 years ago
Roblox is better and has so much mroe variety than building, Building, Building.
Posted by Orangedinossaur 3 years ago
I can not vote but if I could I would vote in favor Roblox because the use of Tik Tok memes. Also remember good girls wanna be Tracer.
Posted by Evan_Hermes 3 years ago
i wish there was a 'both sides lost' because u guys didn't even debate half the time
Posted by YaBoii 3 years ago
I won. . .
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