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Minimum Wage

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Started: 9/7/2013 Category: Politics
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First round acceptance. I will be for minimum wage. This is a for fun debate. Enjoy my dear friend. Thank you for debating me here bossyburrito. This shall be fun!!


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


I am debating that minimum wage is good and that we should not raise the wages.
In my opinion we should not raise the wages we get paid.

We don"t work at jobs just to work at jobs. The owners hire employees so that the employers/owners can make money. Let"s look at Burger King for instance. Let"s say they raise the wage to $20.00 an hour. If they don"t jack up their prices on their food they will lose money. Also raising the wage will not make anything better. Everything will just double the price. There will always be poor people, so that problem is not solved. Also money doesn't grow on trees.

Let"s look at the sales example, say the wages are raise, which means the people who make car parts have to jack their prices up. Then when you go buy the truck or whatever car the price will be doubled. Taxes will be doubled too. So this is not a win win situation. Nothing will change, the only thing that will change is how much you get paid, but you will still be left over with less money than you started with.

Check this out!!


A key thing to point out is that both employers and workers seek to make a profit. Employers gain value from workers because of the services they provide, and workers gain value from employers from the money they get paid. No rational person would attempt to give their services to the employers for nothing in return. Raising wages for those who deserve it is the manifestation of the appreciation the business owner has towards the worker, and an attempt to keep the worker working. Skilled workers at a job should not be paid the same amount as those who are bad at the job. The business owner gains more value from a skilled worker than an unskilled worker. An incentive for having good workers is the possibility for increased wages, and, as such, increasing wages directly benefits the business owner.

This is not to say that wages should be increased for every worker. This would lead to the situation you have described, in which no real benefit is gained, as everyone's wage is increased regardless of the worker's abilities. If, however, wages are selectively increased in order to deliver the most benefit to both the worker and the business owner, the result would be that those that are good at their job will have more money than those who are bad at their job, and, as a result of having more good workers, the business can afford to sell higher-quality goods for a lower price than before. You cannot ignore the values gained from the goods themselves when looking at this issue.
Debate Round No. 2


As my opponent has failed to realize that if you raise the minimum wage everything else will go up in price. As I have said earlier in my second round. So you might as well keep the wage at a minimum. My opponent mentioned is his argument that not all wages should be raised. Well with the wages everything is supposed to be raised evenly. (Well, the manager or the owner gets to decide how much he can afford to pay his workers) You got to take in consideration that it also takes money to train you. This is not on who is better and who is not. For instance, a McDonald"s worker gets the same wage an hour as someone who is working at Kroger. It"s two different environment working facilities, but still get paid the same an hour. As me being a Conservative, I would like to point out that I do not want higher taxes and having to pay $5.00 for a burger at McDonalds. Also there would not be a value meal either for people who can"t afford $5.00 burgers.

Some wages are different in pay. For instance, you come from college with a degree, you will get a higher pay. Also minimum wage job is a job just to get you started, not to be your livelihood.
Thank you dear friend for debating me in this debate.

I will say this right now, everybody who votes please vote fair and honestly.

Thank you once again.

Check this website please voters. It's long I know but it shows the different wages in the US.


I seem to have misinterpreted my opponent's position. From the second round, I assumed that my opponent was arguing to keep wages at a minimum level overall, not just in the sense of state-mandated limits as to the lowest amount you can pay an employee. I feel that, because of this, making new arguments in the last round that are not closely related to those already put forth wouldn't be appropriate. As such, vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by bossyburrito 4 years ago
Why did you comment on this...
Posted by ChosenWolff 4 years ago
Con was nice?
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