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Minimum Wage

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Started: 9/18/2016 Category: Economics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Parameters and Precepts:

  • Round 1-Acceptance

  • Round 2-Cases

  • Round 3-Rebuttals

  • Round 4-Defenses

  • No Kritiks

  • No introduction of new arguments in the defensive round

Pro will be arguing for the abolition of the minimum wage, while Con argues that the minimum wage is indespensible in the American economy.



Challenge accepted.

I await your response.
Debate Round No. 1


In this debate, pro will be defending the abolition of the minimum wage, and attacking arguments in defense of the minimum wage. Pro will be explicating the advantages of abolishing the minimum wage, disadvantages of the minimum wage, and how the impact of a minimum wage should be deemed null.

C1-Minimum Wage Impact:

The impact of the minimum wage should be deemed insignificant. According to, 2.9% of our population makes minimum wage. This piece of evidence obfuscates the minimum wage thesis entirely. The population that is impacted by the minimum wage are young people. Here are the statistics:

79% of the population work part time jobs.

62% of the population are enrolled in school.

68% of the population possess family incomes above 150%.

The impact of raising the minimum wage will benefit the adholescent. A population which a majority of them would be deemed well off. Raising the minimum wage would only benefit 2.9% of our population.

C2-Young people:
The minimum wage already should be rendered null in regards to the incomes of families, but there is also more to be discussed about the negative implications of the minimum wage's impact on young people. Wages are of paramount importance not only to the employee, but to the employer. An employer usually will make a risky investment in a worker with no prior skill set. The government would deem it only acceptable for that employer to employ a most likely young boy with no prior skil set with 7 dollars or more an hour. The minimum wage lowers the prospects of young peoples' capability to acquire a job.

C3-Small Business Impact:
The minimum wage also has a significant impact the efficiency of small businesses. I offer the following examples:

"I am here every day, from 6:30 in the morning to 9:00 at night. I probably average 100 hours a week here at the course,” Martha said, noting that hiring more staff is a luxury her small seasonal profit margins haven’t afforded her. Recently, Martha had to let her restaurant’s dishwasher and table busser go — hats she now wears along with her other employees.

If voters approve a hike in Nebraska’s minimum wage floor to $9 an hour by 2016, Martha fears she will have to shoulder an even greater load just to keep her business running. The increased wage and tax costs of the hike would mean fewer hours to schedule for her employees, particularly in the course’s golf shop.

Pat Haines, also a survey respondent, is another entrepreneur who is worried about the proposed increase. Haines runs North Bowl, a bowling alley in North Omaha. Haines knows the business well, in part because he spent his childhood years playing there. He likes giving young people in North Omaha a chance at their first jobs by bringing them on for part-time work at the bowling alley. Haines worries that he will not be able to make as many investments in young people with limited skills and experience if the minimum wage is raised to $9 an hour. He also thinks that the increased labor costs will seriously impact his bottom line, forcing him to raise prices in a community that is sensitive to jumps in the cost of entertainment.

The money has to come from somewhere. Either I have to raise prices, or do more with fewer employees, or cut the work hours of the ones I already have. But any of those decisions just makes it harder to grow the business, give more people work, and keep our customers coming back so everyone can be paid,” Martha said

Gary Tharnish, the president of Burton & Tyrell’s Flowers in Lincoln, expresses similar anxiety about the proposal to increase the minimum wage. Like Haines, Tharnish likes to hire young people seeking their first jobs and then train them to be productive workers. “I hire teenagers and then teach them,” Tharnish explains. “Hopefully, at the end of three months they have learned enough to work at the shop. If they work out, they get a raise.”

Tharnish says that opportunity might disappear if the minimum wage is ratcheted up to $9 an hour. If that happens, he will have to stop investing so much time on inexperienced young workers and hire older workers who need less supervision. “If the minimum wage is increased I am simply going to look for adults who just want to work a few hours per week and forget about hiring teenagers.”

C4: Abolishing the minimum wage:

The current federal minimum wage's impact on our population is null. 2.9% of the individuals on the minimum wage are young people from financially stable families. The minimum wage is only capable of harming people when inceased. A significant portion of economists have claimed that an increase of the minimum wage by 2 dollars would lead to a prollific depletion of 500,000 jobs. Proponents of the minimum wage claim that the minimum wage ceases any attempt my businesses to manipulate employee wages to their own advantage. Those proponents should be informed that the businesses compete for money as much as they compete for employees. If a business purposfully decreases wages that would be percieved to be unfair by the employee, than the employee has every right to find work at another company which assures him financial security. I request that my adversary answer the following questions?

What positive impact does the minimum wage have on our population?
Do you concede to the fact that an increase of the minimum wage implements a strain on small businesses?

Can you explain why the minimum wage should not deemed to be null?

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
Minimum wage is a scam as long as companies can make their products in countries like China, Mexico and India, then ship them back without any tariffs at all.
Posted by Overhead 2 years ago
No middle ground? If you make it a bit less extreme RE: absolute removal vs indispensability I'll accept.
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