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Minimum wage: Should it be raised?

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Started: 1/25/2014 Category: Economics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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      1. Sources are not necessary if backed by common sense and facts known throughout the world

      1. No profanity.

      1. Check spelling before posting.

      1. Emotional arguments are not preferred. Use logical standpoints.

Round Progression
Round 1:

      • Introduction to opponent. Purely for acception of debate.

Round 2:

      • Opening Statement by Pro and Con.

Round 3:

      • Con begins with main arguments.

      • Pro proposes rebuttal then own main arguments.

Round 4:

      • Con begins with a rebuttal to main arguments of Con and goes on to further detail own arguments.

      • Pro once again rebuttals Pro and goes into more detail of own arguments.

Round 5:

      • Final rebuttal and beginning of closing statements by Con.

      • Pro posts a closing statement.

Voting Period

      • Voting period is done over 2 weeks.

Hello! I am YouLose. I have started this debate as it seems to be one of the most major topics of our time. I hold the viewpoint as raising the minimum wage being an absolutely terrible idea. My future oppenent will hold the opposite viewpoint. Please be sure to abide by the rules set within the debate! Thanks!



I am looking forward to this debate. It is my first and I am still unsure of how this all works. Go easy on me! No, I believe I will do just fine. Just be willing to put up with me, and sorry if I have short arguments or miss some of the debater lingo. Thanks for this opportunity You Lose, I look forward to the debate.
Debate Round No. 1


This round is meant for an opening statement or some basic broad reasons as to what you think on the subject no need for paragraphs and paragraphs, we're keeping it basic.

Personally, the minimum wage should not be raised at all. To an extent, the minimum wage was created in the first place so that workers would at the very least to make SOME money. The only thing however is that it will never be a livable wage. When the minimum wage is raised, a domino effect ensues and thus as the employers must pay more to their employees, two things have a possibility of happening. One being an increase in the company's product and/or employees losing their jobs due to the employees becoming more expensive. Because of this increase, it would have a negative setback on society within our country as a whole.


I have a viewpoint nearly opposite my opponent. I do not believe this round was intended for rebuttal, so I shall just state my stance in the matter. I say that by raising the minimum wage, you would actually save large companies that often pay minimum wage, like McDonald's and Walmart, and America as a whole money. This is because very few American families who live off minimum wage (or fail to) are allowed to starve or even live in very poor conditions. Government aid programs like welfare save them. Regardless of my opinions on extensive government aid, it is very present in our country and show few signs of disappearing or even slackening. During this relocation of wealth, some money is lost through salaries and squandering. By raising minimum wage, you would essentially be creating a new and more efficient form of government aid for those who at least tried to make a living in the increasingly hostile job market.
Debate Round No. 2


YouLose forfeited this round.


I am unsure what has happened to my opponent, but I shall use this opportunity to rebut the claims which he made in the first round. His main argument is that large companies, having to pay more for employees, will either cut employees and/or raise the prices of their products.
First, I shall debate the idea that higher wages would raise the price. These large businesses that pay minimum wage all have rivals, others that compete in the same market. McDonald's has Burger King and Wendy's. Walmart has Target. If any of these companies substantially raise their prices to maintain the same level of profit they had with paying their employees slightly less, they would be shunned by customers. If Walmart raises the price of all their products by even a small percentage, Target would outsell them enough and take enough of Walmart's new customers to render this action a financial defeat for the company.
To debate my opponents second point, that large companies that now pay employees minimum wage would cut employees if forced to offer a higher minimum wage, I argue that while this may possibly be true, I would like my opponent to offer an alternate source of labor that the company could utilize in absence of the minimum wage workers. The large companies would obviously not simply have fewer roles to fill, and therefore fewer stores which would lead to reduced profits. Until my opponent offers an example of an alternative source of labor, I believe that I have successfully fought back both of his main points toward the idea of raising the minimum wage.
Now I shall strengthen my own arguments. As I have previously stated, by raising minimum wage, you would essentially create a new, more efficient, and more fair form of government aid to those who are currently the majority of people who utilize government aid programs. This would enable those workers to stand on their own two feet. It would also assist in getting more poor students to get to and to finish college. A large portion of workers who receive minimum wage jobs are high school and college kids. Who do you normally see flipping burgers at the local joint? High-class citizens or local kids, saving up money to pay for their schooling? The answer is obvious. Many teenagers and young adults are unable to go to college. For many it is because of their financial situation. It is often argued that a better educated generation could provide the kick-start America needs to get back on track. Raising the minimum wage would provide the kick-start that many kids require to become better educated. As I have now demonstrated, raising the minimum wage would, in the end and over time, help America and all of her citizens.
Debate Round No. 3


YouLose forfeited this round.


I see no point to continuing this debate. If someone wants to leave a rebuttal comment, I will debate with them.
Debate Round No. 4


YouLose forfeited this round.


I guess this is over. Vote my way.
Debate Round No. 5
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