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Minimum wage is to low in the US.

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Started: 5/15/2021 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 months ago Status: Debating Period
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The minimum wage is way too low and it's so obvious. Just look at a chart, The richest country (America) in the world has a minimum wage of 7. 25 but if you look at Australia it's 14. 25, Let me remind you; America is the richest country in the WORLD. Australia doesn't even make it onto the top ten list of rich countries. The minimum wage should be raised to 15 dollars at least.


Theres this odd expectation of people who think that just because they work 40 hours they should be able to maintain an ideal standard of living. This is an incorrect assumption. The fact is you can support yourself on min wage. You'll just have a meager lifestyle. You won't be able to support a family, Partake in hobbies, Travel, Splurge etc but you'll survive. We as humans aren't meant to merely survive but to thrive.

Thankfully in the US you have more social mobility than any other country on the planet. And as the value of your labour is 100% your responsibility, The question that should be asked is "how do I Increase the value of my labour? ". The answers are experience, People skills, Education, Drive and reputation.

The wealth of a Country has nothing to do with what people who choose to do the bare minimum should make.
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Posted by Ihsieman 2 months ago
Minimum wage is always zero, You can't change that.
Posted by Akhenaten 2 months ago
You are to stupid too debate. Lol
Posted by Angiex0 2 months ago
There shouldn't even be a minimum wage. Adults should have the right to come up with any compensation they want amongst themselves without the governement's involvement. It also negatively affects poor people that have difficulty finding a job. If the job isn't worth more money, They're not going to pay more money, They're just going to get rid of the job and make it someone else's responsibility since they're required to pay even more now. So the person that was making $7 an hour isn't making anything because his job now belongs to someone making $17.
Posted by Surgeon 2 months ago
This is just ignorant of economics. Ask yourself who pays for the minimum wage increase and who bears the cost? They are not the same people. Minimum wages just end uphurting the people they are meant to help. Companies are not free vending machines for you to go to, To establish what you personally and arbitrarily think is right. If other people want to work at rates below the minimum wage then they should be free to do it. If firms want to offer below the minimum wage they should be free to do it. If you do not want to work at those rates, Then don't do it! It is not the purview of well meaning do-gooders nor socialists to interfere in that process. Each labour market will find its own level without these "intellectuals".

The minimum wage is just rhetoric and the law should be repealed.
Posted by SamuelWH 2 months ago
The problem is that things are way more expensive in Australia than in the US. So proportionally, The minimum wage in America is actually more.
https:/ /www. Dailymail. Co. Uk/news/article-7950057/The-not-lucky-country-Australians-pay-far-foreigners-lifes-necessities. Html
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