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Mock Presidential Debate

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Started: 8/6/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Me and my opponent will be having a mock presidential debate. I am the conservative and you have more liberal ideas. In round 2 (Round one is acceptance) The topic will be Border Control, where each Canidate will present a plan on how to handle this issue. The third round will be discussion of foreign policy similar to round two, and the fourth round we will discuss economics similar to round two. In each round you present your plan and show how it would be a solution to solve the problem.

Voters: vote on whoever you think solved the problem in an effective way, and communicated their solution the best.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


2nd round topic: Border Control.

Controlling our borders is an important task for any country, and also one of the hardest tasks. So, we must ask ourselves how exactly can we do this effectively? And how do we do this without going deeper into debt than we already are?
Ladies and gentlemen, I believe I have a solution.
We must build a fence spanning the entire Mexican border.

Why does Border Control matter?
1. Drug sales.
Just a few days ago (as I write this argument) the coast gaurd seized 12000 pounds of cocaine from a small boat that was being smuggled into the US.

"The amount of illicit drugs believed to enter Arizona alone each year from Mexico is easily in the thousands of tons, according to U.S. officials." - NBC News
Drug trafficing is a major problem, and a fence to prevent them from crossing would have to be very advanced.

2. Crime
Most mexicans are great people. In fact, many of my freinds are hispanic and the nicest people you will ever meet. some of them are here illegally. But I must inform you that at some very violent crimes have been commited by some illegal immigrants, and they would not have been commited if the border had been sealed up.

3. Lone Wolfs and Terrorism
Also, it is completly possible that dangerous terrorists could cross the border just as easy as immagrants can. It is more becuase of this threat that I think border control should be highly valued and that a fence should be constucted.

Design of the fence:
It would be built in 1 mile segments and at the end of every segment would be a guard tower, outfitted with body sensors and (1) gaurd. It must be 40 ft high, and 10 ft thick. Also there will be a 5x5 foot barrier under the entire wall to prevent tunneling. I estimate this wall should cost around 15 billion dollars. How will we pay for it with this debt? Simple. Cut useless government programs until we are saving 15 billion per year and then build the fence.

What government programs would we cut to fund this wall?
"The federal government has granted $804,254 for the development of a smartphone game called “Kiddio: Food Fight.” The game is intended to teach parents how to convince their children to try and eat new healthier food choices."

Already 1mil back in our pocket!

"The National Science Foundation spent $856,000 to teach mountain lions how to walk on treadmills as part of a research project whose aim was to better understand mountain lions’ instincts."

Already 1.6 million back in our pocket!
There are many useless ways the governemnt spends their money that could redistibute towards building this project.
Another thing is redistributing the taxpayer dollars that go towards ObamaCare, and let the private industy manage medical insurance. Obama Care costs our government 100bil$ a year.

Its Simple, cut ObamaCare, fund the wall, and use the rest of the money to pay off national debt and building up of the coast gaurd.

What other methods can be taken against illegal immigrants entering our country?
The coast guard must be built up or given more funds.
That way they can protect us from drug smugglers, terrorists, and other threats to our national security that dont come by land.

My entire plan involves paying off the national debt, slowly building up the military, controlling our borders, building up our capitalist economy, and actually making america great again. And this is part of my plan.

Thank you for accepting!
Good luck!


Our border situation is getting out of hand. Many people are coming here looking for a better life, but they're hardly getting that. They face the fear of deportation, illnesses due to lack of money or healthcare, they pay taxes, but don't receive benefits like the rest of us, they face discrimination, they aren't protected from low wages, and they aren't protected from bad or dangerous work conditions. To solve these problems my team and I came up with a number of vital solutions.

First off I would like to enhance our border. Many people from Mexico arive at our border hurt, exhausted, and especially, dehydrated. Because we are a caring nation, and because we are a nation that values life, I would like to increase the presence of medical personnel and supplies at our border. Specifically I propose spending 1.2 million dollars every month on this. This will fund ambulances and EMTs, drinking water, vaccinations, and medications and antidotes for snake and scorpion bites or stings, which are fairly common in the desert area surrounding our southern border. Now, I don't want to start spending money on a program, as important as it may be, without finding a way to raise revenue. This leads to my next proposal.

We must stop discouraging immigrants from declaring themselves and stop them from staying in hiding. People in hiding can not be together with their families or work a productive job. That's why I suggest a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants and their children. People who wish to gain their citizenship must: Have a record free from any violent crime or theft, learn a basic conversational English, pay a 20 dollar fee, and pass a civics test. The fee is very low to keep with one of the purposes of this whole process, which is to bring people out of the shadows. Allowing these immigrants to gain citizen status will benefit us in ways such as: more revenue for the government, it will keep families together, and discourage people to remain in the country "off the radar." When millions of people start paying income tax and paying fees for registration, ID, etc. the effect on revenue will be quite substantial. This is how we'd pay for the border enhancements I proposed shortly ago.

Another reason people keep coming here illegally, is because they dont want to go through the tiring process of immigrating legally, which includes long waiting periods. They want a better life for themselves and their children I propose making legal immigration to this country easier, and clearer. This way people won't need to come here illegally, the legal way will be a better option. My proposed citizenship and immigration reform is to appoint a small but effective agency of officials that help immigrants with the citizenship process. The members on this board will be trained in the new rules and laws of immigration, and will be bilingual or have interpreters readily available. Also included in this reform is to replace the Immigrant and Nationality Act with something more up-to-date and reasonable in today's world.

Now I acknowledge that our border can't be left wide open and unprotected, so I propose an increase of security to go along with my other reforms. My plan makes it that the federal government supplies border states to help with protection. Each of those states will send National Guard soldiers down to the border to add an extra layer of security to this country. The states will use the funds provided to them by the federal government, to help train the soldiers in border security procedure, and to supply them with necessities.

Lets restore the dignity and moral foundation of this country, we will help those in need, and allow folks to come here in their pursuit of a better life. Of course we'll do this in a responsible way and make sure to protect our border, also.

Debate Round No. 2


Barcafan99 forfeited this round.


*Warning* Do not visit this site if you have epilepsy or a similar condition.
Debate Round No. 3


Barcafan99 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Barcafan99 1 year ago
When we had this debate, I was a conservative evangelical christian. Now, Im a marxist atheist liberal humanist. Times do change.
Posted by Barcafan99 1 year ago
Wow this was so long ago. Funny how much Ive grown since then.
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