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Modern Christian beliefs are mostly false

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Started: 11/9/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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first round is acceptance and state what you believe.
i believe the the modern christian beliefs are false.


christian beliefs are still useful and truthful in modern day society, the sad truth is that while most people do not believe in them they are still truthful, the belief to live your life as best as possible is something we still support and need in our modern day society
Debate Round No. 1


First off, plenty of the original books of the bible no longer exists in the modern protestant bible.
Actually the catholic bible has an extra 6 chapters in the book of Esther, and 3 extra in the book of Daniel.

At the Council of Trent in 1548, the two books of Estras were removed from the "sacred scripture" . The Prayer of Manasses was also removed from it.

The Catholic bible actually contains 7 extra books. Most protestants will refer to these as the "apocrypha", but Catholics know them as the "deuterocanonical books".
The books are: Tobit, Judith, 1 and 2 Maccabees, Wisdom of Solomon, Ecclesiasticus (or, Sirach), and Baruch

The proof of the deuterocanonical books are:

1. They were found in the "Septuagint" the original which was the original Greek translation of the old testament, in the 3rd century B.C

2. the the earliest Greek manuscripts of the Old Testament, like the Codex Sinaiticus , and Codex Alexandrinus, contain all of the deuterocanonical books, mixed in with the others books and were not separated.

3. After Martin Luther, protestants removed all of the deuterocanonical books from their bible. They removed them because of doctrines that they did not believe, or did not WANT to believe.

4. originally the New Testament was written by hand. HUMANS writing things by hand is like a game of telephone, it will significantly change. Many of the original copies were lost. The New Testament was actually reconstructed from more than 5600 Greek manuscript copies of the New Testament, and TWENTY THOUSAND copies from other languages (we know that translations arent very good) when the 20000 manuscripts were compared to each other, 400,000 variations were found

For all we know, most of what we know about Christianity could be false.


1. well, the content and amount of information in your religious guidelines vary based on your religion like you said the Catholics have many different books, though we are not arguing about Catholics we are arguing Christian beliefs,

2. It is not all surprising to me they are not formatted the same way as we currently see it, why there are several translations of the Christian Bible used today, though the core message stays the same, it's simply the wording that is changed and the organization of words to make it easier to understand for people

3. that is something I do not condone, we should not take out information because we disagree with it, that's likely one of the reasons this site was formed, so we CAN learn from it and use it to better ourselves

4. actually, a few years ago they uncovered original texts of the Bible hidden away underground, and when experts analized them they found it to be almost exactly like the current bible (except you know formatting)

5. christian beleifs actually not only are still relevant but are the model of how most people aim to live life, they try to do good things and be good people, adultry and murder are frowned upon, those are only a few excamples but what is to be noted is how christians attempt to live life is still mostly the standered
Debate Round No. 2


well. When i say this i mean that the PROTESTANT BIBLE is the one that is mainly false. even the catholic bible has a few books missing. Im talking about the "apocrypha"

The apocrypha wasn't accepted as part of the New Testament.
And there is plenty of proof that the apocrypha is real. Go research it. I hope you will be open minded.

Also, i am a Christian.


I wish this debate had more rounds this is an interesting topic to discuss with you, I did research it I plan on looking into it more thoroughly at a later date, and as I previously stated I will NEVER condone 'getting rid of' historical text or information because it angers us, actually that is the data I normally prefer to view because I love different points of view, I love different arguments and critical analyzation, though just because a book was taken out does not indicate ALL the biblical text is invalid in modern society.

the bible was written as a guide book for life, just like the constetution for our country, it's the building block to tell us how to run our lives, though unlike the constitution this is more important (though I support the amamdments escpecially the bill of rights, the constitution is important, just not as important as the bible) and just because times change doesn't mean the building blocks of society change, if you build a house then you remodel it the foundation underneith is still the same, you just build more and utilize what was already given to you to be as effective and efficient as possible, and what's the bible if not the foundation for a beleiver's life? unless the book you are referring too directly says "everything else becomes null after so and so years" than the Christian beliefs still hold strong to this day, regardless of the missing book.

thank you for the debate, I would love to discuss this more with you later if this site has a chat feature or something (I'm new)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by InfamousJesse 2 years ago
Yes the trinity, rapture, eternal hell, and many more things are all false teaching.
Posted by Stonehe4rt 2 years ago
Define what the Modern Christian beliefs are, because honestly, every Christian I meet has a different point of view.
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