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Money or Dignity

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Started: 3/7/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I'm I pick money in this round. Money can make us happy, have food to eat, have something to make fun in and donate to other people


It is not money that makes up happy nor gives us food. Money is only a currency that we have created to display how much we work by the time we have worked. That currency can be traded around. If it is not money that makes us happy what is it.

It is simply the people around us. Take all the money from the world you have people take all the people from the world you have nothing. As you said donating makes you happy but it is never the money it is the act of giving. When you give someone money it is because you believe they need it. you would rather give the time you have worked displayed into money to some one who can't get a ride. know that they will get a ride because you have given makes you happy.

(Im a college student that has been working for 2 years to get a car. last week i had $2,500 in my hands i was really happy to see that i had that much money in a physical form. Then i thought this is nothing but paper. The happiness crashed i wondered about this for a while. Why did all of it go away so quickly? Well i wanted a car now i have the money for it. Why do i need a car? To hang out with my friends. to not have to catch the bus super early to get somewhere on time. to work more. to help my friends that needed a ride, think about all of this made me happy. ) Its never the money that makes you happy its just what you can do with it.
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Posted by PowerPikachu21 4 years ago
Dignity (Pride or Personal Worth), vs Money; a material worth. A nice philosophical topic. I'm for Dignity. Con (if you knew exactly what they are referring to) could use 1 or 2 words to make a decently strong point: Donald Trump.
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