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Monopoly Is the best board game

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Started: 11/29/2018 Category: Games
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Monopoly is a board game that teaches you finances, Economics, The concept of monopolies, And bartering. Also the amount of players that can play at once is eight so no one is left out. So monopoly is the best board game of them all. .


I can agree that some parts of monopoly are good, But the issue is that once you learn basic strategy the only thing that makes games different is die rolls.

In monopoly you should pretty much always buy something if you can, But this is often not the case in real life.

When 1 house goes missing the game is either ruined or you have to make a new replacement piece. There are a specific amount of houses and hotels, No extras.
Debate Round No. 1


I disagree, You need to be smart in how you play. When to build houses, What properties to mortgage, And spatial awareness when it come to your relation with other player's pieces. Also smarter people can be more deceptive and get the better end of deals. But what makes monopoly so great is that although being smart and skilled can heavily increase your odds of winning, It is still up to a element of chance which is realistic to real life with investments and provides exciting games. My final rebut to your thing was, Almost all monopoly games gave 1 extra hotel and 1 extra house in case you lose one. But its not the game's fault if you are unorganized and loose or misplace some of your pieces.


When you play you always mortgage if you can buy something new, Buy houses if it will leave you with higher than roughly $500.
What do you mean "spatial awareness when it come to your relation with other player's pieces? "
My main problem is that it is too random, I count that as a con even though that is realistic.
Almost all? What model are you talking about? Is it some new thing?

you have a 99% win rate if you have the top hat. Unfair.
Debate Round No. 2
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