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Moon Landings Live TV Broadcasts impossible

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Started: 1/29/2018 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Hello everyone and greetings to whomever the opponent may be.

Most people when arguing or debating whether the moon landings were real or fake speak about NASA photographs and their anomalies, or possible props in the scene, or hot spots of spot lights and so on.

However, I will approach this issue from a completely different angle.

Most people I ask why they think the moon landings were real would answer "because we saw them on TV". I mean we all saw them on TV even those of us who were born after the event. So the biggest driver for those people in believing that the landings were real is the fact that they saw it on TV (older people would say we saw it live on TV).

Here are a few things about the Moon landings broadcasts that some people may not know.

NASA claims that they broadcast live TV signals of color video from the moon to the earth but then had to film the color TV screen using a black & white 16mm film camera. And it was that black & white 16mm film footage that was broadcast on TV for all the viewers to see.

OK.... I argue that the moon landing broadcasts were fake and could have not been made from the moon due to the following:

- To transmit a Radio Frequency signal from one place to another, one would require:
1) A Transmitter (with Enough Power usually measured in Watts)
2) AN Antenna (Size of which depends on multiple factors including the type of signal being broadcast and the distance one wishes to achieve)

among other peripheral equipment like microphones or video recording devices.

Basics of RF signal transmission tells us that if you want to transmit a signal across a few hundred feet, you require a relatively small amount of power. However, as the distance you wish to achieve increases, the power requirements increase dramatically due to what is known as signal loss (measured in DB).

There are public domain sites on the internet that provide the tools required to calculate both the signal loss in DB over a specified distance and also help in calculating the amount of power required to overcome that signal loss (Power is measured in Watts).

When you check the numbers required for transmitting a radio frequency from the moon to the earth (Over 250 thousand miles away), you end up with a an extremely large number for Watts required ( Billions of Watts) and that is for a simple radio frequency.

Once you try to calculate for a TV signal at 10GHz for that distance you end up with a power requirement that is impossibly large (Thousands of Billions of Watts).

Based on the above, I can clearly state that NASA did not receive any broadcast from the moon of the moon landings due to the absence of any power source capable of generating the amount of power required to make such a broadcast possible. Which in turn leads to the conclusion that the entire moon landing scenario was faked which is why we find all of the previously mentioned anomalies in the NASA photos and other issues that people usually discuss when arguing about this issue.

As you can see, I hardly used more than 3000 words to make my argument but gave an allowance of 10,000 words to give any opponent enough room to put down his or her argument.

Thank you.
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Posted by John_Smith_2016 3 years ago
I guess I have to wait a while to get someone to contest the argument
Posted by Actions_Speak 3 years ago
Getting my popcorn out for this one
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