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More than 2 genders

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Started: 8/26/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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These people nowadays say "only 90"s kids will remember the two original genders" and yes at the time there were only two genders but time has evolved. In my personal opinion there are two sexs and 63 genders. Of course some people are stuck in the 1700"s with there heads in there butts but times have changed people are starting to open up more. The thing is I"m not saying peoples opinions are wrong I"m just saying as a upset Pansexual that I believe there are more than two genders so if you want to debate I am open for it just make it a good one to convince other people to side with u looking forward to hearing your arguments


I am not copyrighting here, I am this user on debate island, FEEL FREE TO ASK ME ON DEBATE ISLAND IF IT'S ME (unless I am dead or quit DDO or DI at the time of you reading this.

https://www. Debateisland. Com/discussion/2013/lgbtq-has-misinterpreted-their-case-they-believe-there-are-actually-0-genders-not-more-than-2

"To be crystal clear: I am on the left-wing side and completely anti-conservative on anything other than gun rights and Islamophobia (I agree with conservatives on those two things).

I am extremely sure that the reason the 'there are only 2 genders' quip keeps hitting LGBTQ+ hard is because they are trying to fight it when they really should deny it from the angle there are ultimately no genders and we invent the 'gender roles' from 0 and add the 2 as well as many others that could be added and identified with.

No, I didn't steal this idea from anywhere, I searched the Internet far and wide and other than mock-meme images mocking LGBTQ logic, There is no-one explaining it how I do and truly meaning it.

The term 'physical sex' is binary according to them but the translation of that into a gender is purely invented according to them and thus ultimately they think there are 0 genders and we add them on, Not that there are more than 2 and this is why they lose when they defend the idea there are more than 2 as the Conservative debater makes them concede that male and female are 2 and the other genders on the spectrum have no clear name. "
- Someone234 of Debate Island THIS IS ME
Debate Round No. 1
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Posted by LiberalBurner 3 years ago
you have a brain tumor if you think there is more than 2
Posted by awaisali 3 years ago
https://www. Zintechnologies. Com
Posted by Perspectivist 3 years ago
There are only two genders: Male and female. Bisexuality, Homosexuality, Pansexuality, Etc. Are terms to show the relationship between each gender romantically and sexually. The hormones, Genitalia and chromosome combination differentiate one gender from another.
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Vote Placed by Topaet 3 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro simply claimed that there are 63 genders without providing any argument in favour of it or providing evidence and thus was not able to fulfil his burden of proof. Con meanwhile argued that there are only 2 genders (male and female) and that every other "gender" is actually just on the spectrum in between these two genders.

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