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More than one black family should be allowed per neighborhood

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Started: 6/28/2018 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Ice Bear seems to feel very strongly on this subject, though I do not know why and am I eager to find out.


Black people have indeed caused a lot of trouble for society.

Black people are nothing but a bad influence on the world.

Here are the facts about black people that we must seriously consider:

1 in every 3 black men will end up in prison.

Many black families on being headed by single mothers making barely more than minimum wage. Those families often have kids and youngsters who get in trouble with the law.

Many violence in public schools, especially in downtown and big metropolises, are inflicted by black students.

Furthermore, there have been many incidents where white people were attacked, targeted, and assaulted by black people.

If we completely segregate neighborhoods and cities into black people and non-black people, it is downright racist and cruel towards black people. The only way to prevent black violence from occurring, or at least to minimize it as much as we can, is to have and enforce a strict limit of one black/African family per neighborhood.

Please think carefully about it: once there is already one black family in every neighborhood, what can we do with the remaining black families? We cannot put them in ghettos, because that would be very racist and reverting back to the 1950s and 1960s. Nor can we kill them because that is simply immoral. (I mean, isn't that what Hitler would do?) Instead, the best solution is to throw them in prison, and then let them out of prison once there is a neighborhood with no black family living in it.

Furthermore, if we put black families to prison, we will put them under control. (I think we must segregate prisons by race too.) No offense and not at all being racist, their dark skin absorbs too much sunlight, reducing the total amount of sunlight white people can harvest. And beyond that, throwing them in prison is a solution to overpopulation, because the world will be less crowded. You see what I am saying here?

Now you might be thinking that it's racist and cruel, but it's not. Just read on.

No, I am not being racist. It's true. How would you like to be assaulted by black people or a gang. You said that you are not a black person. Non-black people are vulnerable targets to black people. Since no people want to be assaulted by black people, but we cannot totally segregate the world based on race or skin color, the best way to combat black violence is to limit each neighborhood to one black family. If we throw remaining black families in prison, we are also combating overpopulation so they won't be crowding up the Earth.

Now I want to here a convincing argument from you.
Debate Round No. 1


I think Con is, in his usual racist fashion, lumping all "Black" people together when he means African American. No matter, this clearly bigoted argument needs to be taken down line by line.

Crime - In a report released Thursday the DOJ"s Bureau of Justice Statistics found that a majority of most violent crimes are committed by people who are the same race as their victims. Indeed, the rate of white-on-white violent crime, it found, is about four times the rate of black-on-white crime. Arguably, white people cause more problems within their own "neighborhoods" as compared to blacks.

Incarceration - Though this exact statistic is often disputed, it is certainly true that African Americans ("Blacks") end up in jail at far higher rates than other races. However, is this irrefutable proof that they are in some way "worse" or more dangerous? Could this not be related to bias in our justice system. A few stats there:

- Once stopped, during traffic stops, 3 times as many Black and Hispanic drivers were searched as white drivers,
- A recent report by Center for Policing Equity found that police are more likely to use force like Tasers, dogs, pepper spray and physical force against Black people than White people in making arrests.
- Black youth are twice as likely to be arrested for crimes in school as white kids, over 2.5 times as likely to be arrested for curfew violations as white kids, twice as likely as white kids to be arrested for all crimes, and much more likely to be held in detention than white kids

Single Mothers - Why don't we look at some of the most successful single black mothers of all time:

Furthermore - if single black mothers are such a drain on society, is it not possible that involving the fathers may be a viable remedy or at least aide here? Surely the blame cannot all be placed on a single parent trying to raise a kid, race or ethnicity aside.

Violence in public schools - Downtown and metropolitan schools are made up disproportionately by African American students, so any such statistic is completely invalid.

White people attacked and targeted - It may seem like that from glorified news, but "Study: black people are 7 times more likely than white people to be wrongly convicted of murder"

Now let's more on to this ludicrous proposal about single-family neighborhoods. Patent racism aside, since we "cannot put them in ghettos because that would be very racist and reverting back to the 1950s" (as if the rest of this wouldn't), how exactly would you recommend we throw them all in prison? US prisons are at the highest capacity (over-capacity, rather) in the world. We by no means have the facilities to accommodate an entire new population in our prisons. Further, more, there are about 42 million non-Hispanic black people living in the United States. That would mean we'd need to create 42 million white-only communities and assimilate a single black family into them. Logistically, sociologically, racially, and across many other dimensions, I don't see that working well.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Anonymous 3 years ago
Let's just make it clear from the get-go there is no such thing as 'black people'. They're always brown. And no such thing as 'white people'. Only beige.

As for you being racist ? You kinda are. And totally off the hooks. You're arguing about 'black people' in general. You're using stats about 'black people' in general. Not only African-Americans. BLACK PEOPLE. this also includes tribes in Africa which have no f*cking idea about the civilisation we know. That is simply racist and ignorant in my opinion.
Just say 'African-american' instead of 'black', as you're reffering to the whole spectrum.
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