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Mosquitos are good

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Started: 5/29/2018 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Mosquitos are good but humans don't realize it when they suck your blood there not trying to hurt you there just trying to stay alive but then humans go killing them all the time so carelessly and people just think that us humans lives are worth more than the Mosquitos lives but I think and know that Mosquitos live are worth as much as any other living thing and I say that we should stop killing them because when you kill one you end another life.


Misquitos are very bad cause they make bumps and make your skin itchy. Imagine having all of your blood sucked up by a mosquito. Then you would die and mosquitos would be murders. This is why mosquitos are bad.
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They just need the blood to populate they may be small but they have lives too it's not just because their bugs that makes them annoying its that you choose to think they are annoying because of there will to survive.


Who really cares if misquitos stay alive or if they die. They dont provide any help to the ecosystem. Why should we worry about them not getting enough blood to survive?
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Posted by asta 3 years ago
Most Mosquitoes don't have Malaria.

If someone wanted to have mosquitoes stay away from them but not kill them either, they can apply bug spray that smells good to humans, but bad to mosquitoes. I don't want to tell the company's name because if I did, then I might be advertising, which violates the terms of service.
Posted by InaneScreeching 3 years ago
Yeah, because Malaria is so good for you.
Posted by surfbeach 3 years ago
Mozzies are such an important part of the food chain, if ever eradicated, mass extinctions could follow.
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