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Movie Review - Disney's Frozen

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Started: 2/16/2014 Category: Movies
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Here is my review of the movie Frozen.

Con can either; disagree, give another review or provide criticism on movie

This debate is to see the contrasting opinions of the movie.

Disney's FROZEN Movie review
- (no spoilers)

Fearless optimist Anna sets off on an epic journey-teaming up with rugged mountain man
Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven-to find her sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped
the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Encountering Everest-like conditions, mystical
trolls and a hilarious snowman named Olaf, Anna and Kristoff battle the elements in a race to
save the kingdom.

As you may know, Disney's Frozen is coming to HD dvd this February.
This is my review of the amazing phenomenal motion picture that is

I didn't know what to expect as I entered the doors to the
cinema room and looked at my seat number on my ticket. To
avoid being dissapointed because of expectations, I forced
myself not to watch the official trailers of Frozen. All I knew was
that Frozen was a disney movie about princesses and there's
snow everywhere.

But the opening of the movie was beautiful, in that the opening
song 'Frozen Heart' got me really excited about what was going
to happen next and there were amazingly realisitic animations of
ice blocks. And everytime they introduced a new character I was
smiling and every joke hit and the audience always laughed.

By the time I got out of the movie I was so giddy and happy that
I immediately scoured the internet to listen to the soundtrack of
Frozen to get the same feeling of my spine tingling in delight.
Frozen was unforgettable.


1) Great animation designs. Disney managed to make the princesess
look so pretty. Terrains were real and beautiful to look at, it gave a
sense of calm to everything in the beggining of the movie. The housing
made the town look more 'cheery' as well. The snow and ice were so
sattisfying to look at and it felt like you could just reach out and grab
some of the snow.

<a href=; />

2) Satisfying story and script
. The story is unpredictable and almost
anything could happen. There are many twists and turns throughout the
movie that make everything tense and exciting. There is also a dark
side to the movie of the emotional tale between the realtionship of the
two sisters, Elsa and Anna

The writing was handled perfectly. There were so many funny moments
and touching words.
The ending isn't your typical disney ending and the
message it gave rang absolutely true to me.

3) Likable characters. In my opinion, all the characters were likable. I
liked Elsa for her complexity and fears about herself plus her
transformation and development during the film.

Anna was my favourite character, I liked her cheerful attitude and her
clumsiness that made her a funny and likable character (especially the
playful little Anna that was so cute that she reminded me of my sister).

Olaf was the funniest and had the funniest scenes with Kristoff. His
fantasies about summer was one of the audience's favourite scenes.

Even the prince was likable and I enjoyed his relationship with Anna.

<a href=; />

4) Songs and the score. I can never get enough of this movie's
soundtrack - beautifuly played, upbeat and uplifting. Most of all, it was
magical. Just hearing the tune from 'For the first time in forever' got me
to feeling like that little boy staring at the cheap Samsung TV tuned to
Disney channel.

The opening theme was called 'Vuelie' which was just as epic as the
Lion King's opening theme. It transported you immediately to the world
of Frozen.

And the songs were timeless, magical and empowering. Especially the
song 'Let it go' about Elsa's self empowerment. I was sick of pop songs
and sick of three hour long Orchestras that I was begging for a good
song and I finally got what I asked for, an amazingly enchanting song
with a powerful chorus.

And the second song sung by Kristen Bell, 'For the first time in forever',
made my jaw drop in awe at how good Kristen's voice was. And the
reprise of it gave me shivers down my spine when I understood Anna's
deep love for her sister.


1) I wish there were more songs played with Kristen and Indina's voices
but I really can't think of a con for this movie. When the movie finished,
I was still expecting a new song to pop up at the credits (the songs
were just that good!)


After the movie finished, something crazy but amazing happened. Right
when the credits rolled in, one small kid shouted across the cinema

"That was awesome!"

And then people just started clapping and applauding. Which, in my
experience, never happens in a cinema. Usually people would chat to
their friends on how they liked the movie and then get up and leave.

Like my friend, after watching The Hobbit, scrambled off his chair and
left before the credits had even rolled in. He claimed that we had to
leave early or the exits would be too crowded.

But in that cinema room, nobody wanted to leave and once they
finished applauding, most stayed for half of the credits. Of course I
liked it so much that I stayed till the disney logo came on.

All in all Disney's Frozen was a spectacular and phenomenal movie with
great writing, finely orchestrated music and lovable characters. And not
forgetting the beautiful animations and timeless songs that make
Frozen the best movie of the decade.

Rating: 10/10



I think this was a pretty interesting debate and I would like to respectfully disagree with you.

Unfortunately I was unable to see some of your pictures but having watched the movie just yesterday I remember it pretty well. My background before watching the movie is:
I did watch the trailer and commercials and automatically compared it to Tangled. I thought it would be a huge let down since I didn't think the animation seemed as nearly as good (of course I was watching it on just a regular television). My friends rantings of admiration about the movie later brought me to the movie theater almost three months later after its first release so I came in with both high and low expectations.

commentary to your pros
1) animation designs. You choose a great scene to represent this, and I cannot disagree that this scene was gorgeous. Unfortunately I did not have such a feeling that I could "reach out and grab some of the snow". Probably because the animations from tangled were still in my mind, I did not find the animation as stunning as you claimed they were.

2) Story and Script. This is probably where I disagree with you most. I thought it was totally predictable. WARNING: SPOILERS!!!!!! I do like how they made it about the two sisters, but this made it more predictable for me. I would have been surprised if it was actually Kristoff who saved Ella. I could predict who would turn evil, what the act of true love would be, what would happen at the coordination, and so on. I also thought that some of the funny moments were a little forced, especially when it came to the snowman. I also thought the ending was very predictable for the new disney, ending with a happy family (or what was left of one), the bad guy punished, and the heros happy. I also thought that there were some huge plot gaps. For example, at the end when Ella could barely move how was she able to suddenly run towards her sister to save her?
It also annoyed me how all elsa had to do in order to unfreeze the place was to love. This is such an old fashioned disney idea that love can solve everything, even the next ice age

3)likable characters. I agree with them being likable, although they made some pretty dumb decisions. Although I felt like Olaf was a little too nonstop funny even in serious moments. (I also enjoyed his song and truthfully thought it was extremely clever, making a reference to melting, perhaps even death, into a hilarious moment.)

4) Songs. I thought it was a bit of a let down, like a non stop musical. Songs are great and everything, but I thought that there were too many. The "first time in forever" song that you liked was one of my least favorite songs in the movie. The beginning of the song was nice and it did add to Anna's character but I didn't have to hear "for the first time in forever" over and over and over. Elsa's and Anna's duet was very good though.
I wish I heard more some more of the type of songs like "Vuelie".
I also think that "timeless" is definitely an exaggeration. I will say that they were good but timeless, definitely not. "Entertaining" is a much more fitting adjective.
I was surprised you didn't say anything about Elsa's voice. Her mature voice not common among disney princesses definitely struck me as different.

4) Character designs. This could go into likeable characters, but I just want to add somethings. I loved the dresses and the clothes worn by the characters and their hair fit them too. I think they made Elsa a bit too sassy for a girl who's been locked up in a single room for her whole life. Anna was brilliantly created. She didn't act much like a princess, but being the second child I didn't expect her to. Her being in love with the idea of love was very nicely done too.

Although I thought there too many songs I also can't complain about another duet between the two sisters.

In the end, I thought it was a pretty good movie. I have also heard many people applaud in the movie theaters. I would have given it a 7 out of 10... although I also don't give out 10s so a 7 could translate into an 8.
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Posted by Speakerfrthedead 6 years ago
Thanks for debating, hexfirewell7172. I kinda didn't want to go into Elsa's song because it was already way popular that people knew what it was like. I liked your perspective and I actually agree on some points. Thank you for accepting this debate, it was really fun!
Posted by Aleksandr 6 years ago
I don't know how to feel about the small amount of characters. But being engaged a movie usually just makes you forget it. But now that am thinking.....
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