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Movies are a better form of entertainment than books

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Started: 3/12/2019 Category: Entertainment
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When people are asked if they prefer movies or books, Most older people would answer books, Because they leave room for imagination and are what they grew up with. Schools and parents would also prefer books, Because they are more educating and can help students and children to improve their language skills. I, And most of the younger generation, Think that movies are more entertaining because they have exciting visual and auditory effects to make the watcher feel more involved, Take less time, And you can watch them with friends.

Do you prefer to watch a 2-hour long movie with fascinating visual effects and detailed sounds, Or would you rather stare at dull pieces of paper all day? Movies can provide way more detailed effects and breathtaking scenes, While in books, One has to imagine them themselves, Often resulting in misinterpreting the author’s initial goal, Or just a rather dull experience. For example, The 2001 Space Odyssey book and movie came out at the same time, Yet the movie became far more remembered than the book.

Movies are also way less time consuming, The Harry Potter series takes approximately 60 hours to read, While the 8 movies only take 16 hours. Watching movies, One can enjoy different kinds of stories efficiently. And with new technology, Movies are equally as portable as books, As you could just download a movie on your phone to watch on your bus ride to work.

Movies are not only a detailed and efficient experience of the story, They are also a great social experience. You can have a few friends over to watch a movie at your house or go to the cinema, But would you have a few friends over to read a book together? I think not. With movies, You can have the same experience as your friends while you enjoy it together, But reading the same book as your friend wouldn’t give you equal experiences, Due to your different interpretations of the book.

In conclusion, Movies are more entertaining than books because they don't take a long time to watch, You can watch them however you like, Whether you are on the go or settled down with friends and family, And they provided breathtaking scenery and sounds, Fully conveying the author's original idea.



Thanks for welcoming me into this debate
Movies vs books
My self Debate0ts. I m a boy.
U should also introduce ur self to counter my intro.

From ur view of intrest. I get conclusion that u r on movies side to argue. So well then i know my side to debate.

Lets start then,
Movies r the demand of todays word its because due to rapid growth of digital entertainment industry or perhaps so.
But movies r realy good to watch its only depend on its contents as same applied to books Also.
But the movie does not do any
Things to improves any sense quality in viewer its totally a spoon feeding just to child.
Just like a child feeding.
Its lack in imagination concept of view which is much higher in book reading.

On the other hand the book reading stuff improves reasoning skill, Apptietude skill
And also increase memory concentration and focus.

And where in movies stuff user experience a imaginative screen world for its pleasure of knowledge.
I m only saying book reading is much better work then movie watching.

And finally last point is that
Book reading creates good writing skill
And u and i must agree on these point becz
We r bebatting the topic throught writting skill only.
Our existing in this plate form is due to reading stuff.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for responding to my argument.

I agree with you that books help skills such as writing and reasoning, But if someone seeks entertainment as a way to improve academic skills, Is it still entertainment? Or is it just a different form of learning?

In the Oxford Dictionary, Entertainment is defined as "The action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment. " This is pure enjoyment and relaxation, And it says nothing about learning or increasing various abilities. As I stated, Movies have aspects that can entertain people way more than books, Such as visual effects, Auditory effects, Etc. In your argument, You have stated the things books can help you with in life, But not any aspects of books that provide enjoyment.

In conclusion, One shouldn't seek entertainment for the purpose of learning, Or rather for a purpose of relaxation and stress-relief, And that is why movies are a better form of entertainment than books.

https://en. Oxforddictionaries. Com/definition/entertainment


On todays life style, People r forgetting the joy of book reading the marvelous way to surpass time. Not in to learn knowledge or study its gives way for then that.

Books gives the world the precious comics, Which r even today also readed from international level.
The entertainment from the reding gives the another way to self imagination of things.

All movies scripts r first installment comes from the scripts of book. All by mean books, Reading, Writing r interelated which which gives to rise the world we see today.
The famous entertainment stuff r firstly scripted into books.

Now i get it. From ur counter points that

Books r the past way of entertainment. Its is quite good at today also. But the worlds changes. Today life is all about digital stuff so just basically the more entertainment we see we can enjoy in movies rather than books.

Visual learing r far more greater than reading stuff.
I get it when i learning my therory work from youtube.

Quite bit then i realize about ur point of views, What r u saying in these argues.

So i finally i stable at ur ponits of countet over books.

Thanks for be my contender at
Wood pencil vs mechanical pencil

But its totally depends on person to person to a matter of choice where he she like the digital way of learning or by reading way.
Thanks for ur views on topic.
Debate Round No. 2


Thank you for responding to my argument.

I agree with you that it depends on person to person, And what I am saying is that how entertaining something is can't be measured by math or an equation, It totally depends on the opinion of the audience, And if something is more entertaining than another, Naturally more people will prefer it and we can tell by the statistics.

The TV and video revenue worldwide totals at 286. 17 billion USD worldwide, While the book industry is only worth 143 billion USD. This proves that people are willing to pay more to watch movies, And we can conclude that people like movies more.

I see your point on imagination and it makes sense. To address your point, I agree that books leave way more room for imagination than movies, But what is the point of that? Would you like to imagine a nice story, Or would you rather see it with your eyes? I think most people would choose to see it.

To end my side of the debate, I would like to summarize all my points. First, Movies provide a shorter experience, Good for people who don't have enough time to read a book. They also create a good social environment, As people can watch movies together and share the joy. This creates oppurtunities for you to bond with your friends and family. Also, Visual and auditory effects in movies are way more detailed than anything our brain can create. Statistics shows that over the course of time, People are liking movies more and they are way more popular in modern society. If you are reading this, I urge you to take just two hours out of your weekend and enjoy a movie. I promise you will have an exciting, Fun experience.

Debate0ts, Thank you for being my debate partner on this topic, It has been a fun time debating against you, And I have learned a lot from your ideas.



I quite understand ur points.

And i amazed the way u explained the ways of ur points in last round.

And i now on totally agree with the point that, "movies r more entertaining then the books".

As my friends have remain a extra ticket for a movie.
Guess what they invited me to come with them. (today)

The movie is in 3D
Captain Marvel
Good movie, (i have seen)

Since its was my second time to see cinema.

Now i know that the digital entertainment is far, Far more greater than the book which some times creates confusion, Headache, Or time consumption perhaps

U said in ur comments
Once u get to face off with such stuff u shall know the power, Joy, Mind reliefing things

Which i get today in 3D version.

Thanks a lot to u, To bring me into such wonderful cinematic world of entertainment
Its pretty much as better as books (greater than books).

I m very happy to debate with u.
Thanks for such new learning (new lessons).

Onces again thanks very much.
I hope we shall soon encounter
For a new debate topic.

For then up to that day.
From my charm ur day goes As happier as ever.

Bye bye see yaa! (smiling)
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dyok 3 years ago
I love both books and movies. However, I would prefer to read the book first and then watch the movie. They are both great forms of entertainment to me in different ways.
Posted by Ku4nt3m 3 years ago
Movies don't incentivize the use of imagination like books do, Not even by close.
Posted by K_Michael_Tolman 3 years ago
I love movies and think they complement books well, But all too often they are lacking in plot or cohesiveness. A single movie is a million dollar venture, And if it isn't very successful, Then the company can go out of business. Disney was going bankrupt before the "Disney Renaissance" in the 90s that pulled it back into financial success. A book can be written more or less for free, On the other hand, And with programs like Amazon, Are able to publish for free as well.
Posted by Debate0ts 3 years ago
On last second line its debating
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