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Multicultarism is a burden on a nation

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Started: 6/6/2018 Category: Politics
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I am in a country which is currently at risk from another culture taking over. I believe in diversity, and I am fine with other races being present. However, when a country is getting overrun with another culture that is not "it's own", that's where I draw the line.


There's the American stereotype, of course, but there's no solid American culture. It's a multi-cultural country where the Salad Bowl theory is the more popular ideology (as it should be). Because America has a plethora of a variety of different races and cultures, the Melting Pot theory is not as popular. What culture is taking over? Though a culture may spread more and seem inviting to people, there will be no practices that will eradicate all others that are not the same. Diversity is something to be enjoyed, not something to be regarded with contempt.
Debate Round No. 1


I do need to comment, I am not an American. I am talking in the context of European countries.

I am a fan of diversity. However, when another culture is becoming the majority of another country, that is where I draw the line.

Now, you can put this in context of tourism and travel. If I want to have an experience of Chinese culture, I would move to China, and if I wanted to experience the Saudi Arabian culture, I would go to Saudi Arabia.

Now, to make this easier, I am going to put this in context of the United Kingdom. Based on the recent population census, foreigners, primarily Muslims, now are a majority in Britain compared with the English, which is now a minority.

I have a problem with that. People want to go to a country to experience British culture, the Monarchy, strong accents, and other common stereotypes. But, when tourists arrive they encounter other cultures being greater than that of the founders of that country. Britain has their culture. America is different in the sense of population and colonization, that is why I do not regard them in this debate.

I, again, am a fan of diversity. But when another culture is greater than the heritage which formed that country with blood, sweat and tears, you need to reconsider the future of that country.


I apologize. I had made the assumption that you lived in America as that seems to be a big issue because of our president.
Alright. England. Got it.
I now better understand where you are coming from. If you could give me sources to prove your point that would be great (I'm not doubting you but it would simply be nice to confirm it). Many people immigrate to a place because their country has push factors and the country they're going to has pull factors (which are usually things that their home country lacks). They are escaping a horrible life to get a better one.

I'm not very educated about England and it's laws. I don't study culture, but I do study history. Does England have anything similar to the First Amendment which protects speech, petition, assembly, religion, and the press (sorry for my parallelism here; I don't know how to better word it)?

I can easily understand your view and can somewhat agree with it. What I would think is more important is people's safety and their lives, rather than changing a country's culture. I'm not really one to speak, though, because I had already said it; there's no solid American culture because it's one big collection. England and its culture will still remain, but others will inevitably join unless the country has a no-immigrant policy (but people will still come because they're desperate). My only suggestion would be to have stricter immigration laws if you want the culture to be a minority. But, those are just ideas coming from a child's mouth and presented to someone who (I can assume) doesn't have a lot of power over what is happening.

Would you rather protect others despite your culture being a minority, or leave others to suffer while you live the way you are used to?
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