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Murder Is A Good Thing

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Started: 1/18/2017 Category: Society
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Murder is a good thing if you just let it happen

If someone wants to kill you protectively, Then if you just let it happen no one else will be hurt.
If you fight the murder, then its not the killer's fault, it's your fault. If you DO NOT fight it, then it IS NOT against humanity. It's actually for humanity because if we prevent murder then there is the problem of overproduction of people. We won't go extinct, we're the farthest from it. In fact, we have over 7 billion people in the world.
So, it is a good thing if you just let it happen.
"Why do you think its against humanity?
When if a tree dies, others will grow
Tell them
Tell them
Murder is a good thing
Its not against humanity
Tell them to stop punishing against humanity
If you just let it happen
Its actually for humanity
Never fight it or else
You've just killed yourself
Just be a good kid for me
Oh, murder is a good thing
I'm glad you listened to me
Or if you didn't
You'll be so confused
If your mother seems to say
That its against humanity
Your mother should be ashamed
Please tell her
That murder is a good thing
If you just let it happen"

Murder Is A Good Thing - Dwayne Johnson Lyric Sources: 21112335.html lyricsR06
"we have over 7 billion people in the world" source:


A definitive statement like "Murder is a good thing," means that you promote ALL murder. You have gone as far as to say that if a person is killed by defending himself from attackers, it's his fault.

In the means of self-defense, however, I understand and do not condemn the act of hurting or killing someone to protect oneself or someone else.

You fail to recognize the emotional hardship loved ones of the deceased people will have after the person is murdered. In fact, people are more likely to feel a sense of unease when hearing "Your loved one was murdered," rather than saying "Your loved one passed away peacefully." Additionally, promoting murder is like saying you promote all of the lost lives of policemen and militants that risk their lives to save their friends and to protect their home.
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Posted by Bound_by_Freedom 2 years ago
I think you ought to define the key words-what is meant by "good"? And do you mean to propose that all murder, whatever the intention is; is good? Are you stating that murder is an '"efficient solution"to overpopulation and benefits the society? Or do you mean that murder is morally justifiable?
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Reasons for voting decision: Con made a better argument for self defense by explaining the emotional pain endured to the victim's family if said victim were killed by an attacker. Pro sites a song that talks about murder. Points to con for arguments.