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Murder is wrong.

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Started: 4/7/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This is the accepting round.
Here are the rules:
1. No trolling.
2. No spamming.
3. No mean comment, pictures or anything like that.
4. No giving up purposefully.

Type accept if you accept my debate challenge.
If you give up then comment that you give up the debate.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


Murder is not wrong.

1. You say that it is wrong to kill a human but not wrong to kill a mosquito. What makes a mosquito's life different from ours? We are just a collection of cells which are a collection of dead things. So technically, we are already dead. We are just a neat assortment of things that interact with each other on a molecular scale. So "murder" is just a term for ending the interactions that make us "alive." Is it wrong to end humans? Is it wrong to end the interactions that make us "alive?" No, just as we test on bacteria and make reactions in the lab, we are just a bunch of reactions that can be ended in so many ways.

2. Humans are contributing nothing to the universe. We made television, computers, satellites, rockets, VR, and other great things. But those things are not contributing anything to the universe. No one can use those things to expand the lifeline of the universe or do anything to contribute to it. We just make those things to make our lives easier. We are the most selfish of all species and do not even think about the universe and how it has contributed to you being alive. Humans take the earth for granted, humans take the universe for granted, all that stuff that the universe gave to us is taken for granted. We are useless. We do not do anything about the lifeline of the universe even though we know that it is getting shorter. We are the most selfish, sinful, useless creatures of all time. Even a dormant blobfish is contributing to the universe by not causing energy distributions which will shorten the amount of entropy there is. (small but a start)

3. Humans are hopeless. We are selfish and must be wiped out for the greater good. We are given our wonderful planet Earth by the universe and in return we destroy it. We drain it until there is nothing left. We drive other species to extinction just so we can taste the species as food. We do not take into account the number of lives we killed for land, the number of families we separated because of favoritism, and the number of lives we ended just for the comfortableness of our own. I repeat we are selfish, hopeless, sinful, useless, and stupid. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, for every animal we have killed, for every insect we have crushed, for every fellow human we have ended without remorse, we have brought upon ourselves murder, hatred, anger, sadness, and envy. We murder each other on a small matter not worth the trouble. We hate each other because of small and pointless feuds. We anger each other to taunt and provoke each other into acting. We cause sadness everywhere all the time in parents, children, and neighbors. We envy each other and think that their neighbor has a better portion of society. But in the end, we are all worms, we are all worthless and pointless chemical reactions that deserve to be put to something worse than death. We deserve to be burned and tortured until the end of time. So I say that murder is not wrong and also not even enough to avenge the countless lives that we ended without remorse and without any hesitation. We deserve to slaughter and massacre each other till death is satisfied and all traces of human life is terminated.

4. Who are you? Who are you to think that you have a purpose in the universe? You are nothing. You are just a worthless little speck in the great scheme of the universe. You are less important than the dust on your feet for the dust contributed in forming the universe. What did you do? Oh, you just were clueless and did not care about the universe around you. You just made things and learned new ideas for the benefit of yourself.

Thank you for accepting my debate.


1. Your argument regarding the morality of killing a mosquito is irrelevant. The idea of something being wrong is a human social construct. I'll build upon this later as it pertains to my argument. And "technically" we have medical definitions of what qualifies someone as dead; they don't match what you have said. While our body may contain dead cells and what not the rest of us is very much alive.

2 and 4. The worth of someone or their contribution to the universe is grounds for their death. Nor can you, or anyone, accurately judge the worth of anything in the universe. Our perspective is too limited. One exercise in considering the potential worth is by considering the butterfly effect and how small things can have huge effects on the future. The worth of humanity cannot be accurately weighed in the present so it is incorrect to attribute somethings immediate contribution in justifying whether or not they get to live.

3. The concept of hope is uniquely human. Humans aren't hopeless because hope exists because we exist. Nothing else in the universe, that we know of, has hope because they aren't capable of it. The fact that you and others realize the errors and shortcomings of humanity and feel strongly enough to want to do something about it exist proves that humans are not hopeless.

My argument has to do with what I said earlier about social constructs. There really is no right or wrong in the universe everything tends to go about its business regardless of moral implications. If a meteorite were to strike earth and kill a pedophile it didn't do it because it was the RIGHT thing to do. The universe has no opinion and is far removed from the concepts surrounding this debate therefore we must consider the opinions that are involved with such concepts of right and wrong. You cannot simply dismiss the opinions of society because humanity is the only group with any say in this matter. Until animals or whatever gain the ability to log into this site and contribute to the discussion none of them really have a say in the matter of what is right and wrong.

Right and wrong are inventions of an organized society and as long as we live in that society we are subject to its rules concerning what is right and wrong. Killing a mosquito is acceptable because society has deemed it a socially acceptable behavior. Furthermore, we have many different organized societies within humanity which may have different rules concerning right and wrong. These rules may even excuse the killing of another human under certain circumstances like during war. But those exceptions don't count as murder. The very definition of murder is: the unlawful killing of another individual. By definition murder is wrong in every societal construct of humanity that uses English as its primary language.

The Universe is neutral in regard to this argument. Society has decided that murder, the unlawful killing of an individual, is inherently wrong. Murder is wrong, the only known sentient beings in the entire universe has collectively decided it so.

I also want to point out that SIN is a very religious concept and you should avoid its use if you want to keep this discussion free of religious arguments
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
6 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 6 records.
Posted by MEMERDANK 3 years ago
I forgot to mention, this debate WILL not get religious.
Posted by MEMERDANK 3 years ago
In our point of view, it is wrong. But not in the universe's point of view.
Posted by madcats 3 years ago
murder is wrong
Posted by MEMERDANK 3 years ago
Yes, I am for murder
Posted by MEMERDANK 3 years ago
I just want to see it from a different point of view.
Posted by TundraWolf 3 years ago
You're against the idea that Murder is wrong, correct?
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