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Music Composition Battle

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Started: 4/18/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My opponent asked me to challenge him to another music composition battle, which I am very glad to do because, firstly, the previous music composition battle was a lot of fun (actually it's still ongoing as of the time of writing, but was will be the correct pronoun when this goes to voting - see, and secondly, because my opponent was so much fun to debate with in my previous debate with him ( According to his profile my opponent is a bit of a musical prodigy (seriously, this guy composes for five musical ensembles), but hopefully my inevitable defeat won't be too humiliating.

The drill is exactly the same as the previous music composition battle. If you need to review the rules, see this link If you have any rule-related questions, ask in the comments before accepting, and I'll answer you as soon as I can. In particular, let me remind everyone that 3 minutes is the maximum length for songs. All songs are composed in just three days (although I usually write my songs in a couple of hours - it's just how I work). 2000 characters are allowed for commentry if the author wishes. All compositions must be original and written after the topic is announced by their opponent.

The standard for voting is who, on balance, produced what voters consider to be the "better" music.

With all that in mind I look forward to a really fun debate and seeing what my opening topic is going to be.


Ok brilliant I'm accepting the debate. Can't wait!

I will be uploading my compositions on youtube (probably) so that you can see the score as well. I will include a visual score if I compose in sibelius because it may not sound good on sibelius because of the electronic sounds but it might be well composed for a real life playing.

My opponents theme is....

Money - The rich and poor

I hope you enjoy writing for this theme; see you next round!
Debate Round No. 1


I'd like to do the same as my opponent with regards to how I present my composition, but sadly I can't afford Sibelius or even a keyboard for that matter, so you're just going to have to make do with my youtube video for now. Besides, I only know keyboard notation - drum notation etc confuses me. It's quite a simple piece but particularly the guitar would sound a lot better live.

When my opponent first said the theme all I could think of was ROCK (for some reason) so I decided I had to have that in there. There's a lot of coin-related sounds too (cymbals, bells, that sort of thing), and quite a driving rhythm for both the poor and the rich. The rich get the first half of the song, with quite an upbeat melody. Then starts the part about the poor - starting with the idea of economic struggle (with no guitar and lots of high strings), and then building to a more industrial movement that links back to the rich. The ending is very abrupt - this is intentional. Sadly I felt compelled to drop in an extra two bars so I've gone slightly over the 3 minute time limit.

All in all I wrote probably 30 minutes of music for this 3 minute thingy. I really need to get back to study now (at least we have a national holiday today)! I look forward to hearing my opponent's composition, which will be on the theme of "the igloo" (Igloos are those ice-houses that the Inuit sometimes live in, in case anybody didn't know).


Thanks very much for a wonderful subject, and a wonderful composition! I love the way you captured the two sides instead of just going for rich. I really loved it!

Here is my composition.

When I thought of igloos, I thought of the north pole (because that's where I imagine lots of igloos to be). So I imagined this one little igloo; right on the north pole, with no one and nothing for miles around. So I tried to represent a lonely icy object, isolated from the rest of the world.

I used glassy sounds with a lot of echo to show the loneliness (echo) and the icy bricks of the igloo (glassy sounds). I also used an ambient synth playing long chords. This echoed the loneliness of the igloo but also the strong and long blowing winds you would find in the noth pole. The guitar and drums made the song a kind of sad version of slow modern hiphop (or sad hop as I believe it's sometimes known). The beat keeps the piece together and the guitar adds ornamentation to the piece making it a little more interesting.

I called the piece 'blue cacophony'. I thought blue was a good word because whilst it links with the sadness and loneliness of the igloo, it also is like the colour of 'cold' and ice.

Now as you've probably noticed, I ran over the time limit by 51 seconds because I was being stupid and didn't look at the time count. I hope you'll forgive me for this and if you want my next piece to componsate by being shorter; just say. Also if the judges wish then they can only listen to the first 3 minutes to judge! This was just an oversight on my part so I'm sorry about that.

I hope you like my piece; I didn't spend tooooooooo (please don't penalise me for the extended spelling of 'too') long on it because I was busy but hopefully next time I'll have a bit more time! I can't wait to hear your next interesting theme for me BUT what now must be decided is my (probably not so interesting) theme for YOU!

Your theme's a tricky one this time. It is...

... The Line!

Enjoy composing!
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent can consider himself completely forgiven for going 1min over the maximum. His piece is so awesome that it makes up for it.

Unfortunately I don't have so much time for this round, so I'm going to have to respond earlier than I usually do (which is pretty early anyway) with a piece only 2:00 long. Both of my opponent's themes have been fun to write for, and my opponent's opening piece is an incredibly hard act to follow, so I'm really looking forward to hearing what he's going to do next.

I had millions of ideas of what a line could be. Of those, I picked the Glenbrook Vintage Railway Line, which I visited as a child, to be the title for my song, but I tried to incorporate as many different lines from my brainstorm as I could. This includes (although my full list is too long to type) the film "Thin Red Line", which has an awesome soundtrack, lines in morse code, transmission lines, lines that form parts of verses of songs, and of course geometric lines - both bold and light - which I represented with triangular and square waveforms on many of the instruments (but they're hardly recognisable in this submission - this is something I would have liked to have worked on more). All make their appearance in some way - just the railway ended up being a bit more overarching than the rest.

My opponent's final challenge will be to compose a song on the theme of this website (""). I wish him the very best of luck.



Due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to post my composition. I will humbly accept if my opponent rejects my proposition and leave the judges to decide a winner but I would ask that you consider extending my deadline until tommorow (1st may 11pm gmt) so that i have time to write, and post my debate. It's up to you, though I will be very thankful if you would.

Thank you for the debate and extra thankyou if you extend my deadline.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by owen99999 6 years ago
Thanks for your comment :) I don't mind that you didn't like the second piece; not a lot of people are into expermental atonal stuff. I'm just thankful that you like the first.

Cheers for listening!
Posted by Wallstreetatheist 6 years ago
I used YouTube to mp3 for your song, owen. It's now on my iPhone under the "calm" playlist.
Posted by Wallstreetatheist 6 years ago
Conduct goes to larz, because he posted his rounds correctly and timely.

As far as rounds, R2: I gave larz a 7/10 for his composition and owen a 10/10. Pro's tune was catchy, and fit the topic moderately well. Con went all out in round 2 with a song that perfectly captured the loneliness of the igloo, and was harmonically nuanced ideally.
R3: I gave larz a 7/10 and owen a 3/10. Pro's piece, although shorter, was a better fit and a better composition than the previous. Con's was obnoxious and discordant, sorry.
Final music score: larz, 14; owen, 13.
Arguments (music) and conduct go to larz.
Posted by owen99999 6 years ago
Sorry, my computer is completely broken so I had to do this composition elswhere on a slightly unfarmiliar (though not an excuse) program. It's a WAV file available here:

It's very different from the last; it is completely a tonal all through and is just a massive build up. Quite like how most of my personal debates go! More intense and intense until it ends suddenly and then a decision is made. Hope you like it sorry I can't post a longer commentary.

Thanks so much for the debate. No matter who wins I though it was really interesting and great fun!

Posted by owen99999 6 years ago
And Larz; thanks so much! I will have it done by tonight. Will post in comments!
Posted by owen99999 6 years ago
Thanks wall street atheist!
Posted by Wallstreetatheist 6 years ago
owen, that song you made sounds like professional spa/relaxation music. Excellent job, man.
Posted by larztheloser 6 years ago
I'm happy to extend the deadline - if only the maximum time for posting the next round could be set to longer than 3 days! To avoid going through the rather arduous process of creating a whole new debate, just post your next composition in the comments again. Thanks for not forfeiting.
Posted by owen99999 6 years ago
Oh my video didn't post so here it is:
Posted by owen99999 6 years ago
Cool cheers. Enjoy composing!
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