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Music composition contest

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Started: 9/15/2016 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This is a contest in music styles and composition. Not performance.

>R1 is for acceptance only.
>In R2, each contestant will post an original composition of sheet music for piano in a classical/romantic era style (eg fugues, marches, sonatas). If your notation software exports midi/wav/mp3 or you otherwise have an audio rendition of the music, you are allowed to post it as well. This is optional.
>In R3, each contestant will produce an original piece in any modern style (eg jazz, rock, dubstep) for electronic or sampled instruments. You will need some sort of digital audio workstation (eg Logic Pro, Reason, Cubase).
>Each song must exude a specific theme of the contestant's choice. The theme must be linked to the grand theme of that round. For R2, the theme is 'Light.' For R3, the theme is 'Dark.'

Anyone is allowed to vote on this debate provided they have sufficient knowledge of music in order to adequately use the following criterion:

Conduct (1 point): Overall, whose thematic expression was richer and more vivid? (Music Theory)
Grammar (1 point): Overall, whose songs were more enjoyable to listen to? (General)
Arguments (3 points): Overall, whose songs had superior construct sophistication? (Music Theory)
Sources (2 points): Overall, whose compositions were most professionally made? (General)

Votes on topics labbelled 'music theory' in parentheses must demonstrate a theoretical difference between the contestents. 'General' does not require this.

Pro begins in R2.



I accept!

I'm really looking forward to seeing what Smithereens will post.

Thank you for the oppurtunity to share my and my son's compositions!
Debate Round No. 1


R2: Sheet music. Theme: Light

The specific theme I have chosen for my own song is 'Sonatina,' which is a light version of the Sonata. The music itself is also very light and carefree. Presenting to you Sonatina, in 1 movement.

I've made an extra round in this debate just in case something fragile gets screwed up, like these photos not coming out how we intend them to. If something doesn't turn out correctly here, please refer to the comments.


Sheet music:

Sheet music perma links:



Smithereens has a great composition and is definately more prepared for this than I am.

I did my best to post a hand written composition that my son Jahziah composed and recorded a video of him playing it so that you can hear the audio. The sound quality isn't the best, and the composition is really kind of a loop of a basic bass line and melody that he intended to built onto. I would have posted the video on the debate, but I wasn't able to edit it to get the best "take" so the link to the video starts at 1 min. 2 sec. since that's where he bagan to play it the best. He hadn't played it in awhile and was kinda rusty.

It's titled "Bliss"

musical composition for the debate with Smithereens in Sept. of 2016.<br>music and lyrics by my son Jahziah. Used with permission.<br><br>Lyrics<br>It's like a dream <br>just before you wake<br>The real world seeps in<br>and mixes with the fake<br><br>A reminder of<br>what life really is<br>A small piece of truth<br> a light touch of bliss

He also wrote lyrics
It's like a dream just before you wake
The real world seeps in and mixes with the fake
A reminder of what life really is
A small piece of truth a light touch of bliss

Debate Round No. 2


R3: Digital music. Theme: Dark

The audio link I used in the last round didn't work. Here is a functional link:;
The specific theme I have chosen for my composition this round is Nightmares, in an attempt to best encapsulate my vision of the nature of 'dark.' Presenting Nightmares; Lucid III.



Due to the technical difficulties that my opponent and I are having, I will be posting my electronic composition in R4, since she won't have hers musical piece posted until R4. Her link to her piano xcomposition di9dn't post in R2, so she posted the link to what was supposed to have been posted in R2 in R3. Her video to her electronic piece didn't post in R3, so she will be posting that link in R4.

I had technical difficulties in R2 as well. I couldn't edit my video on youtube to snip it to the length that highlights my son's piano piece, so I posted a link that began where I wanted to snip the clip at. The link to the edited video of what was supposed to be the piano composition of R2 round is posted in this round. I tried to post the edited video, as Smithereens also tried to post the video for her electronic piece, but my video won't post on my debate either :(

Smithereens and I have discussed it and we decided will resume the electronic portion of the debate in R4, where we will both post links to our electronic musical compositions.
Debate Round No. 3


This is Round 3, again. Theme: Dark

According to Emmarie, my video didn't embed and isn't showing in the previous round, so this is Round 3, again. I've included the audio from R2 as well since the link broke.
The subtheme I chose for R3 was 'Nightmares.'

R3 Composition:

1. Youtube (Preferred);

2. Soundcloud

R2 Composition audio:

1. Soundcloud (Preferred)

2. Instaudio

A little bit about the pieces in conclusion:

R2 Sonatina:
I wrote hastily for this debate so it is somewhat basic and should be able to be sight read by most pianists without difficultly. I've mixed in some modern elements, such as the two bar Codettas, which contain a modern stylistic motif in cadence that would normally be odd for a classical sonata.

R3 Nightmares; Lucid 3:
This piece was more difficult to make, and I ended up using a chord progression from a fugue I had written earlier. The fugue in question is not discernible in the music, but I tried to input some fugue elements into the highly modern electronic composition. That translated into the high abundance of voices that can be heared competing with each other throughout the piece. The sounds and instruments themselves were for the large part invented by me, though not all. The rationale was to create sounds that could relate perfectly to nightmares, such as the alarm clock buzz in music form. Percussion and strings were refined from samples I own. The name 'Nightmares; Lucid III' indicates that this was my third attempt at the piece. I may or may not completely abandon the first two attempts now that the product is complete.

That's all from me. Thank you to Emmarie for accepting this debate and thank you for gracing us with you and your Son's music.

/ Heil Smithers /

*bows deeply*


I made an error. Smithereens isn't having technical difficulties, I was though. I wasn't able to view videos from DDO, and if I posted a video to a debate it didn't appear when I hit the "review" button. I thought her video hadn't posted because I couldn't view it. Here is a link to screen shots I took to show that I am being truthful. I apologize for any confusion. []

Here is the link to the piano composition from of the written music from R2. It is posted here as "My Edited Video."

The electronic track that I was supposed to post in R3, but didn't because I didn't think Smithereens track had posted, and I didn't want the debate to get out of sequence, I will post a few links to, and also post the video.
Meticulous Shadows is the title of the electronic track for the "Dark" theme of R3 and you can listen to it here.

Despite having some difficulty getting my material to post, I am glad to have done this debate with Smithereens because it has allowed both of us to share our musical creations on DDO. She is a very talented young musician and i wish her the best of luck with whatever she does with her musical gifts!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by ESocialBookworm 1 year ago
Smithers is a guy
Posted by Smithereens 2 years ago
If you cannot see the pictures Fire wings, use the perma links or edit your URL to remove 'comments' from it.
Posted by fire_wings 2 years ago
Posted by missmozart 2 years ago
NO!! That's not fair.
Posted by fire_wings 2 years ago
can I just vote that Con had more errors like computer problems, etc?
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
Nightmares was too, and your welcome:)
Posted by Smithereens 2 years ago
Nice piece, thanks for the debate~
Posted by Smithereens 2 years ago
oh no worries. Just clear up that point of confusion when you post your round and we'll conclude the debate like that then :)
Posted by Emmarie 2 years ago
@smithereens, it did embed. I had a conversation with ThinkBig about posting videos on debates, and we concluded that there is something wrong with my profile, that i can't view or post videos. I even tried to post a video on a test debate and my video didn't show as posted. I haven't messaged airmax yet cuz I haven't had time to explain what is happening not being able to view or post videos from my account. I had my son Google the debate, on his computer and your video posted. I apologize for the confusion. bTW - he liked your composition :)

Here is a link to screenshots I took of the test debate as well as this debate. []
Posted by Smithereens 2 years ago
Here is my recording:

Everything is harmonically correct, as it was a deliberate choice to shift into dominant for the development as is common in standard form for sonata, accidentals are used in place of a key change to remain true to tradition. Both acciaccatura and appoggiatura should be played differently, as both are used in the song. The trills are open to player interpretation. In my recording I only trill for the Ossia staff I think. The 8va is for the bass cleff only at 29. You can tell because the tail points down.

If there are single chords that sound odd to you, I recommend adjusting the emphasis of the movement onto the subdominant, dominant and tonic. There are places such as bar 17 where a weak note or seventh will tend to stand out, but that's the intention of the piece. Otherwise, it's entirely up to player interpretation lol, so play however you like.
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Reasons for voting decision: The reason I am making this a tie is following: First of all, I cannot see Pro's pictures. But, she (I hope) does better than Con in the other rounds. But Con wins in the first round. And, Con has weird problems. I would vote for Pro, but I can't see Pro's first round, so it can always change. But, for right now, I am casting a null vote.
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