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Muslims make up most terrorists

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Started: 2/18/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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First Round is acceptance.


I assume this, based off the last challenge, is basically "Muslims make up most terrorists and Islam is a religion of Terror."

I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


I meant to delete the part about Islam is a terror religion, but I do believe Muslims make up he majority of the world's terrorists today. I don't think that most of the Muslim population makes up terrorists,but a small portion does,but being one of the biggest religions in the world this makes a lot of terrorists. Almost the entire top ten most wanted people for the F.B.I is made up of Muslims and the fact that Al Qaeda is powerful enough to engage the superpowers such as America in war shows how many men they have. Also on most terrorist group lists, Muslim terrorists groups make up the majority. How many terrorists groups can you name that exist today and are not Muslim? Not that many right.


Argument I: Terrorist Membership

While Terrorist groups are very private, leaving little to be understood about their numbers. Every religion has it's share of extremists, including Jewish and even Buddhist terrorist groups. And not all Terrorism is religious. Most groups arise to fight for political ideologies. This includes Communist and Socialist terrorist groups. A list of Terrorist groups by region shows the Islamic nations have no more than 38% of all Terrorist groups in the world. Although many terrorist groups in the area are Jewish and Political.

In fact, many Terrorist groups in the area who are made of Muslims, are in fact political groups, not religious groups, but that doesn't really get us anywhere with the Resolution.


Argument II: Terrorist Activity

Many people will look at the activity among Terrorists to show that membership among Muslims is high. However, in the US terrorist attacks says otherwise. Jews commit more terrorism in the US than Muslims, while Latino's commit the most, at nearly 42% of all terrorist attacks in the US since 1980. This emphasizes the size of non-Muslim Terror Groups.

In the whole of the world, Islamic Attacks are a lot more common. This isn't because of Terrorist Group Memberships, but the environment in the Middle East. Three issues make Islamic Terrorism more common.
  1. Cultures: Despite how people view the Middle East, it isn't just Islam, Jewish, and Christian. The Middle East is split up by Jewish, Christian, Soroastrianism, Sunni, and Shia. Shia and Sunni Muslims fight continuously. This isn't, however, for religious reasons, but extreme nationalism. Sunni Muslims are patriotic to the ancient Caliphate, leading to the groups major differences. Such close quarters between the five groups of people leads to an increase in terror activity by all five (2).
  2. Shia Governments: Militant Shia groups controlled much of the Middle Eastern government, be it Hamas or the Taliban. Such political backing increases terrorism extensively. Shia Governments are as close to the Caliphate as we get, and patriotism to them is very high amoung Terrorists, leading to extremely high activity per member.
  3. Civil War: Sunni Muslims make up 85-90% of all Muslims, but were ruled over by Shia Muslims. Be this the cause or a cause of the civil wars, the Middle East exploded in civil conflict. Civil War has ALWAYS led to extreme terrorism, especially when the Governments at risk are in control of the terrorist groups.

The environment in the Middle East is perfect for Terrorism, where 1 terrorist will be more active than group of 10 elsewhere. Islamic Terrorism only accounts for half of all international terrorism, and the terrorism per member ratio is highly inflated amoung their members.


Rebuttal I: List of Terror Groups.

I can, in fact, list off a great deal of groups that are not Muslims.
  • Red Army Faction
  • Red Brigades
  • Revolutionary Struggle
  • Shining Path
  • ETA
  • IRA
  • Tamil Tigers
  • Aum Shinrikyo (Buddhist)

Most of these groups are, in fact, political and Far-Left groups (2). The reason most of the top terrorists are Muslim isn't because of the number of groups and members, but because of the involvement of large Shia governments. Pro is confusing fame with membership.

Debate Round No. 2


This debate is about whether muslims make up the largest number of terrorists,not why they are terrorists. Also according to the website below, 3 countries make up almost 25% of the terrorist groups. All of these countries consist of mainly Muslims.

Also the attacks by non Muslim groups is going to be less than that of Muslims in America because the Muslims make up a minority of the population here, but the most horrific and devastating attacks were preformed by Muslim terrorist groups and still, after many years of fighting we still haven't managed to kill of Al-Qaeda.

Plus the Red Army Faction last major action was in 1993, the Red Brigades last major action occurred in 2007. The major action of Revolutionary Struggle lasted until 2010. The Shining Path has suffered numerous setbacks such as their leaders being killed in clashes with troops and drops in recruitment.ETA ended its armed activity in 2011 and the IRA had to merge with other groups.The last major action of the Tamil Tigers was in 2009 and the Aum Shinrikyo split. Con is naming many organizations that are not active anymore or have started receding.


"This debate is about whether muslims make up the largest number of terrorists,not why they are terrorists. "

I never brought up why they are terrorists. I brought up why their activity was inflated. And WRONG. This debate is about whether they make up most terrorists, not the largest number. Pro is now trying to shift the goal posts.

Rebuttal I: Terrorist Membership

3 countries making up 25% of terrorist groups still isn't "Most." Pro is cherry-picking what the website said. The website, which I used in my argument, claims 38% of all terrorist groups are in Muslim countries, well under most.

As for making up the minority, this is a pointless argument. Percent of population doesn't equal percent of terrorists. Jews make up twice the population that Muslims make up (1), but only 1% more terrorist attacks (2). Meanwhile, far left groups make up a minuscule percent of Americans, while making up 24% of all terror attacks (compared to 6% Islamic.) As for how horrific an attack was, that's not really relevant. In fact, your second paragraph itself rather irrelevant altogether.


Rebuttal II: List of Terror Groups

The activity level of the group isn't relevant. Unless every member was arrested or died, the terrorists are still there. If Al-Qaeda disbanded, the terrorists wouldn't just go home. Bringing up how The Shining Path has lost many leaders is incredibly irrelevant... Al-Qauda has also lost many high up members. Each group's members are still alive. As for the ceasefires, such as the ETA, the group is still there. The ETA has been through many ceasefires. Con's argument came down to making excuses to ignore that I was able to bring up a list of terrorist groups that weren't Muslim. Every group I mentioned, while not widely active anymore, are still alive and recognized. The groups, and their members, are still there. Here are some more, or are still fully active:
  • New People Army
  • Revolutionary Organization 17 November
  • Revolutionary People's Liberation Party–Front
  • Real Irish Republican Army
  • Continuity Irish Republican Army
  • National Liberation Army
  • FARC
  • United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia

Every group is still alive. Inactivity means nothing. The Shining Path is still alive and active, and ceasefires just means they aren't going to do anything for a few years, but do intend to again someday. Pro's arguments about the groups are more cherry-picked excuses.

Conclusion: Muslim terrorist groups seem large, but only because their Activity-per-member ratio is heavily inflated by the three sources listed in R2 that Pro never tackled. The idea that Islam makes up most terrorists, or that Religious ideologies lead most Terrorist Groups, is simply baseless.
Debate Round No. 3


MolecularBird06 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by donald.keller 6 years ago
None-the-less, not Muslim.
Posted by bubbatheclown 6 years ago
I don't mean to nitpick (well actually I do), but Aum Shinrikyo is not a Buddhist group. They have some aspects of Buddhism, but their group also identifies largely with Christianity.
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