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Muslims should all be deported

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Started: 11/1/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Because of yet another terrorist attack in New York yesterday I propose. Muslims should all be deported to Asia and Middle East from Europe and North America. Europe and North America have been Christian societies for 2000 years in Europe and 300 years in North America, the values, beliefs and traditions are all Christian based. Now all of a sudden we have the Muslim people in Europe and North America, and we have bombs going off, we have terrorist attacks in Boston, Now York San Bernandino, we have attacks all over France, Germany, Belgium.

I say round up all the Muslims, grandmas, kids, parents, ALL of them from each house and deport them back to where they came from. Most terrorist attacks today are by home grown people of Muslim immigrants. I say deport them all. Just like when Hitler deported all the Jews, I say deport all the Muslims and the violence and the bombings and killing will stop. Let Christians live on separate continents from the Muslims, let the Muslims blow themselves up in Asia and the middle east.

If you want to debate this, tell me why we shouldn't deport the Muslims, and don't tell me that it's only a small ratio of radical Muslims, because all Muslims hate Christians, so that argument wont fly here.


Its shocking to see all the hatred and pure evil within you and others like you. Nah not really. That"s because you cannot see the true racism in front of your beady little two blinded eyes that are in the back of your scalded scared by razor blade Ken doll head.

There"s no such a thing as stopping terrorism. None. Attacking terrorism WITH terrorism as you blatantly and stupidly propose because your scrotum soda cabbage batbrain is far too small to understand Its gonna happen no matter what is an EXTREMELY bad idea because all that will do is promote MORE terrorism. And this country attacking it is only gonna make matters all the worse.

The so-called jesus jujitsu man on the big white barn who only knows how to win as compared to doing what is right doesn"t have a clue nor a solution towards anything that is going on here in this country nor around the rest of the world. Indeed the little man has proven himself to be one of the worst, if not thee worst president of all time which could very well bring this country into WWIII. Regardless within his term he most certainly will bring this country into another Vietnam if not two. I can"t even pronounce his fricken name.

So your solution is to go around and bash people"s doors open. Why don"t we bash your doors open? After all, it is you that is being the true terrorist. BY FAR.

Oh and what do you propose in doing about guns and about daddy shooting up his family as---an---example which is BY FAR a more serious terrorist act taking place here in this country where thus far this year is gun deaths 12,894. And the number of mass shootings (4 or more) are 299. That"s purrrfectly ookey doughkey - correct? Chicago alone has far more terrorists acts due to its lowly gun violence in which you obviously praise because after all, you didn"t even think nor dream about mentioning deporting gun users now did you? Nope. That didn"t even enter your yodeling grunge country opera Rammstein (you misspelled their name on your profile you complete moron) battering ram Einsturzende Neubauten collapsing new buildings bookshelved uneducated unintelligent weebles wobble but they do fall down. Yeah you love it all.

And you honestly think that little goo goo ga ga you who noodles in his moldy diapers where a fire ant takes a nice little nibble at his you know where areas to give you a new high actually has the ultimate solution? Just how would you go about taking your ideals and proceeding to the next level and take care of business? Or the better question is, is how do you determine who is a Muslim and who isn"t? Um duh with a doy and a what and a huh documents and identification can very easily be forged, copied and falsified. Oh but wait by gum because your chewing gum brain has not figured that very big easy one out. Oh its so very easy to do. Perhaps we should falsify your ID to make you a Muslim. Wouldn"t that be grand?

Now what are you going to do if these Muslims, once found out that they are Muslims, what is your beady little sarcophagus contagious dimwitted dullard snot meat sow noodle going to do if they do not wish to leave? Ah yes, the ultimate solution. YOU ARE GOING TO LINE THEM UP AND SHOOT THEM. After all there"s really no possible way that you can FORCE every single person to leave if they do not want to. So let"s force YOU to leave. That"s the best solution because there"s no room here in this country for all the hate and evil that YOU have.

Grow up beyond your silly pity.

Many congratulations once again in absolutely proving on how much hatred and pure ultimate evil that there is within you and what a true racist you truly are. Keep up the good work. I"m sure that there is practically nobody that agrees with you. And for those that do a complete screw to the brain for you.
Debate Round No. 1


Just like my President has already started with the ban on the 7 Muslim countries, I suggest we go a little further by not allowing Muslims to immigrate to this country period. As for finding out who the Muslims are, that's simple, I will create a new task force in the ICE department called "Muslim Removal Agency" (MRA). The MRA will go from house to house and ask each family the same way the terrorists do right now, say a Christian prayer, if you can't not and we prove that you are Muslim, you have 30 minutes to pack up what you can in a suitcase and you are being escorted to the airport to be flown back to Asia or Middle East. Unlike the terrorists who kill Christians if they can't prove they are Muslims right on the spot, the MRA will escort people to airports to ship them back to the other continents on the other side of the world.

Muslims are barbaric, primitive people with their uncivilized sharia laws and mistreatment of women, these people haven't evolved from the 1200's yet. Just like the Christians who drove back the Ottoman empire from invading Europe, we will now use more civilized methods of deporting Muslims. (which also includes you, the ISIS sympathizer) Go back to your cave in the desert. At least I don't propose any killings, I suggest relocations, just like when the Jewish people were relocated to Jerusalem, Muslims should be relocated back to the middle east, let them blow each other up over there, and eat their halal back ribs LOL.

I am more then happy to assist President Trump in running the MRA, I will lead the task force in all the subdivisions, I will kick in the doors, knock knock, your face is covered up, you are OUT of here, I see those pyjama outfits, you are gone, pack up your sh!t, you are going back to your country. No killing or beheadings like the barbaric Muslims do, just relocations.

And once the task is complete, all Mosques are being demolished and bull dozed over.

Nobody agrees with me?? That's a good laugh there, this is why Trump was elected in a democratic society, because everyone thinks like me, they are just afraid to state it because we are such a polite society and everyone wants to be politically correct, BUT in their minds they are thinking just like me. We and Europe are tired of these ISIS losers, ever since 9/11 these random acts of terrorism seem to happen every month now. It's time to eradicate and remove these sleeper cells, these angry losers who have never had a girlfriend in their lives, these social misfits who can't function in society so they decide to blow stuff up or kill people.

By the way you and your halal odor pyjama wearing carcass will be the first one I visit as the President of (MRA) when we deport you back to Uzbekistan or whatever Stan you are from.


Since you claim to be an atheist (nah you are not), here"s an Atheist Experience episode that aired on Sept. 24th yep you guessed it with an ATHEIST MUSLIM who has one helluva lot more intelligence than a scatterbrain of unintelligence and with no edumacation in which you clearly have because its so obvious that you are still in preschool. Now pay close attention, your minced mutton moron mechanical mind may learn something. Nah. .
- Matt Dillahunty and Muhammad Syed

You know what? I typed up an entire page and then I threw it all away because I realized something important. There is so much hate and evil within you that no matter what anybody says to you, no matter what it is, you are so convinced in your bile coughed upped sickened diseased ways that even if someone were to agree with exactly---to---the---letter---with---absolutely---no---difference---whatsoever with what you were to say you would still manage to find fault with that person. Its because your boasted ego stretches way out to the big bang.

It is so obvious that if you have any friends and loved ones AT ALL that they are all fake and fraudulent which is a HUGE red flag.

Um no I didn"t even get beyond reading your first couple of sentences. How can I when you breathe so much hate, anger, and pure evil?

Now YOUR president is also a racist pig of true evil and hate, like you and you know it, who cannot possibly accomplish what he says he will do. His so-called wall (tee hee) wailing wall will never get built.He WILL get this country involved in another war if not another two Vietnam"s. Perhaps WWIII. Let"s compare god to him and see where it leads in which you cannot refute a single one of the listings because you are not intelligent enough to"

* Both Trump and god are compulsive liars. They both get caught at their lies.
* Both Trump and god use power and then through that power they use fear to control.
* Both Trump and god use religion as a premise to gain that power.
* Both Trump and god love war.
* Both Trump and god are evil (god has freely admitted it several times, will Trump?)
* Both Trump and god love money.
* Both Trump and god have these babbling mouths that never shuts up.
* Both Trump and god have super elastic band stretched out undie superior ego complexes
* Both Trump and god don"t give a damn who they squash to get what they want.
* Both Trump and god are all about winning.
* Both Trump and god issue laws that are absurd and cannot possibly be followed.
* Both Trump and god hate women (Trump is a womanizer which is hating women in the worst kind of way and god just hates women)
* Both Trump and god - we all know they are hiding something to achieve what they want (a sheep in wolf"s clothing)
* Both Trump and god don"t give a damn about the poorest of the poor.
* Both Trump and god are fake within their own personalities.
* Both Trump and god are chief complainers. They complain about everything.
* Both Trump and god are crybaby whiners and cannot do without their rattles.
* Both Trump and god have no idea, none, as to what true suffering, pain and horror truly is.
* Both Trump and god hate politics.
* Both Trump and god are terrorists.
* Both Trump and god are self imposed narcissists.

So this friendly little debate is now over and has come to a nursery rhyme end. Your pure hatred and evil has bored me to sleep during a nuclear war. Go ahead and debate with yourself because that is what you are best at. Have fun!
Debate Round No. 2


I don't know what the hell this mumbling about Trump and God is all about, take the marbles out of your mouth.

Bottom line, president Trump has already put restrictions on Muslims from 7 countries, now it's time for him to take it further. You can whine all you want but when Trump makes it law, and your cave living Muslim relatives can't arrive in the USA anymore from any country in the world, then I will be happy. . I'm going to be Trumps right hand man like Hess was to Hitler, I will head the Muslim Removal Agency (MRA) and have them all removed from North America, Europe will do the same.

People are about to reach their limit with these constant bombings and terrorist attacks, it's time to push back, all bleeding heart soft cry babies can whine and complain about it, hey I have a suggestion, why don't you move with them to the desert, eat all meals with your hands and pray 22 times a day and do your bombings and beheadings over there while crapping in a hole because Muslims haven't evolved from the stone age, they are the most primitive and barbaric people in the world. But the majority of people in the USA want Muslims removed, that's why they voted for Trump.

You can whine and cry about me being hateful but the truth is 9/11 was the deadliest attack on the American people and that was done by Muslims, now it's time to remove all the sleeper cell, disgruntled, grubby unshaven, pyjama wearing Muslims from this country, and Europe will do the same, close and fortify the border with Turkey and keep the Muslims back in their home, because there is no place for them here or Europe, and by electing Trump the nation has shown that we don't want them here. We can find our own people to drive cabs and work at Dunkin Donuts.

So you take your whinny, bitchy attitude and go cry someone else a river because your complaints are falling on deaf ears and the ban on the 7 countries is already in place weather you like it or not.. Now I just want it taken a step further.
This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
It was fun while it lasted, but unfortunately the losing party, backwardseden finally surrendered as his lack of intellectual prowess failed him and he resorted to using abusive language in his comments and debate instead of providing logical and contextual evidence to my indisputable topic debate.
Posted by Johann_Christian_Bach 2 years ago
LMAOOO This debate is lit fam
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
backwardsthinking, have you taken your meds today, this mumble jargon that you go on and on about without a specific point sounds like you missed a session of therapy last week. Go see your therapist, and next time you want to start a debate, try finishing it.

By the way Paranoia is going to be banned for his direct attack, along with you for not debating but trolling on this debate site

Apology accepted (mic drop)
Posted by backwardseden 2 years ago
@ Perenoia - DO NOT worry! In no way shape or form will you be banned from for what you said. If anything it is the darling little closet head meat grinder pan handler yodeling grunge country boy skunk perfumed battery powered easy bake oven FanboyMctroll that will be banned if anything for bringing in all of his hatred to the table with absolute proof for it. And what idiot whats to succumb any of his/ her valued time and shrink to his level to even debate him with all that hate that he has raging with him? I don't think you'd find anyone who is intelligent nor educated that would.
Oh and btw, we both know that this was NOT a serious debate. There's no possible way that it could have been with all the rage that FanboyMctroll truly has within him. And to debate the tinsel mind would mean giving him attention that he doesn't deserve. That would be a grave mistake.
Please tc and have fun.
Posted by ConserativeDemocrat 2 years ago
FanboyMcTroll not only is a troll, but a hypocrite as well.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Perenoia, you have breeched the code of conduct of the DDO community with your direct attack. As per DDO code of conduct rules below, your comments are considered a direct attack and therefore you will be banned from this site.

There is another kind of direct attack, as well. The kind of post where someone drops in to just say something like "You're all idiots". While not a direct personal attack against an individual, it's still a direct attack against the members on the thread.
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
Perenoia, I know you have nothing intelligent to contribute to this debate as you intelligence level is equivalent to a grade 10 high school drop out. Why don't you go back to collecting shopping carts at Walmart before we have you deported.

This was a serious debate and if you have nothing intelligent to say then we don't need your junior immature comments on here.
Posted by Perenoia 2 years ago
I have to say, backwadseden did the right thing, don't argue with idiots. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you on experience.
Posted by Perenoia 2 years ago
backwardseden *drops mic*
Posted by FanboyMctroll 2 years ago
How dare you accuse me of trolling brant.merrell? I was starting a serious debate about the state of North America and Europe, proposing valid options to the solution of terrorism, and my opponent decided to troll me with his insensitive, slurring remarks.

Fortunately cooler heads prevailed and the intelligent party won the debate as my opponent completely came off the rails and lost the debate without providing any concrete solutions to the problem
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