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My DNA/SWEATING/EARWAX SHINES and i have written holy book truth am i god ? what do you believe ?

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Started: 2/24/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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My DNA/SWEATING/EARWAX SHINES and i have written holy book truth am i god ? what do you believe ? am i god or prophet or son of god or real god.

You can check out my videos on youtube

This debate is on whether i am real god or whether i am real son of god or whether i am prophet or whether i am human who just gets shining.

I have my own religion and i have written holy book truth which is available on my youtube channel.

My holy book truth written by me

Lets keep the debate on original truth.

I dont claim myself as god of any religion or son of god of any religion god. I want to identify my origination from your believe. I want to know what your believe says and how much you are true in your believe.

Thanks for keeping the debate on original truth.


I'm sorry but i don't your a god i don't think there is any gods there is only science
Debate Round No. 1


what do you think i am ? or what do you believe i am ? because my DNA wet or dry shines and my sweating shines and my earwax shines and even my blood shines.

do you think a normal human will get shining in DNA or sweating shining or earwax shining.

I am not declaring myself as god but what i am according to your believe or according to your thinking.


all religion is bull and all blood and sweat and earwax shines if it is hit by the light in the right way
and in my religion there is no gods no divine beings there only true facts that prove all religion is false hope so people think there is something other than death but death is inescapable
so believe what you want but it is all wrong
Debate Round No. 2


I just added my new DNA shining video which is in clear video, and which does not shines because of light because DNA will not shine because of light as its dirty and its color is dirty.

Please check my this video carefully which i added just now

and tell me if you think DNA can be like this of any person or human.

my god of my created religion called me his son who met me in my dream where i was in universe in front of him and levitating. I never saw anyone beautiful then my god, by anyone i mean no being or nobody then my god who is not god of any religion.

I am 35 years old and my generation with humans of human world still have to come.


do you have any proof that your "god" even exists
Debate Round No. 3


i have his history from beginning to if end on youtube written in my holy book truth. Holy book truth is still not translated properly in english and hindi/urdu mixed audio will be uploaded tonight or tomorrow or day after tomorrow on youtube.

Holy book truth will be available on in hindi/urdu correct sentence in proper understanding that i understand and speak.

English language translation is not 100% guaranteed to be correct. My god is seen in universe but not in planet to everyone and i can meet my beautiful god whom i love very much at any time by flying or by showing believe i showed my believe to everyone by writing my holy book truth - ahmed ki paak kitab sach.


that's not real proof
a book u wrote doesn't mean there are gods
Debate Round No. 4


well i came to know truth from spirits that i am original son of jewish god but i believe in my god whose history i have told in my holy book written in hindi/urdu mixed language.

now what can be really truth ? according to spirits am i jewish god original son or according to somebody am i original son of god of someone who is not seen inside this planet but seen from universe ?

i believe i am original son of my original god whom i believe with whom complete universe became real universe.

i am original son of god and my proofs are

my written holy book truth - ahmed ki paak kitab sach
my dna shining, my sweating shining, my earwax shining and yet to upload my blood shining
i cannot show my god to you because my god is already seen from his believe to everyone already which is from universe and whatever is seen which is dream which doesnt finishes like sky, sun, moon, planets, universe.

if you are seeing sky then you will see believe of my god and believe is like a human have his body with his believe he controls his body.

so you are seeing my believe of god who is god only.
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Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by LOLELEL 3 years ago
i agree what proof of your "god" do you have that they exist since all religion is just a way to give people false hopes and promises along with take their money
Posted by LOLELEL 3 years ago
there are no gods or anything like that cuz they dont show themselves all religions are just ways to trick people and take their money and christianity is stupid since "god" wants people to fear him and do his will for their entire lives like how is he holy and righteous if he demands these things
Posted by canis 3 years ago
If you feel like it.. It is ok with me..That is why i am an atheist. So just be what ever god you can be for you self... And not me..
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