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My little pony and the "Brony" fandom is bad and a menace

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Started: 4/1/2014 Category: TV
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I am a "logical hater". As such I am against MLP:FIM and am going to prove that this show and the Bronies are not all that they seem to be.

I am going to start off with what I have come to know about MLP from the past few years since I found out about it and the "Brony" phenomenon.

My little pony first started off in the 1980's. This first installment of the show was just called "My little pony" and was the first and last series to have actual humans as characters in the show. This is also known as "G1" or Generation 1. Late on the second installment called "My little pony tales" came into being. This installment had no humans, but the ponies lived in a world with stuff that were created by humans (cars and the like). This was known as "G2". The 3rd installment called "G3.5", due to its DVD only released, was the first series to be created in the software program "Flash". Flash forward to now. Hasbro started to notice that their big girl show show wasn't getting to girls it was created to get. Hasbro realized they needed to completely revamp the series if it was to survive. The fourth and newest installment, G4, of MLP was given to Lauren Faust. A person who WORKED ON (Not created) various popular Cartoon networks shows such as Foster's home for imaginary friends and on bits and pieces of other shows. This was to be Faust's first original and solo project in that she was to create everything and not just work on certain areas of this show. Hasbro hired her and gave her a guideline that she was to follow.

This is the what she created.

The series first two episodes was about the sister princesses ruling over the magical land of Equestria. By the end of the first episode you start to notice a change in attitude from Luna. This change becomes more apparent in the second episode. Half way through the second episode Luna has become twisted. She refused to allow night, which is what she controlled,to come to an end. Her sister, Celestia, is forced to use a power known as the elements of harmony on her and she is banished to the moon. The third episode of the series takes place one-thousand years later. New characters are introduced to us. Twilight Sparkle and her assistant Spike the dragon. She discovers this mystery and tries to warn her teacher, Princess Celestia, of the upcoming problem. Luna, now Nightmare Moon, was going to escape her banishment and return to create eternal night. Twilight's warning goes ignored as Celestia thinks that a upcoming celebration is more important than her student's warning. Twilight is sent to Ponyville and is make sure all the ponies working on this event are going to finish on time. Here is where we meet the new cast. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and finally Rarity. They all have different personalities that seem pretty realistic and identifiable. At the end of episode three Twilight's warning comes true and Nightmare Moon escapes and vows to make night last forever. In episode four, we see Twilight and her new "friends" embarking on a quest to save the land. This is accomplished by the Twilight figure out that she and her new found friends are, in fact, the fabled Elements of Harmony. They defeat Nightmare and she realized her mistakes. A happy ending for all as Twilight is allowed to stay in Ponyville with her new friends and Luna and Celestia are once again united. Through out the rest of the 30 episodes of season one we get a small arc known as the "Grand Galloping Gala" and "slice of life" episodes. We learn quite a bit about the characters such as Applejack parents are dead and a new character named Scoot-a-loo is unable to fly, Either from a birth defect or from some sort of illness she got when she was born. The best episode by far is the one where Applejack and Rainbow Dash are in a forest and they find a young pony with sticks attached to his head. He was abandoned by his true parents as a newborn and deer found him and raised him as their own. This ep is amazing due to the "Nature vs Nurture" argument. Applejack believes they should "leave well enough alone" and Rainbowdash believes this pony should be with his true parents and the rest of his pony kind.

This really does sound like a great family friendly series right? No it doesn't because everything I just said pretty much never happened. It was what Faust originally wanted. This is what she would have created if it weren't for the guidelines Hasbro put in place for her to follow. When she started to try doing her own thing Hasbro put a stop to it for the most part leaving us with the show that we have before us today. Faust left the series after the first season due to Hasbro "stifling my creativity". While she did become the shows "creative adviser" or something like that she completely left the series before the "derpy hooves" fiasco.

Somehow though, even with all of these great family friend ideas removed or covered up the show My little Pony: friendship is magic gained a following. A huge one at that. Bronies, as they became to be called, claimed this new show was a masterpiece. A family friendly show that was better than most anything out there during the current time. It has great animation, voices, stories, and characters. Bronies slowly grew over the past few years. The "infested" the Internet like a virus. They have gained so much attention that they have been in the media various times. Just about anyone knows what a brony is. They believe in principles of the show, and believe in "love and tolerance". Whenever they were trolled or hated on they would use the "Lauren Faust defense". This is a bronies perfect defense against anyone saying that they are "unmanly" for watching a girls show. Lauren Faust said it herself. "I didn't create a girls show, I created a show for families. It only makes sense that adult male viewers would also like the show". Bronies are said to be a wide spectrum of people, usually males, from ages ranging from 10-50+ years old. They create works of "art" (fan or otherwise), music, and various other projects (like games). They are said to help people as well. Donating to charity and befriending the kid sitting alone. Truly Bronies sound like the "fandom" to be apart of. The series is "great", it's backed by the creators and the voice actors, and even some big name semi-famous people are bronies or like bronies such as Andrew W.K (musical artist and host of "DESTROY build DESTROY") and Gabe Newell who owns the game company Valve. Yes what can one say about bronies that hasn't already been said tons of times before? Bronies and their show really don't seem all that bad now right? Well they wouldn't be if, again, most of that was true. While what I just typed isn't 100% false there is more to it than what meets the eyes (and ears).

My little pony and the resulting bronies are a menace to society because unlike other fandoms they take everything way too far. You could say that every fandom has its share of "rabid" fans and this is true. The thing is rabid fans of any other fandom don't even compare to that of rabid and even non-rabid fans of the MLP fandom.
I have never seen the "Whovian" fans, "trekkies(trekkers), Starwars fans, "Twihards", Harry potter fans, "avatards", "Cheese heads" or any fandom you can name/think of go to the lengths that bronies have in the MLP fandom. Bronies started a kick started called "the brony thank you project" which was for a commercial to air on "The hub" (Hasbro's official tv network). This commercial was created to thank the creators of the show. While that isn't bad, that fact again goes back to no other fandom has done this and I am pretty sure they feel just as strongly for their fandoms as bronies. Bronies have also made sure that their sure is usually rated "No.1" on any site that has polling. and IMDB are good examples of this. For the past two years in a row Bronies have made sure that MLP was the "animated show of the year" on by going as so far as to make hacks that will all them to cheat the multiple voting system. MLP was well on its way to being number one on IMDB top TV shows of all time and made it to as far as 20th place before IMDB changed the way their voting system works. I seriously doubt there was ever a time where a bunch of Trekkies have attempted something as stupid as that. Bronies also like to believe that because they are bronies and belong to the fandom that entitles them making a profit of the show because they feel that Hasbro has dropped the ball when it comes to stuff like plush toys, games, and various other stuff. There have been several instances where Hasbro had to issue Cease and Desist orders because bronies overstepped their boundaries. Some of these include the game "mane 6" a fan made fighting game and the newest one "Button mash adventures". While you can argue that some of these fall under parody law and what not the fact is that these are instances where bronies seem to believe that can take something to the limits and beyond of what they should be able to do and what they can do. Bronies delusions don't stop there. The keep failing to comprehend that they are hurting Hasbro's image as well as their own by continually doing these things. They think just because specialty stores such as "Spencers" or "Hot Topic" sell mlp merchandise that they means Hasbro is giving them the good to do whatever they want to do.


I don't know why you chose the con posistion, since your against bronies, but I guess our roles are switched and i will be defending bronies.
1. I don't like how your grouping all bronies together. They are very different and can range from just liking the show to going batshit crazy over it.
2. All large fandoms do crazy things. You obviously haven't seen anime fandoms.
3. Really, some mild kickstarter is evidence of how crazy they are? So yor ignoring those trekkie kickstarters and avatar kickstarters i see.
4. You say they did this, yet you don't provide links. Please provide sources for things like this.
Debate Round No. 1


I choose con because I AM AGAINST bronies. Why would I choose PRO (For) if I am against them?

1. You missed that or something because I did say that they (bronies) range, but what I was trying to say is that it is clear that there is way more of the negative range than the supposedly "good" bronies that DO just watch the show. Batsh*t crazy seems to be the majority more times than not.

2. You are right all fandoms do crazy things. I never said other fandoms were spotless. What you are again missing is that most other fandoms "crazy" doesn't compare (usually) to what the bronies do. Let us not forget that most other fandoms have been around for 10+ years. Bronies are about 4 year old to the date. They have packed in the same amount of "crazy" in those four years that took other fandoms YEARS and sometimes even a decade to do.

3. A mild kickstarter? It not only got its intended amount but it even made over what it needed. You are missing the point though. How many trekkie or avatar kickstarters are there for putting out commercials on official cable networks? I can't say I monitor every fandoms crazy kickstarter, but I can't imagine the trekkies or avatars kickstarters being equal to that of the a ACTUAL commercial. Especially since it was created just for the point to thank the creative minds behind the show. As far as I know most fans usually thank the creative minds behind their fandoms through letters or in person at cons.

4. I said they did this? What this are you talking about? I mentioned quite a few "this" in my opening.


If you were against bronies than make the title "Bronies" not "Bronies are a menace". You do know how double negatives work, right?

1. It may seem that way because the mild watchers often don't post about it or rave about it. You obviously see more wild fans than not because those are the ones posting about it.

2. Actually this is probably the brony height. The show is still airing and in full swing, unlike the 10+ year fandoms that have shows that most of the time don't air anymore and if they do, don't have nearly as much fans as they used to.

3. It's not like they forced the network to make a whole episode for them. Just a simple 30 sec. commercial. Plus, it's not like they can force the network to do anything, just trying to buy ad space to thank the creators. It's just the same as any regular commercial hub puts on. They would never actually read those letters you know and it's very hard to talk to the creator of a show like that at a convention.

4. What I meant was you talked a lot about them hacking and rigging contests and what not, yet you didn't provide links! Don't say things like that with out providing links so we know it actually happened.
Debate Round No. 2


Yeah, but just putting "Bronies" in the title doesn't mean anything. That could also mean that I am for them as well. I put "are a menace" so that people know what it is about. This is why it it is called the "title" and not "What are you for/against?" or whatever. Unless I am somehow failing to understand how this site works.

1.I find that hard to believe. I am not saying the non-rabid fans don't ever post on the net. What it sounds like you are saying to me though is that only the rabid fans go on the net and post or post the most. I would think the same amount of fans, rabid or not, would be on the net posting.

2.This also sounds wrong. While it is true that most shows, movies, or books with fandoms aren't constantly putting out new projects fan usually don't just "go away". This is why fandoms still exist. They just don't gain fans at the same rate as something brand new. Ultimately though fans are still going to be generated as long as something has a following. Afterall Star Trek has had a movie recently. It started off as a show, but that doesn't make that much of a difference. With Star wars it is the reverse. It started off as movies only and has had shows such as "the clone wars" which just finished up its sixth season. Plus Star wars has new movies coming out. I am pretty sure Dr. Who is still going on as well as various other popular shows or movies. Harry Potter is supposed to have a new book coming out, while it isn't a direct sequel to the original book series it is still something. The point is you really can't say what is the actual "height" of any fandom because whatever it is will always still have something coming out and previous generations of fans will share their love of whatever with the next generation or new projects will lure the new generation of fans in with their new projects.

3. You are again missing my point. I never said it was "forced". I said that it happened. Something that has NEVER happened before up to that point. The sole purpose of commercials is to advertise products. If I have a shop I buy air time to get the word out about my shop and the products I sell. People normally don't buy air time just to say "thank you" to a certain person or persons. That is like buying a commercial just to say "I love you" or "Will you marry me?". They aren't cheap and people don't usually have that kind of money to spend. I don't watch sports. I have never seen any Super Bowl with its popular commercials. I doubt though there has ever been a Super Bowl ad where someone spent however much they spent to get the ad in just to say "thank you" to or for whatever.

4. I did. IMDB. Unless you are talking about the actual links to said hacking? In which case I will admit that I can't do due to the passage of time. The IMDB thing happened about 2 or 3 years ago. For the thing look at the the winner and look at the number of votes for the past 2 years in a row

For 2012 MLP has 6,190,392 and Avatar which came in second has only 618,347. Every other show after that has a mere couple hundred thousand. The numbers don't lie. That is hacks.
The same goes for 2013
MLP has 13,082,728
Regular show has 1,295,506

You can argue "Well the MLP fandom just has more fans". Except the only site to state the number of bronies claims it got to that number, which is between 7- 12 million, through online surveys. Just like anything online it can be cheated. These surveys only required a name or a email address. Meaning that anyone one person could have taken these surveys multiple times by just using a name generator and/or fake email address. This means there is no real actual number of bronies in the MLP fandom, but from what you can see either by con attendance or online stuff you can safely assume about couple hundred thousand to maybe a few million (worldwide) AT MOST. I doubt those few million all went to those site just to vote. If they did, then that just further proves my point. That would mean those few million wanted their show to win so bad that they all spent most of their time voting on websites just to prove that their show is the best. Which goes back to my original argument that this is something no other fandom has done before.

I think I'm going bring up up another issue now. I brought up in my opening the "derpy hooves" incident. Derpy hooves is another good example of bronies being a problem. They took a simple background character who had a mistake and turned this character into something much bigger. At first it was okay because the show's creators didn't see anything wrong with this mistake that the fans took to her. It wasn't until the season two episode "The last roundup" when all hell broke loose. Up to that point in time this character was in the background of certain episodes doing nothing really except maybe providing a gag scene or being a "where's waldo" character. The show's creators stupidly decided to give Derpy a small speaking role and have her name said in the show. Bronies rejoiced for weeks to come knowing that their beloved show pandered to them and made a non-cannon character cannon. The problem with derpy though is the name. Derpy was a word invented by South Park Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. They pretty much explained as doing something stupid to get a laugh. These two people are in the adult comedy field. Just about everything they do or make isn't meant for little kids. Then there is the internet plus time factor. Derpy might not have started off as an insulting word, but just like the word "Retarded" (originally a medical term used by doctors) it became an insult. The bronies named her not realizing this. When she was named on the show people went ballistic. The episode was labeled "ableist" because it looked like they were promoting discrimination against people with handicaps. Hasbro soon realized their mistake and did their best to undo the damage they had done. This in turn enraged the bronies. They created petitions and websites telling Hasbro to not listen to the "politically correct few" that had supposedly let them in on this information. This was done by rabid and non rabid fans alike. The only real difference between them is the non-rabid fans only sent in letters and signed petitions . The rabid fans went in to death threats and tried to find blame. Which was found in a person by the name of Yamino who created fan art of her being "retarded". All of this was in vain though and she remained changed. The episode was edited and her name was removed permanently from the show. The real problem here though is that so much commotion happened OVER A BACKGROUND CHARACTER! This is the same as if fans of pokemon named a random human character that was seen a few times in various episodes, named him/her, and when this character is removed from the next season they go crazy.

This show has hundreds of characters in the background. Many tv shows and movies do as well. Yet fans usually don't pay much mind or attention to them. Bronies do. They name just about every background character whether they speak or not. A character could show up once for a few seconds and by the end of the episode this pony will have a name. It becomes more ridiculous when you realize that this show is created in FLASH. Because of this the show's animators have been lazy on more than one occasion duplicating the same character numerous times for background scenes. All the characters on the show are also what would be called "cookie cutter" characters. Any one character design can be duplicated many times over to create new characters just by changing the colors, hair/tail style, and "cutie mark" on the flank. Yet bronies speak of "great" animation and of course name every incarnation of every cookie cutter pony.

Going back to Derpy. She is as I previously said is a background character. A character who has no standing importance in the show. She doesn't help the main cast. She has no information or episodes dedicated to her and except for that one episode hasn't really ever been acknowledged. She doesn't do anything really except make the world that the characters live in look a little less barren. Just like all background characters do. Because it would be really weird to watch something where the main characters live in a big city or whatever and yet you never see anyone else in this area. By removing her Hasbro didn't hurt the show one bit. Yet bronies feel she is just as important as if she was a main character. No other fandom has ever felt this way about any background characters and would most likely not go to the lengths that bronies have for such a minuet character. Bronies have even gone as far as to give this character a life. She is married, has kids, and a job. None of which is true when it comes to the show. There are other characters that have about the same amount of exposure as Derpy that the bronies have also given similar treatment to. As I mentioned before no fandom has done this. Fandoms don't care about the background because usually the background (and its characters) have no effect on the story at hand. Superman fans will never watch a movie where a person calling for Superman's help is named John or Jane smith. Then when John/Jane Smith is removed from the next movie because he/she is seen as "offensive" they go crazy because their beloved random person that Superman saved is just as important as Superman.


lightingbolt50 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Don't know what happened to my opponent, but the show must go on.

My next argument to prove that bronies and mlp is bad is what one would call a "hot button topic". I am talking about "Rule 34" and its content. While it is true that Rule 34 (there is porn of it no exceptions) is a curse that all fandoms seem to face to some extent. Bronies are the only fandom to really embrace and praise this side. Should they attack and go after every artist that creates porn of their precious show? NO! I am not saying that they should. It would be illegal and wrong for them to that. Should they embrace and praise these people though? No. Just because you have no control over something or just because your fandom has certain people that are basically giving your fandom a bad name by going outside the norm doesn't mean you should give that part of the fandom a pass and tell them
"Way-to-go! I am happy you are creating porn or rape pictures of my favorite characters. I am not for it, but hey it is your thing and I am proud to call you a fellow brony for it!".

This is constantly seen happening though. Tara strong has made various tweets on her twitter account showing her support for "cloppers".

This wouldn't be so bad if she was just some random rabid fan, except she isn't. She is a famous voice actor that also voices one of the main characters on the show. Most of all she is a mother. She was quoted at a con saying "she would never do porn" because of this reason. Yet she feels that porn of a little kids show is a-okay.
Even now the website "welovefine" has a few shirts that has art from two very prominent "clop" artist.

This one was chosen by Tara Strong herself.

These aren't pornograpic images, but that doesn't change the fact that these artist do and STILL DO draw rule 34 art of these characters and many others.

The brony documentary also shows signs of support for the "cloppers". There is a song sequence where the VA for the character "Discord" mentions cloppers and blushes. The song is about bronies. This shows acceptances for a side of the fandom that shouldn't be considered or for the most part should be ignored. Later on the artist "johnjoseco" is interviewed. This person is famous for "clop" art as well as a sexual tumblr called "Princess Molestia" which is about one of the shows characters as a sexual deviant. Of all the possible non "clop" artist they could have chosen they choose to interview the one that represents the worst part of the fandom. If the brony fandom is against rule 34 and "clop" art then why would they be constantly giving the "thumbs up" to these people and this side of the fandom? They do nothing but embrace and accept it. I do realize that not all bronies accept or are for rule 34, but when the majority are for porn. Those that aren't for rule 34 don't really matter or seem not that important. We can see that not only the majority are for it, but famous peers, such as Tara strong (the self-proclaimed Brony Queen) and famous brony artist are highly respected for their choices.

If I was to become famous I would know that there would be fans out there making porn. I wouldn't want to know which ones are doing it, but I also wouldn't want those fans getting attention or representing my fan base/fandom. They make every brony look like that is all they are into or into other sexual taboos that people are disgusted by. GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION! You don't hang around gang members and expect to be left alone or looked at as a "innocent". Even if you don't condone or get involved in what they do. Are Bronies really just innocent people that enjoy a show for little girls or a bunch of sexual deviants and perverts that like looking at horse porn? It is hard to say when more are for the porn then not.

This next argument was brought up in the comments of this debate. Whenever a hater tells a brony they are nothing but scum the brony(ies) will reply "No we have done many good things including donating to charities!". This is in fact a good thing and was something I did want to bring up in my opening. Bronies have done this. They still do donate to charities. This is good and bronies are good right? No! Why? While no one can argue that donating to charity is a bad thing. The reason for doing so can be. When a brony likes to bring up the "we have donated to charity so we are good." argument my response is "what about before you were a brony?". That is the real question here. Do bronies start donating to charity when they became bronies? or have they always donated to charity? The way bronies like to brag about donating to charity when they are called out makes me believe they only started donating to charity AFTER they became bronies. This probably means that most if not all have never donated a single dollar before joining the brony fandom. I am no saint and I am not saying that I have donated millions to charity, but when you talk about how good you are for helping someone out you are just proving that you aren't a good person. A real hero will help someone because it is the right thing to do. They won't do it for any financial gain or for recognition of their good deed. Bronies seems to only donate to charity for this reason. They want to make themselves look good so they say "hey look we are donating to charity. WE ARE GOOD PEOPLE!". The brony documentary had a mother thanking Tara Strong and bronies because her child received much support from Tara and the bronies. What this also means is while this one child got to live, or live longer, because of the bronies and Tara Strong other children had to suffer and die because they weren't Tara Strong's biggest fans or a brony. I am not saying that Tara should spend her life saving every child, but this goes back to my "A real hero" statement. Bragging about doing something good negates the fact when use use it for your own purpose. Even if your purpose isn't evil.

Take the commenter. He claims to be the person who started the brony charity (proof or it didn't happen).

"Since then, we've gone on to donate over $100,000 to various causes, including the endowment of a permanent animation scholarship at the California Institute for the Arts. Other brony charitable groups have raised several hundred thousand for other causes."

I see that as bragging about doing a good deed. Something they should have been doing all of their lives (well from when they could at least). This shouldn't be something they need to publish. They want to prove they are really good? Then don't talk about it. It is the right thing to do because you are a person who should want to help others and not because you need recognition or proof that you are "good people". When I give to charity or donate to my local Goodwill. I don't announce it to the world because I have nothing to prove to the world. Even people were to see me as a bad person.

You can also look at it like this. A neighborhood kid does nothing but mess around with peoples homes and yards. He T-Ps and eggs houses. The parents don't do anything about this child. The people of the neighborhood have really only two choices. They can move away to another neighborhood or they can stay where they are at and put up with this child. Then one day people wake up and their houses aren't messed up. This problem child is seen cleaning up and doing good now. Even in school kids notice a change. People would start to wonder the reason for this drastic change. Has he stopped terrorizing the neighborhood because he has had a change of heart? or is he just trying to earn the trust of the people so he can do something really bad to them.

This how the bronies look. They could have been the worst people in the world before suddenly becoming a brony. Are they doing all this good now because they have suddenly seen the error in their ways because of a kids show? A kids show that has the same messages as the one they have been hearing all of their lives through people and other shows. It could very well be that. It can also be that the bronies are just doing all this good now as a means to earn the peoples trust. This way when they decide to show their true colors it will bring them great enjoyment to watch as all the people realize they have been deceived and tricked. The bronies could be really good con-artist and all of this charity giving can be just a clever ruse.


lightingbolt50 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Well I don't know of something happened to my opponent like a medical problem or if he/she just doesn't care anymore and gave up. Whatever the reason they have failed to respond for the second time now. I have said pretty much everything that I wanted to say or needed to say though.

I think my final thoughts will be a bit Pro brony and mlp (shocking I know). I just want to say that I think bronies main problem is other bronies. Bronies are their own worst enemy. Nothing any hater or logical hater can ever do or say will make them look as bad as they already make themselves out to be. I think bronies believe that because of what they love (My little pony) that they have to constantly prove themselves to society. In doing so, though, they come off as menaces or as a "pushy salesmen". Their constant need to prove that they are just a normal bunch of people and their constant need to get people to accept them make them look only worse. That plus a lot of them are delusional, or at least the ones that still believe that they are not watching a little girls show. One brony said they are this way because people attack them. The thing is though, people attack them because they are delusional and constantly in their face. It is a never ending cycle. If they would just stop trying so hard maybe they could be ignored and left alone a lot easier. Instead they seem like they are always reaching out for recognition in various forms. They will grasp at every person that mentions them in media or claims to be a brony (Stephen Colbert anyone?). They claim that every semi-famous person is a brony because they maybe watch or have seen the show, and then they use that to bolster their fandom's reputation. They constantly do crossover fan stuff and "ponify" characters of various mediums. They do this because "Hey Harry Potter is so much better off as a pony then he ever was as a disgusting violent human amirite?". They show up everywhere even where they are clearly not wanted. They do all of this because as I said they feel the constant and never ending need to prove themselves to the world. It is sad really. The fact is if they were a bit more calm more people probably would be more accepting of them. Hell in another time I could have been a hardcore brony myself. I would probably be the one defending them instead of attacking them. This isn't the case though and it will never be the case. I know they say "never say never", but even if and when the fandom does cool down a bit I believe by then it will be too little too late. The way they are going now they seem like they are only getting worse. I could be wrong, but these are dark times. No one can really say if the bronies will last another year or another twenty years. Whatever the case they need to all just stop, calm down, relax, and mature a little bit. This way they can see that they don't need to be so "in your face" all the time. If that time does come, I and every other Hater or whatever can look back at this whole ordeal and say "wow I thought this was something big??!", and just laugh it all off. I feel like I do understand the bronies to some degree as I just said. It is a small degree, but I can sort of see the need to be the way they are. We are living in changing times that aren't changing fast enough. The bronies are trying to rush that change I think. They are trying to redefine a world that has been the same for some time now.
Lastly I just want to say that there will probably always be something big that people will find as a threat or the greatest thing ever. Perhaps if the internet was around in the 60's "The Beatles" could have been 3 times as big as they were. They could have been the mlp fandom of then. They were big don't get me wrong, but I just believe most if not all fandoms up to the point of bronies only scratched the surface of what it is to have fans, rabid fans, and people that truly hate those people. I guess it is like Lupe Fiasco says in his latest song.
"And this old man is my old me
Takes a long time to happen so fast
To realize that your future is somebody else's past, Wassup..."

Basically this means that no matter how good or bad your life is someone has already lived your life. To make it more simple time/ history will always repeat (to some degree). Who knows what will be the next big thing or fandom in the years to come. Whatever it may be there will always be people that will defend their "thing" till the day they die. Then there will be the people on the opposite end that will attack that thing until the day they die. Then there will also be those who are in the middle. Whatever side a person chooses it is probably a good thing because nothing should ever go "unchallenged" no matter how good or bad it may seem. This is how people learn about and decide what to fight for and what to just ignore.


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Posted by personpattersun 6 years ago
who? me? or someone else who posted in the comments?

If that was directed at me, please do enlighten me on what made you come to this conclusion.

If it was for someone else then well whatever then.
Posted by cuteponylove 6 years ago
ur a homophobe
Posted by bronythankyou 7 years ago
As a side note, as the initial instigator of said television commercial (and the president of the 501(c)3 charity that it spawned), the intent of the commercial was to thank the makers of the show for doing such a good job, and to directly support Hasbro and the Hub financially, in the only way that ties directly to the show revenue rather than to the amorphous sales figures of toys.

If you watch the ad, you see bronies, but you also see a 6 year old girl (who was a blast to work with), and adult females, and a 12 year old boy with his mother. The message of the ad was that all the fans of the show appreciated the quality being put into it, and wanted to encourage it to stay on the air WHILE it was still in production, rather than after the plug had been pulled (Firefly, anyone?)

It also directly supported Toys for Tots, and charity that we worked closely with during the production of the ad, and who also received encouragement from both the Hub and Hasbro to work with us. Likewise, there was involvement during production by executives of The Hub, up to and including their president, helping us to communicate the message we wanted to send in the best way possible (although they never had any direct control over the message, of course.)

Since then, we've gone on to donate over $100,000 to various causes, including the endowment of a permanent animation scholarship at the California Institute for the Arts. Other brony charitable groups have raised several hundred thousand for other causes.

I won't argue that, as with any fandom, there are members of the brony community who exhibit bad behaviors or obnoxious personalities, it's all part of the bell curve of humanity. But taken as a whole, it's one of the most level-headed, accepting, caring, and generally fun fan groups I've ever associated with (and I've been in various fandoms for over 35 years.)

James Turner
President and Chairman of the Board
The Brony Thank You Fund, Incorporated
Posted by Jevinigh 7 years ago
Well you certainty made use of an opening statement. Let me go over this and I will decide if I will take this shortly.
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