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NBA Wheel draft for tanking

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Started: 3/18/2014 Category: Sports
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There have been some rumors of the NBA and tanking of abolishing the lottery draft system and replace it with a wheel draft which is each of the 30 teams would get each pick once in 30 yrs.
I believe that some teams cannot help but to lose and don't have money to build through free agency so they do it through the draft. A wheel draft could give a team such as Miami a talent filled team the chance to get a top pick in a loaded draft such as this year.


I'll accept this debate, and I will be defending the idea of an NBA Lottery wheel, which is shown in this picture:

Teams would randomly be assigned to each of the 30 slots on the wheel, and the number of the slot would be their pick in the NBA Draft. The teams would get the next pick clockwise in the next year, and this would go for the next 30 years after the first random drawing. Then, they would randomly pick again.

I wish my opponent a good debate.

Picture Link(In case it doesn't show up in debate):
Debate Round No. 1


Nickcolling forfeited this round.


I believe I didn't make the concept of the wheel lottery clear enough in the first round, so here it is:

According to the Grantland article from which the idea came from[1], the proposal would go like this. There would be one final draft lottery, with the 14 teams in the leauge that didn't make the playoffs. The winner of this lottery would get spot 1 on the wheel, shown below. The team that finishes second in this lottery gets spot 2, etc.

As for the 16 teams that DIDN'T make the playoffs, they would get to choose their positions on the wheel, anywhere from position 15 to position 30. The worst team in the playoffs would get the first selection of their position on the wheel, the 2nd worst team gets to pick next, etc. Here's what each of those 16 positions would look like in the first six years:

The next year, the teams would cycle around the wheel clockwise for their next selection in the draft. The next year, they go clockwise again, etc. Another lottery would be held 30 years after the 'final' one, to determine the new positions of teams on the wheel.

Argument 1: Tanking would be eliminated:
Tanking has been a big problem from the NBA for YEARS. As Bill Simmons points out[2], both the Rockets and the Bulls tanked so that they could get better positions in the 1984 NBA Draft. Tanking is still a problem, to this day. The best current example of this are the Philadelphia 76ers. As of today, March 28th, 2014, the Philadelphia 76ers have lost 26 games in a row. This ties an NBA record for most games lost consecutively[3], a record previosuly only held by the 2010-2011 Cleveland Cavaliers. They are clearly trying to lose as many games as possible so that they can get a better chance of getting a higher pick in the 2014 NBA Draft. This tanking would be eliminated by such a wheel, as no matter how many games they lose, they will still have the pick they are desiganted to have by the wheel. Therefore, they will have no reason to lose their games, and a competitive balance will return to the NBA, making it more entertaining for people to watch.

Argument 2: The positions on the wheel are balanced:
As is shown in the wheel above, there are 30 positions on this wheel, and the number of these positions represents which pick a team will choose at in the NBA Draft. No mattter which position on the wheel a team is at, within 5 years of the wheel's inception, every team will have had a pick in the top 6 positions of the draft, and this is true for every 5 years after. No position on the wheel will get you better picks, over the long term. If a team gets position 1, they will pick 1st this year, but will have to pick 30th next year, followed by 19th, 18th, 7th, and the 6th picks. Every team will have a fair shot in NBA Drafts, and this ensures that every team can stay competitive.

I hope my opponent can come back so he can post in the next round, and I hope for a good round of debate.

Debate Round No. 2


Nickcolling forfeited this round.


Arguments Extended.
Vote Pro.
Debate Round No. 3
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